Tuesday, December 30, 2014

MG Faces and News

John Daniels explaining PayAnywhere, Part 1: John and Part 2: FACES IN THE MERCHANT GUARD WORLD: The lovely Lynne Pinner and soon-to-be new Agent daughter: Rick Andersen, San Diego, with the visiting Avita! ****************

Monday, December 29, 2014



Hope your Holidays were as wonderful as ours, which we got to spend with family FAR AWAY.  One of our daughters and her husband teach school and are currently in Cyprus, with two of our grandchildren.  Here are some pics so you can see what a FANTASTIC country Cyprus is:

Grandson and me in front of first home we stayed in.

Third place we stayed.

Daughter and me at St. Paul's (he came here, you know) for Christmas morning Eucharist.

Food was AWESOME and we recommend wholeheartedly this friendly, clean, beautiful country if you want a great ancient place to tour.


BUT YOU GUYS haven't been vacationing:  Leslie Juencke has a LOT going on and has us set up for  training of her new Agents this week.  Wayne Harrington called in from GA just now and has two new Agents signing up today:  PLUS THEIR residual this month is growing -- 4 times what it was last month!  And that's just the beginning of the list of 'what's happnin now'!

MEETING IN SAN DIEGO TONIGHT:  Host Rick Andersen.  Special Guest Merchant Guard Office Manager and THE WOMAN WE LOVE, Avita Pizano -- direct from INDIANA!!

7PM  Conference Room, Sun Harbor Marina

For directions contact Barb here or Rick.


Prayers are for Agent Ted Dawes quick recovery from surgery!


Love this PayAnywhere video from Clint Arthur but remember:  this just for YOUR info.  Don't send it out to anyone without making sure they have YOUR information on how to sign up for this neat unit.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Friday, December 19, 2014

a room with a view

view from our room tonight.... Wish you all were here. It is so peaceful and gorgeous and deserted in this resort town which is booming in the season.  We are off for a few days to tour Southern Cyprus and Western Cyprus so there'll be lots more awesome pictures with season's greetings to each one from the cradle of civilization.

Tried to read the history of Cyprus last night. By 500 BC I was exhausted from all the thousands of years that had gone on before. People have been here a loooong time! Peace on earth --- goodwill to men.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Our dtr and son in law moved to Nicosia, Cyprus ( with 2 precious Gr Kids) back in August to teach in International School System. This is after .two years teaching in Cairo, Egypt where they had no car and did NOT drive.

Barb and  I arrived Friday nite with a rental car at our disposal. 4 things different from prior rental cars for us:
1. Steering wheel on right side
2. GPS totally in Greek
3. Cars drive on opposite side from U.S.
4. All road signs in Greek

And NO DRIVERS LICENSE required for first 7 months of driving.

Riding with our  dtr and S in L
Reminds me of being in a race car.

What an experience. At least I had a 15 minute training drive in a driving rainstorm.

Tried to get Barb to give it a try and she said ONLY if I am dead.

Having great time so far and at grocery storetoday we noticed they sure need our Merchant Guard terminals.
They still use ancient inventory and checkout methods.

Just think---all our growth is in front of us.


Michael R. Lammons
Pacific Coast Manager
Merchant Guard

Note:  most recent recorded interview is FILE 5!  BE sure to give it a listen. 


Greetings from Cyprus

Greetings from the other side of the world!

This is definitely the best business in the world.  Here we are on the other side of world visiting with family that lives thousand of miles away. And you  keep on building the business for your reasons.

As you grow your business to build your team you put the exact same leverage to work for your own self and your own family.

Thank you to Rick Andersen for conducting the Sunday night weekly wrap up call. Can't wait to hear the recording ourselves. You can call into it by using the dial in number and file #7 on the media file page on this blog.

We will be here for 2 more days before heading for Famagusto and the Troodos Mtns.  for about a week.  Mike is learning to drive on the wrong side of the road which is correct here, while I'm trying to navigate without english or a map.  Hope that your days are wonderful and your christmas season is blessed!  Mike and Barb

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

MG is Mind-boggling!

Via text from Mike:

Barb and I r heading to SFO in couple hours for our trip to Nicosia, Cyprus. Will return on 28th. We will not have cell or text service but email will work.

