Thursday, November 9, 2017

Still swiping after all these years...


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The shelves were barely ready for Halloween, forget about Thanksgiving --- everything is stocked for Christmas.  SHOPPING  SHOPPING SHOPPING !!

That means, for merchants, LOTS of swiping and processing and PAYING FEES!

That means, for DW Agents, LOTS of commissions on all that swiping and processing and fee-paying.




To get your personal video link, go to your interface, click More, click Links.  If you need help, contact me!


Is there a learning curve?  Yep.

Can it be scary, getting a merchant?  Yep.

But consider this:

the other day I heard the CEO of a major marketing company say that the average best life of a customer that they get signed up on autoship is 6 months.

Six months!

And that's among the best in the industry!

Our DW customers -- we call them merchants because that's what they are -- are with us a minimum of 3 years,  usually more!

Talk about doing something one time and getting paid over and over and over....


New call schedule going up shortly:  if you are in, send Barb email or text !!

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Just when you think you have nothing going on....

Just when you think you have nothing going on....

up comes a day like yesterday!

We had new garage doors ordered and FINALLY  they came and a day was set for installation.  Yesterday.  They sent ONE young man to do the job:  take down the old set, prepare the frames, cut back some concrete, etc.  and HANG the new doors all by himself. 

As it turned out, he is quite the entrepreneur!  Hourly pay for garage door installation does not pay much more than flipping burgers -- CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? -- so he is on the lookout.

NOT ONLY THAT, he had actually looked at being a credit card processing agent with an independent company but couldn't get any training  or help so that didn't go anywhere.  But he loves the concept and knows lots of merchants who will talk with him.

He called again this morning and is signing up and is ready to get started by signing on merchants.


We sent him two handy links from our interface:

this one   and

that one.

If you want to send a quick link to your OWN PERSONAL marketing site, go to the links section of the interface, copy the link you want, and get it out there!!


Thursday, October 12, 2017


 Attention, all Agents!  F O C U S! Image result for FOCUS EYES I'M WATCHING YOU


And How about a flyer to give a merchant that tells him how AWESOME you are?!  There's one just like this for you to personalize waiting in your interface Documents Marketing section:  Merchant Pay Anywhere vs Square.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


From the Web:

Millennials Finding Less Taste for Credit Cards

October 5, 2017         By: Steven Anderson, Payment Week Magazine
For anyone who remembers 2008, it’s often remembered poorly. That year featured a string of economic disasters to the point where people actually lost houses over some of the problems that came around. The younger millennials who grew up in that time frame, and witnessed these problems first-hand, took one major point with them: avoid the credit card. This development has some significant impact for retailers.
It’s not that millennials are afraid to pull out the plastic, a report from Entrepreneur noted, but rather that millennials prefer plastic backed by cash when it’s brought into play. Millennials increasingly prefer debit cards and prepaid credit cards to actual credit lines that need to be paid off later. Plus, as much as millennials love mobile payment systems, there are also plenty of them out there who stick to cash.
That would be a note of concern for many retailers, except that there are some principles recommended to help take advantage of the millennial resistance to credit cards. Putting a greater emphasis on social connection is one point, along with offering short-term financing. ...

Making a better customer experience can go a long way toward keeping even gun-shy millennials buying.  In the end, that’s mostly what it’s all about. Make the best customer experience you can. Millennials love experiences; we saw as much recently with the issue of quick-service restaurants, and how a high-quality experience kept millennial diners coming back. Building trust and offering the tools that millennials want will also be a key point in keeping that business going.
Millennials are responsible for a lot of spending right now, and they’re on track to be one of the biggest-spending generations yet. Understanding what they want will be the ultimate key toward merchants landing a piece of that spending pie.


 DW has all the tools that your merchant needs to fulfill his customers' desires, regardless of age-group!



The opportunity that is Digital World, that of being an Agent who saves merchants money on a necessary cost of doing business in today's world, means that you can build for yourself and your loved ones a monthly income check that is practically unstoppable.

Just ask ONE OF THOSE DW Agents who just received their monthly residual check from a few merchants that they have and a few merchants of  Agents in their team!

