Monday, June 26, 2017

If you missed the DW call last week it is posted in your interface and is on the DW Facebook page.  If you don't have time for the entire call, fast forward to the last 10 minutes -- it will open your eyes to a world that you now have entree to and is bigger than you can imagine... and urgently seeking what you have!

Mike just got back from visiting a neighbor down the road and guess what:  THEY have good friends who have a medical marijuana dispensary.  Right here in our area.  And the fact is there is a ton of disruption in that market and confusion re. banking and processing so this is a real need that our neighbor (also a DW Agent) can offer them a solution for.

Want to catch up with what's going on?  Catch that call and find out!

Friday, June 23, 2017

New Markets

If you missed the Call Wedneday be sure to listen in on the posted recording in your interface!  The forecast for the new processing avenues was looking great per David and Anthony and then at the end, a guest on the call blew everyone away!  

He said, "Is this network marketing?  I am not interested in that.  But I own several mm dispensaries and if what you say about the processor is true, that is fantastic (as I recall) and I want to sign up my  accounts.   And by the way, I BELIEVE YOU GUYS HAVE SERIOUSLY UNDERESTIMATED HOW BIG THIS INDUSTRY IS GOING TO BE!"*


Forbes Magazine itself in 2016 estimates the mm industry to grow by 700% by 2020.

 And we all know one thing:  the bigger your merchant's processing revenue, the bigger your monthly check!


If your team is out of the loop on this, take time to fill them in.  

Or bring on some NEW team members who see the big picture.



Heavens, no!

It just makes the digital payments universe that you can sail around that much larger!


 *If the mm or CBD oil market is new to you and you wonder what the buzz is, the video below has some great info:


Monday, June 19, 2017


 CONGRATULATIONS TO DIGITAL WORLD AGENT NEIL HOLMES for wrangling another merchant onto his great processing service!  DW!!  It may  be a long, hot summer but there are some Agents who are always on the lookout! WAYTOGO, Neil!

BE LIKE NEIL:  If you are,  that's more residual in YOUR  monthly bucket!

Don't miss the meeting on Wednesday June 21st at 6PM EST, 3PM PST. 
Call (712) 451-0549   access code 550287. 



Friday, June 16, 2017

Welcome to the New World of Processing

Download from your interface today to personalize and get out to your relevant merchants!


NOTE:  it's amazing how many of you have contacts in one or other of the hi risk merchant categories -- and there are a bunch!  Including a few of my favorites:  cruises, air travel and CBD oil.


Next webinar coming June 21 introducing another NEW hi risk addition.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

ALERT! DW expands Horizon!



We now have a processor that is in the high-risk processing business which means:

the commissions are 10 X greater than our normal commissions!   AND

this processor DOES NOT MARKET their services:  they are by referral only, which means you have an exclusive to offer your clients

in these industries:

credit collections
online gaming sports

CBD oil alone is projected, over the next couple of years, to hit $2.1 Billion in sales, a 700% increase over today.

AAAANNNND, we can sign merchants in EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD with the exception of 14 countries on the government list that Avita will post shortly!

By way of reference, a $100,000 monthly high risk client would generate $400/mo. residual commission!

Anthony called it a GAME-CHANGER and we agree!  Time to roll on this, guys!


Hope you didn't miss the Digital World  call today!

Will prepare notes for posting here -- AND it was recorded for those who missed it.

Horizon-expanding stuff!

Image result for expanding horizons

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Congratulations to Digital World Agent Letty Rodriguez for signing ANOTHER great restaurant in the Central Valley of California!  One thing that is a great benefit of being a Digital World Agent is you get to eat at some REALLY great restaurants!  And know that with every swipe of debit, credit or other NFC/gift/cards, 8 levels of awesome Agent-people are getting paid!

An unbeatable biz, if you ask a bunch of DW Agents.


 Don't miss the call on Wed June 14th at 6PM EST, 3PM PST. 
Call (712) 451-0549 access code 550287. 
Mark your calendars!