Here in Bay Area, Talking bout 3" rain, 60 to 80 mph winds, massive power shortages, floods and 3' snow in Sierras--      All beginning tonite.   

Had great mtg last nite with Marlyn Ano and some of her Team. She took us to eat at a delish Filippino restaurant, 'TasteBuds' on San Carlos just east  of El Camino.

Food was superb and Marlyn talked to owners bout their processing fees. They AVERAGE $7,000 MINIMUM DAILY credit card billing. Unbelievable when u see this building--  very small, unassuming place.  Folks, give every your brochure and card:  we are continually amazed at the volume of billing that passes through the least impressive places!  Plus, They are so excited to have Marlyn save them money.

Wish each of U Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays.


Michael R. Lammons
Pacific Coast Manager
Merchant Guard

559 824 3254 Cell & Text
Barb's blog:


MG is mind-boggling!

We have, let's see, less than 100 MG Agents WORLDWIDE, representing 2 top processors that process BILLIONS annually, on the precipice of global processing and did I mention.....

Guys, yes contact those merchants, but be aware that our mission needs HUNDREDS more active Agents so share your biz with others, too!


Reminder:  Some great features of the PayAnywhere product:

  1. Next day funding
  2. No contract
  3. Free wireless terminal and 2 swipers
  4. AmEx same as V/MC, etc.
  5. Full software for running business
  6. No need to get statement from merchant
  7. Simple online signup
 Reminder:  why EPI product is best for many merchants:

  1. Next day funding
  2. No contract
  3. $500 best rate guarantee
  5. Live, in US, tech support EVERY DAY EVERY HOUR!
  6. Amex One Point rate
 Regarding #4 above, we saw a statement sent through last week and the analysis showed that the merchant had an excellent rate, very competitive.  Surprisingly so. Hmmmm, where's the rat?

John found it:  merchant had been also signed up for a 4 year least on his terminal (the one we give for FREE) for $40/month, 4 years.

I'll try to find the tv news expose here in Bay Area that Dave Margolati saw recently about this very thing:  unaware merchants being signed to unbreakable leases on equipment which is really a scam!

Let your merchants know that MG doesn't do things like this:  best service, best rates.  That's what we stand for!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Meet Us SSF

Join us with Mike and Barbara Lammons this Tuesday ( today )  at 3pm in South San Francisco for more insight on Merchant Guard.
They will be here the whole afternoon/evening for any questions you may have on the credit card processing industry.
(Contact Marlyn or Mike/Barb for details.)

Monday, December 8, 2014

Marlyn Ano for her great interview last night!

Thanks to Marlyn Ano for her great interview last night.  Be sure to dial in and listen to the brieif recording (below) or download for sharing online from the Audio page.  The ease, the convenience and the savings are all things that your merchants will appreciate hearing about.


Stop tyranny!  Help a local business today! 



Stop Thinking:   START SHARING

 And watch your merchant card processing income begin to grow!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

From the mouth of a Merchant

Hear life-long merchant Marlyn Ano interview:

Dial in:
(605) 562-0029
Meeting ID:
Recording File #4
This is a 20 minute audio that some of your friendly merchants may want to hear! Marlyn speaks from years of experience as a merchant dealing with card processors.


Saturday, December 6, 2014


Happy Saturday!

I had a great day yesterday toodling around looking at nice homes ready for Christmas (to benefit Valley Children's Hospital) and am busy getting ready for our Cyprus trip.

Looks like John was busy, too!  Here he is (courtesy of renowned Swedish filmmaker Rick Andersen) highlighting some of the features of the PayAnywhere wireless terminal.

Below that is some of the entertainment awaiting us in Cyprus!!

ευτυχείς αγορές
ef̱tycheís agorés  (That's Greek for 'HAPPY SHOPPING!!') 

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Merchant Guard Mission is 2-pronged

Our 2-pronged MG Mission:

1. Help merchants with their bottom line.

2. Make upfront income while building a solid residual income from facilitating business enterprise.

On the subject of #1, so far a merchant approached by MG Agent Lety Rodriguez wins the prize for the 'Merchant Suffering from the Worst Processing Contract'.