It's like compound interest (which this world doesn't have anymore EXCEPT in our biz):  IT ADDS UP!

Mike and I have had a few rejections in this business:  so we know what it feels like.  But we urge you:  KEEP ON CHECKING IN WITH YOUR .  Refresh your knowledge with a video or two.  For example, check the site  (get the direct link  to your site through the 'links' section of your interface).

In this business more than any other we've ever seen, PERSISTENCE LEADS TO SUCCESS!

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Monday, September 18, 2017

people love gift cards

Great DW wishes for your Fall Season, Agents!

Lots going on in the DW Universe -- reminder:  it's the time of the year to be thinking of our FREE Gift Certificates for your merchants.  And the reminder comes from Electronic Payments (EPI) with a timely note for all of us --

Summer is coming to an end and the holidays will be here before we know it. Plan ahead and improve your gift card sales by preparing your merchants in advance for the busiest shopping season of the year!

To ensure your merchants are stocked ahead of time, holiday orders must be placed by the following deadlines:

Black Friday and Hanukkah – November 1st
Christmas – December 1st

Need help with a custom holiday design? No problem! Our talented graphic designers can create the perfect branded holiday gift card concept for your clients.

Visit our Facebook page and share with your merchants!

With the holidays quickly approaching, now is the time to prepare your business for the busiest shopping season of the year! The fact remains – people love gift cards! So, whether you own a small retail boutique or local eatery, with a little planning you can improve your profits and expand your reach this holiday season.

To illustrate just how much the gift giving season influences shopping trends, we've made a list – and checked it twice – to help unwrap additional sales with one of the top wish list items, gift cards!

Last year, consumers spent $27.5 BILLION on gift cards leading up to the holidays, with the majority beginning in September through November 1!     

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Reside with Residuals


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There are many in the Digital World Agent and Merchant family who are vulnerable to Irma's damage -- if that's you, please know that we are all hoping for your safety and protection!


Great time for your interested merchant to get a Clover system for his shop:

 Note:  sale ends Sept. 30!


Gratitude for Residual:

For 3 years now Mike and I have gotten residual checks from Digital World (first it was Merchant Guard, remember?) and we have a serious Attitude of Gratitude for John Daniels'

a. pursuing this awesome idea and
b. sharing it with us!

There are a bunch of you who get those monthly checks for something you did months and years ago.  Can't beat true residual income, and Digital World, while requiring a learning curve on our part, COMES THROUGH with consistent financial rewards!

The secret to just doing a little bit and receiving more and more?

Share your DW opportunity video with a bunch of people* and build a growing team of Agents.  You share in the residuals that THEY build and there is nothing in the industry that can surpass that!

Questions or help?  Text Barb at 5598240668!

*Use the link in your DW interface and send it out to people.  For example, here is my link that I copied from there and pasted here:

 There are several different excellent videos you can send... like the "android pay"!



At a time of natural disaster such as we are seeing this month, when your home can be destroyed and your place of business, too, and you have to get money to clean up, rebuild, and get your business going again so you have income for all these expenses.....

it is a great comfort to know that you have ONE source of income that remains unaffected from these events ---   if there were no other reason to work our Digital World business, that alone is enough!

We have built a large team that spans many states with businesses from coast to coast.  Although a storm might interrupt one or two merchants, most will be unaffected and that commission on each customer purchase just keeps on  coming.

If you haven't been serious about your DW business, isn't it time?


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Always a Growth Industry!

Thanks to our Guest-who's-turning-into-a-regular Mike Lammons for calling attention to this VERY IMPORTANT POINT:

After 26+ years in Direct Marketing, we have proof that Sept, Oct and
Nov are biggest 3 months for recruiting Agents.

If you are  looking for an extra $500 for T-Day, just go recruit 5 Agents and have them watch the short video.

2 in Sept, 2 in Oct and 1 in Nov.

Have fun, and you might also enjoy the
Residual commission coming when your Agents get Merchants who go active.

We still make monthly commission on our very first Merchant that went active 37 months ago.

That is true RESIDUAL and who doesn't need/want that?!

National Director Mike Lammons


Remember, you are in what will always be a growth industry!

