Monday, September 29, 2014


Story Monday:

Missed Opportunities  Once there was a man who missed a great opportunity!  

It seems that his friend took him for a ride one day -- way out in the country.    They drove off the main road & drove through groves of trees -- to a large uninhabited expanse of land.   A few horses were grazing -- & a couple of old shacks remained.   

The friend -- Walter -- stopped the car -- got out -- & started to describe with great vividness the wonderful things he was going to build.  Walter wanted his friend Arthur -- to buy some of the land surrounding his project -- in order to get in on the ground floor!   

But Arthur thought to himself: -- “Who in the world is going to drive 25 miles for this crazy project?”    The logistics of the venture were staggering!  

Walter explained to his friend Arthur: -- “I can handle the main project myself -- but it will take all my money. -- However, the land bordering it -- where we are now standing -- will in just a couple of years --be jammed with hotels & restaurants & convention halls -- to accommodate the people who will come to spend their entire vacations here at my park.”   

He continued:  “I want you to have the first chance at this surrounding acreage -- because in the next five years -- it will increase in value 700 times.”   

As Arthur later told the story: -- “What could I say? -- I knew he was wrong! -- I knew that he had let this dream get the best of his common sense -- so I mumbled something about a tight-money situation -- & promised that I would look into the whole thing a little later.”   “Later on will be too late” -- Walter cautioned Arthur as they walked back to the car. -- “You’d better move on it right now!”     

And so it was that  Art Linkletter turned down the opportunity to buy up all the land that surrounded what was to become Disneyland.


I can really relate to this story as I'm sure you can.  Who hasn't missed out on what we later found out was a great thing?  Whether a deal on a car, a property, or a great sale on Black Friday -- you can't get in on everything, even when it's good!

But sometimes something is truly worth making time for:  and helping merchants save on  processing fee expenses is worth the effort, both in the short AND the long run!



"Here you go! This merchant is getting ripped off, poor guy. We will save him almost 40% a month. ... This company was charging him about 50bps ours is 25bps or a quarter percent over visa/mc/disc. They also had him on a 23 cent transaction fee and a bunch of end of the month fees.
I have attached the analysis as well as the application. If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you,
Avita Pizano"



Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Why Merchant Guard"

Reason #27 "Why Merchant Guard" courtesy of Agent Leslie Juencke,

Leslie  notes that with most networking companies, to succeed at even a low level you have to give up your evenings and weekends and make huge time sacrifices scouring for reps and give up all your evenings and family time constantly seeking customers.

She points out that Merchant Guard is a 9-5 weekday biz on almost every level!  


  • your life is your own
  • no hype
  • no sales on the networking side -- which with most mlms, that's where the HEAVY SALES take  place: at high pressure events
  • nights and weekends free
  • no sales conventions or 'rallies'

Thanks for pointing this out, Agent MG029!


CHECK  YOUR INBOX for training on 'The Harrington Method for Getting Merchant Accounts".  Courtesy  Agents MG028!

Happy Trails to Dr./Agent Mike Lassley  MG 048           who's heading up to the high  Sierra (Courtright Res.) for his annual retreat with sons.  Hope he takes a jacket: snow expected!! YIPPEE! 

See:  he  has a life!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014


When we first embarked on this adventure of 'marrying' merchant card processing with marketing through a network, I was overwhelmed at wondering how on earth it was going to work.

Now, about 6 weeks in, IT IS ALL MOVING FORWARD nicely!!

Wait!  Whaaat?  He already got a statement?!! And sent  it in??!!! And got a PROPOSAL back?!!! And signed up a  Merchant??!!!


 We all know networking, and Merchant Guard is super-simple and straightforward, so no probs there.

BUT ON THE industry side, there is a Learning Curve.

It's a lot smaller than I thought, though -- or you guys are a LOT SMARTER!

Plus we get excellent help from EPI and MG staff -- this is going to be AWESOME!



Mike just talked to Top Duck & Merchant Gitter for Merchant Guard-Wayne Harrington.

Wayne walked into retail store Last week:
Met owner who was happy with his processor.
Wayne left tri fold brochure and left.
Owner called Wayne two days later to come see him
Owner wants to do biz with Wayne- doesn't like other guy

Today Wayne calls me:

This Merchant has 3 stores and is on 2 year contract on each. Will cost Merchant $3,000 in fees over next 2 years to stay and $300 penalty to cancel (on each store) and become Wayne's customer with EPI.  But Merchant is doing that!

Wayne now has FOUR  new Merchant Accounts all saving money with EPI and EACH a very happy customer.