From Lety:
From MG055
'this is a used car lot they sale used cars and also have a towing service... he is currently in a contract with wells fargo for two more years'
From Mike:
"Lety has a car dealer that also has a towing service. 
He loves our EPI proposal: just couple snags. 

Has a contract with Wells Fargo till 3/16 and they will charge him $500 to cancel. 

He RENTS the terminal from XXXMMMM and they told him they will charge him $1,000 to cancel. 

He told Lety this today. He is happy to pay the $500 to WF to get Lety to be his agent. He has had bad customer service from his present processor . 

But he cannot pay the $1,000 to XXMM. "

Rent on his terminal is close to $100/mo. and his fees last month were close to $200  -- an unreasonable amount for his volume!  Poor guy:  Lety is trying to figure out some way to help him.  If he breaks the lease it will ruin his credit.    Stay tuned....


Mark your calendar:

Sunday  12/7/2014  5 pm PST
605 562 0020
code 319 289 214

Good friend I approached to become my customer. Biz owner in downtown San Francisco.

She let me know she  had been in processing biz for OVER 30 years---AS A MERCHANT.

This call will be a classic so invite your biz owner friends.

Marlyn Ano is now a MG Agent and her own customer-saving money AND earning commission.

Mike Lammons



7pm - Sun Harbor Marina Conference Room


Edit for YOUR biz!

Be a Problem-solver!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Shake-awake on TWO Levels

Eye-opening processing industry stats to grab hold of today;  on TWO levels it should 'shake you awake' about aggressively building a team of Merchant Agents.

Level ONE:

The emv chip-reading terminals, which you place FREE to your merchants, offer an unprecedented time for you and your team to gather new merchants.  Merchants will have to bear the losses of fraud themselves after Oct. 2015 if they do not get an emv terminal.

You can see that these fraud losses are massive and growing.  Presently MC/Visa bear the loss but after next October they will only do so for merchants using emv terminals.

Level TWO:

See how the pennies add up to riches!  Fraud loss at just one nickel/$100 adds up to close to $15 Billion....
Moral:  get those merchants and don't worry about  what your 20% equals.  On one merchant, probably not much.  Your most profitable mission is to save several merchants money on their  processing AND find a few other Agents to do the same.  Crazy profitable.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An auspicious time

Housekeeping Note:

As you know, a new Agent has 90 days before merchant account requirements kick in to receive Levels 2-7 residuals, etc.  (We call this a 'grace period'.)

It is hard to believe but the very first grace period for our very first MG Agents -- through MG060 -- will be up Dec. 24, 2014!  The end of our very first quarter:  such a new company!

Avita says:  "The end of the year is a great time to get accounts (from experience) most accounts like to start fresh for the new year. The time is now get them set up and make sure their equipment is there by the end of the month so they can cancel their current processor by the first. "

This is an auspicious time to revisit some merchants and approach some new ones  so your  2015 and theirs gets off to a great start.


Mike and I will be off to Nicosia, Cyprus, next week to be with family for Christmas.  Next Tuesday before flying out Wednesday will be with MG Agent Marlyn Ano and her team in SF for a Merchant Guard party.  Marlyn is in process of selling her store so she can focus on MG, family, hobbies and LIFE!  We are so happy for Marlyn.

If you have someone in the area who'd like to get with us, let Mike know.


Can't wait to see this grandson for Christmas!


Monday, December 1, 2014

Yes, we're CYBER, too!

Hope you're stuffed and shopped-out and had a great Thanksgiving season!
Great call with Special Guest, Merchant Guard Co-Founder and Friend John Daniels.  In case you missed it, listen in below:
Playback Number:
(605) 562-0029
Meeting ID:

File 3


Condolences to Roger Arthur on the sudden loss  of his wife of 44 years, Marilyn, to a stroke this last weekend.


This from Avita:


Hope you guys had a good Holiday weekend.

David suggested Tiny Scan app. You can get it on Android and Apple. You can upload all docs in 1 pdf. I have still been getting statements and applications in word docs and via picture text. EPI will no longer accept those formats.
Here is a little video I found on the tiny scan app.