From Nilson Report:  Purchase Volume Worldwide 2015 vs. 2025
Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, American Express, JCB, and Discover/Diners Club are the global brand general purpose cards. By 2025, purchase volume for goods and services by cards with these brands is expected to reach $54.891 trillion.


What-to-Say Ideas:

“As you know I’ve been a (insert occupation), but because of (negative factors) I’ve
decided to diversify my income. After considering my options, I’ve identified the very
best way to make it."

“IF I gave you a link to an online presentation that explained everything, WOULD
YOU click on it and watch it?"

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Guest Blogger: Mike Lammons

Greetings to  you! We get numerous requests from Agents as to how Digital World got started and what experience the Founders have.

John Daniels and his son David had been in Credit Card Processing for over 20 years when they contacted Barbara (my wife) and me over three years ago.

They had gotten approval from Visa, Master Card, etc to start the very first MLM in the Credit Card biz.

Barb and I had retired from owning traditional biz ( 25+ years) way back in 1992 and out of boredom joined a MLM Company in 1993.

To our great surprise, we made some money helping others and met John in  1994 and David many years later. Over the years, Barb and I have been featured in five books on Network Marketing.

We all understand:
First to market
Multiple streams of income

From our basic Credit Card biz with one major processing Company, we can now write any biz with any company-- whatever is the best deal for the Merchant.

And earlier this year Digital World added credit Card processing for Legal Marijuana Dispensaries and just a couple months ago added another opportunity in CBD Hemp Oil biz.

John, David and we have a great life because of the 6 things above  and the residual income that is generated from  it.

Contact your sponsor and get your questions answered and if you are not satisfied, shoot me a text or email with your name and #.

AND REMEMBER,  traditionally the biggest months in network marketing (of any kind) are coming up fast:  September, October and November!  Rev  up your efforts right now and position yourself for great residual income in 2018!

To your great success,


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Monday, August 21, 2017


Guys, or should we say AGENTS!

It is amazing how THE BEAT GOES ON!  

Have you checked the Reports section of your interface?  We do frequently and are constantly amazed at the consistency of new merchants coming in to our 7 levels -- all because some DW Agents out there, all on their own,  are helping merchants get a better deal/equipment/service with Digital World!

Check just received was for several new merchants who went active!  

Just last week Mike and I took a run up the mountain to give a DW merchant who is in our payline (thank you DW Agent Sean Stecker!) some business.  It is a top-notch casino and we loved our dinner EVEN MORE because we knew we were paying with our credit card and would be making $$ on it!


Nothing is wrong with a deal like Digital World:  not for the merchant, not for DW corporate, and NOT FOR YOU!

Think about it:  when a merchant is saving money by  being your DW merchant, you LOOK FORWARD to eating at his restaurant, buying her cupcakes, getting your tires at his shop or your nails done at her salon!  It's a true financial win-win!


 If you don't have a few Agents out there signing up merchants, then find some people who can check out your DW business and have $195 for the total cost of their business for LIFE ... and start something with a team today!

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Shhhh... business is going on!

Greetings, Agent of the Digital World!

Hope your summer has been filled with family, fun, unhealthy food (hot dogs, potato salad!), and all manner of AWESOME delights.

Ours is winding down -- it has been great -- and believe me, we have been grateful every day for a nwm biz that allows us to take time off for making memories with loved ones and does not penalize us for that luxury.

But don't think that things haven't been going on under the surface!

That's the amazing thing about DW -- some of the BIGGEST things happen with the lease fanfare and noise.
Because DW is not a fanfare/noise business:  it is A BUSINESS business and for a lot of us, that is exactly right!

So keep up to date with DW through your interface and especially the most recent video interview of our new processor:  that is a great motivator to get out and do something BIG and QUIET!

Shhhh... business is going on!

Have a blessed day as your summer draws to a close and a profitable fall starts,


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

There is a hot new breakthrough that you have to hear about!

Greetings, DW Agents!

As we are all learning from being in this incredible industry, 'the times they are a'changing'!  Daily.  Sometimes almost hourly.

There is change in technology.  In methods of exchanging payments.  Mediums of payments.  And also in what we are paying for!