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Dance Process

A little research on the career path of being a merchant card processing sale agent (full time for a major processor or ISO) yields this information (from an employment website):

"Everything pales in comparison to where the real money is made when you sell credit card processing - RESIDUALS.

What are residuals?  Every time one of our clients runs a credit card through their merchant account we make a percentage of the sale.  (This may be anywhere from a few pennies to a few dollars.)  This is paid to us for as long as the client is processing credit cards with us.  The  sales rep who brought the client to us earns a split of this income. So EVERY TIME the business swipes a credit card our sales representative is making money.  This is residual income.

How could a few pennies or dollars possibly add up to a $100,000 a year income?  If our rep brings 15 clients to us every month (less than 4 a week) at an average profit of $50 per client per month to the rep they are increasing their MONTHLY INCOME by $750.  After 12 months of hard work they have increased their monthly income to $9,000.  

This is the equivalent of $108,000 a year!  Now imagine if you put in that type of hard work for a few years?  We like to say that it is totally possible to make a million dollars when you sell credit card processing -  you just have to do it $50 at a time!"

Guys, this is talking about you being hired to work full-time for a processor ISO and work BY YOURSELF.

Imagine what you can do with Digital World, part time, and having a team of others doing the same thing that leverages your results!


Image result for what are you waiting for quotes

Put on your red dress, baby,
And wear your wig hat on your head!

Time to quit sitting and start dancing!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Check your interface home screen or email blast for log in link!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Why we do what we do. Any questions?

The downline residuals shown in the table below were calculated within the framework that every agent in your downline has acquired 5 personal merchant accounts and 3 agents on their 1st level. 

 DW pays thru level 7 but for simplicity's sake the focus here is on what the potential is for every agent who is qualified for level 6 by having just 5 personal merchants and 3 personal agents!!

Downline Residual

Profit Percentage
Merchant Accounts
Average Monthly Residual

                                                        Total 6-level Residual Monthly:           $33,228.00

DW National Director

Friday, May 26, 2017

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Agents!

Get ready for a great added processor to your DW family...and the benefits may get some of you BUILDING LIKE CRAZY!!

DW's one and only Mz Avita (at Mr. David's encouragement)  has been bird-dogging on your behalf and we can't wait for her and Digital World's BIG ANNOUNCEMENT --- in a couple of weeks.

Contact your dormant or fence-sitting agents right away and get them fired up and moving!

That's what Mike and I will be doing -- sitting at home, eating hot dogs and sharing with friends old and far about the best thing in business since sliced bacon!

Enjoy and blessings!

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Many thanks to outstanding DW Agent Sean Stecker, for the wonderful merchant account that is residing on our Level 5 residual  commission payout!

You may have heard Sean on one of the DW calls, particularly the latest one (see your interface) but in a nutshell, here was his success order:

  1. Dinner with a friend, who overhears Sean speak to restaurant  cashier about their merchant processing terminal needing to be chip-enabled.
  2. Friend asks Sean about it and says his workplace has been discussing the EMV chips.
  3. Invites Sean to come out for an interview with IT dept.
  4. Sean gets the DW staff involved, and so begins several months' of high-level, incredibly high-tech juju.
Resulting in a beautiful, busy, profitable casino gracing our humble residual account.

FOR WHICH WE GIVE SEAN A HEARTFELT "Thanks" for speaking up and sticking with it!!


Why doesn't every DW Agent have a great residual income, you ask.

Great question and we wish we knew.  Because all you need is

a team of Agents

who each get 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 merchant accounts AND

a merchant who signs up as an Agent and signs up his business as his account counts for his sponsoring Agent as BOTH an Agent  AND a personal merchant ...

and it only costs $195 for your DW interface and training and business AND

you get $100 for each Agent you enroll when initially trained by the brief video.

The simplest plan in the universe, designed for all earthlings to be able to do and DOOPLICATE!

How about sharing DW with a neighbor today?!  And then head up to a nice casino for a great steak and lobster dinner!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Where does Digital World stack up in the New World?