Don't be afraid to sign up a merchant locally who does biz just through his website!  (Yes, MG can handle EVERY type of merchant, from brick/mortar to cyber...)  Check out these stats:

U.S. Thanksgiving, Black Friday Sales Break $1B; Total Holiday Spend Online Will Be $89B

Online retailers use Cyber Monday to extend the first flush of the post-Thanksgiving holiday sales rush, and now analysts are coming out with their first numbers laying out how holiday sales have been progressing so far. The long and short of it: record numbers for e-commerce retail, with holiday shopping across the U.S. and Europe approaching $130 billion, according to figures from Forrester Research.

Based on early numbers from comScore, it looks like online sales got off to a good start in the U.S., with Thanksgiving topping $1 billion and Black Friday passing $1.5 billion, respective growth of 32% and 26% over 2013.
IBM, which tracks sales in real time through its Benchmark tool, has also now published its figures for how U.S. e-commerce sites performed over the weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Following on from strong sales on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, IBM found that online sales were up 17% versus the same period a year ago, while mobile continued to be a strong driver of both traffic and buying, accounting for 51.2% of all e-commerce browsing, and 28.9% of sales.
(Recall that on Thanksgiving, IBM found that one-third of sales were completed on mobile devices.)
All of this will contribute to what Forrester is terming a record year, with the U.S. reaching an all-time high of online sales this year of $89 billion, up 13% on 2013 and accounting for 30% of all eCommerce spend in 2014.


Monday wisdom:



Sunday, November 30, 2014


Reason we keep our calls SHORT:


WITH JOHN DANIELS.   Join the Call.  Details at rigiht.

Friday, November 28, 2014

More to be Thankful for!!


From Avita: 

Here is the link you can use to process a pay anywhere application. The link is now in your mginterface under ONLINE APPS.

Click and start the app! Isn't that great!?
As you can see there is no where for your AGENT CODE on the application, at this time you will have to fill out this form and submit directly to Avita.  I made the form editable so you can fill out and email no printing or scanning needed :)


and the new Phoneswipe:

YOU HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR IT AND NOW IT IS HERE! You can now offer your merchants a flat 2.69% for all qualified phone swipe accounts! The upfront money on the accounts with no monthly fee or no monthly min is $25! That is correct you still get upfront money on the phone swipe accounts! I have attached some information on the phone swipe.
Here is the link

The phone swipe app is very similar to the pay anywhere app. Very simple and easy :)  This is also in the mginterface.

REMEMBER THESE RATES ARE SET AND WE ARE UNABLE TO CHANGE THEM FOR THE PAY ANYWHERE AND PHONE SWIPE PROGRAMS.  So your thrifty merchants may prefer one of our other incredible-savings plans!

NOTE:  3 step process
  1. Download either PhoneSwipe or PayAnywhere app from YOUR mginterface.
  2. Fill out online.
  3. Submit by EMAIL to Avita and include your MG code and the merchant's name in your cover email so Avita can easily process!!
 PhoneSwipe video:

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Great trip to LA and environs, with Ted, Roger and John.  Here are some pics:

Mr. Calm and Cool, Roger Arthur.

MG Founder John Daniels showing a swiper -- each merchant gets  FREE 2 (as minimum) plus terminal.

Mike and John with PayAnywhere unit.

Barb wants in on the action, too!

Love this pic of John...


Or, I should have hidden a recorder because there were FIREWORKS when we got to the meeting site.  Roger's merchant-friend had submitted her statement and MG can save her restaurant around $600/month -- over $7K annually.  She wanted him to meet with her other owners so Roger -- a brand-new Agent -- requested assistance.

John graciously said he'd drive up to help out.

Turned out the other 'owner' was actually the agent for her current processor.  Oh, wish you could have heard John handle him!  That guy thought he was going to pick MG apart but our sweet, meek and mild John became a tiger when confronting that agent who was clearly taking this merchant to the cleaners.  And justifying his overcharging her...

It was worth the drive down to watch John in action and Roger manage the table!




Here is me when meeting began, and me after:


Hope you read Avita's updates yesterday.  If it isn't in your Inbox, let me know and I'll forward to you.  It's all GOOD!