One massive change is currently underway in the matter of hemp products.  The efficacy of medical marijuana, Cannabidiol, and hemp oil on a wide array of medical or physical issues and ongoing studies which document those benefits, means that public demand has pushed the industry to the forefront.  Below is a document (from the Documents section of your interface) which is created by DW for your LinkedIn use:  you can personalize and post.

But we recommend you read it here:  it is quite informative!  And motivational, don't you think?!
POST:  Marijuana Dispensaries & CBD Oil

There is a hot new breakthrough that you have to hear about! This is producing massive amounts of leads here on LinkedIn. 

CBD oil & marijuana dispensaries have a very hard time finding credit card processing. We set them up and get paid BIG monthly residuals! Interested?

Follow-up letter:
Hello  (Name)
I just wanted to say thank you for connecting! I also wanted to tell you more about this ground breaking business opportunity. I’ve stumbled across a lucrative niche market in the marijuana and CBD oil industries.
As I mentioned in my previous message, these companies have a very hard time setting up their credit card processing accounts. Most of them do not have merchant services today. We are one of the only processors available to setup their merchant account without complications, which has made it incredibly easy to produce hot leads! 
We’ve done some testing on LinkedIn just connecting and sending letters like this one and have had fantastic success. Once you get one account, you’re almost guaranteed to get referrals!
Legal cannabis is one of the world's fastest growing market sectors. Colorado has more dispensaries than McDonalds, Starbucks, and 7-Elevens combined and the number keeps growing.
With that in mind, remember that 7 states JUST legalized marijuana after the last election. This means that there is a HUGE demand for new dispensaries, and with that comes a HUGE demand for credit card processing! They aren’t calling this the “green rush” for nothing!
But here’s where it gets interesting. 
Commissions for MJ, MMJ, and CBD are much higher than
normal accounts. You can make 0.4% of the amount a merchant processes. So for a company processing $100,000 monthly, you’ll make at least $400 monthly. That’s every month for as long as they use our processing. If you set up just 1 account that size a month for a year -- 12 accounts -- you’d earn $54,000 annually. That’s huge!
The true beauty of this business is the team building side. You’ll have the option of creating a team of people that are all setting up merchant accounts, and you’ll be paid monthly commissions for everything THEY bring in! There are no qualifications or monthly quotas to be paid your
commissions, and residuals are paid for the lifetime of the accounts!
Let’s connect and schedule a telephone chat ---

Friday, July 14, 2017

Consumer and Business noncash payments in the multiple TRILLIONS!

The digital merchant processing industry just keeps rolling along -- it is not an easy train to catch because it is a BULLET TRAIN -- but it is worth getting off to a running start just to have a shot at the residual riches that flow from its path.

How big is it?  Here are some latest growth stats from The Green Sheet and they tend to show that it is still all about the countertop terminal in the small merchant establishments that you frequent -- approach one today!  The numbers are so gigantic that it has me wondering what comes after a Trillion?