Just a quick note regarding where Digital World stacks up among the new financial payment modes that are out there circling  those of us just trying to figure out this dizzily-fractioning world:

Yes, we know there are all kinds of bit- and one- and eletherium- and MULTI other kinds of coin-ways to pay for things and they are where it's at. We have read about them and can't begin to understand how they work. 

Yes, we know that gold is where it's at.

Yes, we know that silver is where it's at.


that right now, and for the forseeable future, people either walk into an establishment or let their fingers do the walking into a storefront on their devices and they select something to purchase.

They then offer the merchant a payment method.


if it's anything but cash, Digital World can process it.

And if your fingerprint is somewhere on the deal, YOU GET PAID.


Image result for fingerprint

Your fingerprint may be on it personally, or 7 levels above it;  no matter where, you get from 20% to 5% to 3% to 12%.

You don't have to understand it.  It doesn't have to be the old traditional card.

Digital World and the processing industry is at the forefront of moving commerce along one transaction at a state-of-the-art time!


The processing industry has never had a down quarter, nor an off day... well, except for 9-11. 

The processing industry is measured in Trillions of dollars, and globally is projected to surpass $54 Trillion by 2025. 

The processing industry is a juggernaut and that is where Digital World stacks up, as a way for ordinary people like us who will NEVER have a prayer of figuring out all that 'coin' stuff to take PART TIME effort and build FULL TIME residual income that, GET THIS, is rooted in the processing industry which...

 The processing industry has never had a down quarter, nor an off day and is measured in Trillions of dollars.


Be sure to get your fingerprint into that pie, the earlier the better!



Friday, May 19, 2017

Basic Digital World Agent Skill Set

NOTE:  Sunday evening DW Weekly Wrap-up Call this Sunday (!) at 5pm Pacific time (8pm Eastern)

Dial in to (515) 739-1030,  code 319-289-214
It's a QUICK look at the best choice for a home business that is really a business-business!

Feel free to bring a guest!



Just heard this yesterday from Agent Angelia Harrington.  Angie was visiting us -- she has recently relocated from Georgia to California so it was good to catch up with her again!  She shared that she got a new merchant who just went active last Saturday. 

Get this:  he owns a service station in south Georgia!  His brother is one of Angie's merchants of long standing.  While Angie was on the road to California, someone kept calling her from Georgia from a number she didn't recognize so she ignored it.  Finally, the caller left a voice mail:

"PLEASE CALL ME BACK ASAP! I have to get set up on merchant processing for my new business by NEXT SATURDAY!"

Since Angie was on the road, boxed up and moving, she was in a quandry because there was not much she could do. 
But,  not to worry:  she called corporate and DW corporate stepped up to the plate.  Avita and Anthony got with the panicked merchant, got his paperwork done and overnighted him a terminal so he could be processing credit/debit cards, etc., by his opening biz day!

Angie remarked:  "Now I have merchants from Georgia calling me and I'm in California!"

And she gets paid on each and every one, from swipe to swipe and from shore to shore!
Digital World gives you more....

Almost sounds like a song!


What skills are you looking for in a person to be a DW Agent? 

Agent Mike Lammons summed it up pretty simply:

Do they have $195?
Can they fog a mirror?

NOT TO BE FACETIOUS, but truly, the basic  skill set DW  requires  is your desire to get something positive going.

What other skills help?

Well,  in no particular order, here's a list:

Has a smart phone or pc.  And can use it.

Truthfully, every other skill set that enhances your DW biz can be found inside your interface, with your team, and in DW corporate.  All the other answers (or skills) you need are part of the reason you are glad you are part of a Digital World universe.

If you were going out ALONE to be an agent for a processing company, YES, YOU WOULD NEED A TON MORE SKILLS -- FOR SALES, FOR TECH SAVVY, FOR NUMBERS AND FINANCE --
but this is not sales:   this is making friends, leveraging yourself through a network of professionals who do have all the  skills you are lacking, and bringing the  strengths of your neighborhood, your contacts, your goals, into a company that can help you capitalize in a way that nothing else can.