While Mike and I were waiting outside the first restaurant for the team yesterday, people were going in there by the scads.  It is in a large gorgeous mall in a beautiful area. (That restaurant does over $5 million annually -- we then went to their 2nd that does twice that much.)

Well we were sitting in the shade,  just enjoying the glorious SoCal 70+ deg sunshine.  Suddenly Mike turned to me and said:


We were both speechless at the thought.

Guys, even a little bit of a whole bunch  amounts to a great income.  


In the specific case yesterday, it adds up like this:
Roger - 20%
Ted       - 5%
Mike/me - 5%

Help all the merchants you can, large and small, and when you find you can't get to all of them, bring on some new Agents to help!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Merchant Guard in Paradise!

Merchant Guard in Paradise!


Conference Calls are such a neat way to build your knowledge of and foundation for a national merchant card business from the convenience of wherever you happen to be!  Barb and I believe that and evidently a bunch of other Agents do, too.

On the first MG call Nov. 16 there were callers from 5 states.
On the second MG call Nov. 23 there were callers from 8 states.

There were even callers from WI and TN -- if you had a guest on the call and would like some support or 3-way call, for example, give me a call-- I want to help!



 Subject: Blazing New Information

Good Morning, Team!
Thanks to all of you who were on the call last evening.  I really enjoyed sharing some of my ideas with you.
I know some of you had problems getting on the call….so Barbara Lammons has agreed to archive it on the blogspot later today.

While you are on the blogspot, check out the video on PayAnywhere, the tool John Daniels has arranged for us to offer.
This is just one of the great things he accomplished on his great Winter Wonderland Tour last week.
We are well on our way to becoming THE shopping center for merchant accounts.
John will be meeting with us tomorrow evening at Sun Harbor Marina conference room, 7:00 PM.
He will have one of the PayAnywhere systems with him.
In addition, he will be putting out information to all of us….stay tuned.
This is a great ride!


Aloha! Mike and Barb, these are the pics you requested. This is me on sat. 11-22-14 
on my Birthday. This is Ft. Derussy in Waikiki and Hawaii landmark Diamond Head Crater.. 
Come visit paradise some Day.. Aloha!!!!

 Congratulations to Chris for having signed the very first MG merchant in Paradise!


NOTE THE NEW MEDIA PAGE.  It is where audio recordings and videos will be archived for your biz-growing assistance.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Building RESIDUAL by service and savings!

Don't call about this wait for John's announcement/updates early next week.  But...
QUESTION:  can you find some merchants who'd like one of these FREE??

Wait for the appropriate apps and info to be added to your MGinterface -- and don't call Avita about the above:  WAIT FOR JOHN!


We've had a great week and lots of statements/apps are percolating through the system.  Feel free to call Mike or Barb if you need help!!



from our storefront to yours....

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The face looking back at you

Today's Focus on Success:

Kenny Troutt began his career selling life insurance and used the funds to pay for his tuition at Southern Illinois University. He founded a long distance phone company, Excel Communications, in 1988 and took it public in 1996. He merged it two years later with Teleglobe in a $3.5 billion deal, and reinvested the profits in stocks, bonds and horses. He sponsors his two sons' nationally competitive youth basketball teams, which integrate disadvantaged families with middle- and upper-class ones. He also enjoys horse racing and owns Winstar Farm, in Versailles, KY. He ranks 25th on the Center for Responsive Politics' list of top individual political contributors.Kenny Troutt
  • Real Time Net Worth
  • $1.5 Billion
  • $0 | 0%
  • As of 11/18/2014 @ 12:20PM *
Source Of Wealth
telecommunications, Self Made 
It was Kenny who taught us the value of residual income generated monthly from a service that is unconsciously purchased and habitually used.   
Once a merchant chooses Merchant Guard as their card processor, that power kicks in... which is what Merchant Guard  Agents see and is why we do what we do.

Kenny was raised in the housing projects of east St. Louis by his single mom.  She was a powerful force in his life and those who knew Kenny heard many stories about 'Mama Nadine'. 