Fed details consumer, business noncash payments

Friday, July 7, 2017
Consumers relish electronic payments, and since the turn of the century, they have shifted a significant share of check writing to electronic alternatives such as credit, debit and prepaid cards and the automated clearing house (ACH).
Businesses are weaning off of checks, too, but at a slower pace, and ramping up ACH payments. These are two high-level trends revealed in a new report analyzing the Federal Reserve Payments Study 2016.
The Fed takes a read on noncash payment usage every three years. A report released by the Fed on June 30, 2017, is the first in an expected series drawing on data collected last year from bank and nonbank payment services providers.
Since 2000, noncash payments have been growing rapidly, according to the Fed's analysis. By number, noncash payments nearly doubled, from 72.4 billion in 2000 to 144.1 billion in 2015. That works out to an annual growth rate of 4.7 percent. In that same 15-year span, the total value of noncash payments rose from $75.87 trillion to $177.85 trillion, for a real growth rate of 5.8 percent per year.  (That's Trillion with a T!)
The Fed counts as noncash payments all check, ACH and card payments that clear through the banking system and card networks.
The newly released Federal Reserve Payments Study 2016: Recent Developments in Consumer and Business Choices details differences in household and business payment habits, as well as trends in the usage of alternative payment initiation methods such as mobile and online. Data collected for the study represent 2015 totals.
In 2015, checks accounted for 13.4 percent of all noncash payments and 15.4 percent of the total value of those payments, the Fed reported. This compares to 57.8 percent of all noncash payments and 66.7 percent of the total value of those payments in 2000. Households averaged just 7.1 checks per month in 2015, compared to 19.3 checks per month in 2000.
While business check writing also fell, businesses continue to be prolific check writers, averaging 24.1 checks per month in 2015, down from 66.0 checks per month in 2000. They also are big users of the ACH. But business use of card payments is modest, averaging just 19.7 transactions a month in 2015. The "combined value of business ACH transfers and business checks reached $148.54 trillion in 2015, which alone was more than double the real value of total ACH transfers and checks written in 2000 ($73.78 trillion)," the Fed wrote.
Consumer card payments growing strong
Growth in general-purpose credit and debit cards outstripped growth in all other noncash payment types, driven largely by consumer demand, according to the Fed's analysis. Debit cards are most popular with consumers, followed by credit cards, checks and ACH debits. Here's the breakdown for all consumer noncash payments in 2015 and increases since 2012:
  • 57.4 billion by debit card, an increase of 11.7 billion
  • 26.9 billion by credit card, an increase of 6.0 billion
  • 10.7 billion with checks, a decrease of 1.8 billion
  • 10.3 billion using ACH debit transfers, up 2.1 billion
  • 6.2 billion by private label prepaid debit card, an increase of 100 million
  • 3.6 billion using general purpose prepaid debit cards, an increase of 500 million
  • 2.0 billion with private label credit cards, up 400 million
  • 300 million using ACH credit transfers, up 100 million
Among all types of consumer payment cards, prepaid debit was the only category with a "significant drop in intensity of use" between 2012 and 2015, the Fed reported. While the number of active prepaid debit cards grew at 26.3 percent a year during that period, the number of payments made increased just 5.3 percent per year.
Meanwhile, alternative payment methods posted significant gains between Fed surveys, although the total number and value of these payments remain low. "When viewed in the context of the total number of noncash payments, these methods, while gaining traction, do not collectively constitute a significant number of payments at the current time," the Fed wrote.
Payments using mobile wallets, for example, grew 71.9 percent a year between 2012 and 2015, but at 1.3 billion, the 2015 total was small compared with other methods of noncash payments. Online payments grew from 1.8 billion in 2012 to 3.4 billion in 2015. Most online and mobile payments clear through the card and ACH networks.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

How big is the mm industry?

This from Forbes:

North American marijuana sales grew by an unprecedented 30% in 2016 to $6.7 billion as the legal market expands in the U.S. and Canada, according to a new report by Arcview Market Research.
North American sales are projected to top $20.2 billion by 2021 assuming a compound annual growth rate of 25%. The report includes Canada for the first time as it moves towards implementing legal adult use marijuana.
To put this in perspective, this industry growth is larger and faster than even the dot-com era. During that time, GDP grew at a blistering pace of 22%. Thirty percent is an astounding number especially when you consider that the industry is in early stages.
Arcview's new editor-in-chief Tom Adams said, "The only consumer industry categories I've seen reach $5 billion in annual spending and then post anything like 25% compound annual growth in the next five years are cable television (19%) in the 1990's and the broadband internet (29%) in the 2000's."
ArcView's analysis uses data provided by BDS Analytics that has access to millions of individual consumer transactions from dispensary partners.

Arcview has helped its investors place $91 million with 135 companies since 2013 and primarily focuses on private companies. The industry with its legalization risks does not attract institutional investors in the same amount that other sectors do. “You will not find another multi-billion dollar market growing at a 25% compound annual growth rate anywhere in the world that is not already filled with multi-national companies and institutional investors,” said Troy Dayton, Chief Executive Officer of Arcview Market Research. “That's part of what makes the cannabis industry such a unique opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs.”


Though controversy surrounds the hemp product, research searches show an impressive array of CBD or hemp positive results in a wide variety of diseases and illnesses.

It is a great avenue for study -- and a great revenue stream for merchant processing for an enterprising DW Agent!