He had no use for excuses for inaction (do you want to make money or excuses?) and he heard plenty of excuses from a sales force of network marketers who knew zippo about the phone business and were commissioned to take customers away from "Ma Bell", the giant monopoly who had owned that biz forever.

Therefore, we heard the following story many times and it's still my favorite.  It is appropriate to Merchant Guard Agents today because ALL OF YOU are commissioned to get merchant-customers in an industry that you know little about.

When you are wavering over calling or dropping by that merchant today, go stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself this:

When you are wavering over calling or dropping by that merchant today, go stand in front of a mirror and ask yourself this:
"Mirror, mirror on the wall:  who's going to save that merchant on his processing fees?"

The face looking back at you is THE ANSWER!

Monday, November 17, 2014

NUFF SAID! And Wayne said it....

Awesome first MG Weekly Wrap-up call last night!  There were 16 of us on the call, ranging from Heavenly Hawaii ( Mike Orozco and Chris Contreras) to Wisconsin, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Georgia and California!!  WOW.  Now THAT'S a spread.

MG Agents Wayne and Angelia Harrington did a great job of sharing how they have transitioned from clueless consumers to MERCHANT ADVOCATES in just a couple of short weeks.  Their merchant stories -- from the first one their first week as Agents to the last one on Friday at noon -- show what a great benefit MG is to merchants.

Their top tip for working with merchants:  when you get one active, BE SURE THEY CALL IN TO THEIR EPI SERVICE NUMBER.  Finding out they have real life support available to them 24/7/365 gets 'em every time.

Their top tip for Agents:  just contact merchants and don't worry about making mistakes.  They say they've made several (wrong apps, for example) but everything can be corrected.  They mailed out some of the tri-fold brochures that we all have and 5 of their merchants came from there!  (so guess who's mailing today!)


Here's some more from Wayne (continued from Saturday blog):

Now let’s talk equipmen.   Since I was in the heavy construction business each piece of equipment  cost from $90k to $320k. In my particular case about $2.5 million invested in equipment. Now for the small equipment needed, trucks, trailers, tools, Nextel ,engineering tools, and many others. This estimated to be an additional $250k.   OK time to talk about employees. Office personnel, Engineer, estimator, mechanic, several operators and drivers plus a supervisor.
Somewhere down the line comes a CPA, and an Attorney. Next is capitol to operate until the payday starts and capital to purchase the materials and fuel needed to perform the job usually runs around $150k. Capitol needed for payroll for a minimum of 90 days.
FOLKS!  Listen, all this must be in place before a project can be bid. Once the contract is complete the headaches really start.  Worrying, stress, deadlines, inspections, collection, breakdowns, conflicts, employees, inflation, thefts and many more…Estimated profit margin 5 to 7 %.
The point of all this is most people don’t have a clue what it takes to start and maintain a new business. Let’s compare for a short second. 
Wayne Harrington


Saturday, November 15, 2014

SUNDAY: our TOP MERCHANT GATHERERS. Dial in and listen!

It's going to be a GREAT call tomorrow night (see details at right or below) because



will be Special Guests.

Wayne and Angie live in a small town in south Georgia, knew nothing about the card processing industry, and are completely alone in that part of the world, trying to make sense of Merchant Guard.

How has it worked for them so far?

They got the FIRST merchant submitted.

Got the FIRST merchant signed and active.

Are approaching 7 or 8 active merchant accounts and submitting more daily!

They will be sharing their MG wisdom so far, as our TOP MERCHANT GATHERERS.   Dial in and listen to their story and find out how they approach merchants!

Here's a note from Wayne that you might want to share with a guest or two, inviting them to tune in:

"I have noticed that my friends Mike and Barb have disclosed some of the information of owning a traditional business. You know the kind where you need expensive education, experience from somewhere and a ton load of money to get started.
Once you have that to get started you must have insurance (auto, structure, equipment, liability ,bidders, employee and personnel) & know that all of these are on different policies. Then there is license, bonds, and more insurance to guarantee that you will complete the job you started.
Now let’s talk equipment, since I was in the heavy construction business each piece of equipment  cost from $90k to $320k. In my particular case about $2.5 million invested in equipment."

More from these MG Stars tomorrow!

Friday, November 14, 2014


Let's wrap up a great week by getting together Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014, 5pm Pacific (8 pm Eastern)!

MG Conference Chat with Mike/Barb
Dial-in Number: (605) 562-0020
Meeting ID: 319-289-214

THIS WILL BE AUDIO ONLY but you may go to our Wall to access the MG .ppt file if you do not already have it.  



Thank you,
Avita Pizano
Office Manager

 These are ready waaay sooner than we thought!  If you didn't get the editable flyer from Avita, email Barb. 

I'll get it to you over the weekend:  Avita actually has a life whereas I live for Merchant Guard!  WHOO HEE!  YAGOTTALOVETHISBIZ!





Thursday, November 13, 2014

We Invite You


"My Merchant account has completed the EPI SAQ Wizard and has eliminated up to $240.00 in extra fees from the account yearly.
It took less than 10 minutes to complete this Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and avoid the monthly compliance fees.
Marlyn Ano" -  Galletti's Shoes, SF


"Barb and I  have been in various bizzes over the past 60 years and each one required capital, commitment, dedication, focus, etc. Some required employees, leases, huge financial risks and long term obligations.  The first 38 years were consumed in various traditional types of biz which really required entrepreneurial types.
These past  22+ years have been in direct marketing industry and anyone can enjoy this biz.  This industry is least expensive to join with biggest potential Income and no risk.

Now here comes a 15 year old company in a 4 trillion dollar industry (USA only) that decided to add a network marketing division, the first and only such company in this industry.  They invited us to help them develop the "perfect" opportunity:  cheapest-quickest payout-highest residual.

So here we are- less than 90 days since beginning and just yesterday, one of our personal Agents (more from him later) enrolled a company that  processes  OVER $8 million in revenue annually. The merchant loves the savings on processing fees that MG will save them.

The monthly residual is unreal.

Barb and I had highest residual in one company that had over two million reps and 20 million customers, so we know true residual.  Anyone reading this info needs to contact the person who sent it to u or contact us.

Remember this business fact:

I invite you to be part of MG."
Mike Lammons, Pacific Accounts Manager, Merchant Guard


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Does Merchant Guard REALLY stand up to its $500 guarantee?

Does Merchant Guard REALLY stand up to its $500 guarantee?  Judge for yourself.  Here are some MG proposals for merchants that you Agents have submitted the past few days:

Good Morning,
Attached is the completed proposal. The savings comes to 9% or $590.95 monthly, $7091.40 yearly. They are on a pretty good rate, but we were able to save them.  I do think they will change for $7000 a year! I have attached the analysis and the application for you. Let me know if you have any questions.

Attached is the analysis. We are able to save them $75 this particular month which is over a 20% savings! 
Their rates are a 1.66% for Qualified ours is a 1.19% 
They are on a mid qualified rate of a 2.28% ours is a 2.16% 
Non Qualified is a 3.59% (which is really high) our is a 2.66%

They are also getting charged between 14 to 24 cents more a transaction but they don't have it broken out except on the non qualified ones so that is not included on the analysis.
Their credit card trans fee is 29 cents and ours is only 15.

Another thing they are on a MOTO Amex rate of a 3.50%, I am not sure why because it looks like they are not MOTO. If they are not then the rate would be a 2.89% on the one point program.

If you have any questions you know what to do! ;)

Attached is the completed proposal, pricing the merchant on your four tiered structure as follows:
The savings comes to 31% or $76.17 monthly, $914.06 yearly.

She will have to reprogram the terminal she currently has or we could provide her with a phone attachment.
We are able to save her over 30% monthly which is a great savings! I have attached the analysis along with the correct application.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Here is the analysis. Their company is really taking advantage of them. If we charge him 2 times as much as we usually do we will still save him over 50%. I am attaching the analysis along with the application. Please let me know if you have any questions. ​

Here is the analysis. As  per our conversation yesterday she is on a super high rate. We are  going to save her about 70%. I think this is the highest savings I have ever seen. This poor merchant has been getting ripped off way too long. 
I have attached the analysis along with the application. Please let me know if you want any revisions or have any questions.
 Editable tri-fold brochure, front and back:
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