Check your Inbox for some tips!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Keeping up with Merchant Guard:

Keeping  up with Merchant Guard:

FIRST, from our founder and inspiration John Daniels:

Hi Barb , thought I would send this to you. might want to use it

Remember, debit card use is running roughly 75% MORE than credit cards -- so things are  humming in the economy around you! Time to plug in.....


Great eGift Solutions webinar this a.m. with Derek -- will post notes later.  Am off to meet Agent Leslie right now.  In the meantime, check out the website at for ideas!


Agents WAYNE & ANGELIA HARRINGTON way down in south Jawja now have 4 approved merchant customers!  WAY TO GO, KIDS.  
  • They are all alone.
  • They are without card processing experience.
  • They have never met John Daniels or Mike Nardy.
  • They have never been to an MG event.
  • They are totally self-taught via the drop box and their own 'learn as we do this' experiences. 
  • They have 4 active accounts now and several more in the pipe -- after just a month or less in Da Biz!
Wayne and Angie PROVE the power of the Merchant Guard plan!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Know someone who is yearning for a new career?

FLASH!!!  JUST IN: Agent Leslie Juencke is helping a small local restaurant -- she got Juan's processing statement and submitted to Avita in MG office.  Here are results: 

Here is his analysis and the application for him. He is on a split rate which is perfect for his business.
He is getting ripped off. I can not break out the Non Qualified because they do not. I think we would save him on those too but no way of telling. 

From what I can tell you will be saving him almost $300 a month! Avita


Join us! Send interested friends.

Know someone who is yearning for a new career?  Disillusioned with their job?  Seeking to be part of a landmark company?  Send them to evaluate Merchant Guard for themselves:


Feeling smart?  Here are some processing industry stats from the Federal Reserve Interchange Fee Revenue study:

PLEASE NOTE that processors processed $2.07 TRILLION plus $53.7 BILLION last year-- I don't even know  how to add that up! (What is it?  What is .07 TRILLION  anyway?)

 But I'm guessing that processing fees on that number is BIG and there's room enough for each of us to find a new, profitable place for ourselves among it .... no?


Awesome time this weekend meet/greets in NoCal (Bay Area).  Lots of smart people who understand money up there!

WELCOME TO NEW AGENTS who are just beginning too explore their drop box training pack.  DON'T TRY TO FIGURE IT OUT ALONE!  We're here to help.  Give us a call, email or text today!


Friday, September 19, 2014

A Higher Calling

The  Higher Calling:

Merchant Guard Agents!  Why do we bother becoming Agents, filling out that humongous agreement and packet, scan or fax it in, get our dropboxes and wade through the videos and training materials -- for money?

Well, yes... but that's probably not enough for most of you.  

There's a Higher Calling at work, and I'm posting here a couple of statement analyses from Avita that have crossed my inbox just the past  day:

Please send in a scanned copy. I can tell you he is paying really high fees. I may not be able to break out the mid and non qualified but just on the qualified he is on a 1.65 for debit ours would be a .58 and 2.18 he pays for qualified credit and ours is a 1.58.
He is paying way too much he is paying $1150 on $22,000 which is over 5%! With us it is usually between 2-3%. We will save him about $50 just in end of the month fees.
Poor guy someone really took advantage of him.
With out even doing a breakdown I think we will save him $200-300 monthly.

Thank you,
Avita Pizano
Office Manager

Good Morning,
Attached is the analysis, statement and the application. 
He is on a .25% we can put him on .10%.
He has a 10 cent transaction fee ours is 5 cents.
$19.95 PCI Fee ours is $0! 
$.20 cent Batch fee ours is $0!
$9.95 statement fee ours is $5

He is also paying $7.95 from Amex for their statement with us his would be included in ours.
Total savings $77.52 monthly!
 Let him know that most of the fees come straight from Visa/MC
 There hasn't been a statement submitted so far that Merchant Guard hasn't beaten -- usually by a large margin!


So it's about HELPING OTHERS with a service that they cannot do business without; a service that is unconsciously purchased and habitually used.


Mike and I will be helping others at Bay Area get-together tomorrow.  Details at right.  Come or send people:  we'll share MG with them for you.



Thursday, September 18, 2014

What do you say to People?

Like thick sorghum molasses over steaming hot buttered biscuits, that's how you succeed with Merchant Guard in the piney woods of southren Georgia.... witness this phone call from MG Agent Wayne Harrington:

Wayne called to say that he and  Angie are LOVIN' THIS BIZ!  They are the account-getting leaders in the country so far!  Wayne just drops by and visits small retailers in his area.  Yesterday a retailer told him "I'm not interested in what you have; we are satisfied with our processor."

Wayne left his flyer and said "Well, thank you for your time.  I'm local so if you need anything in the future, just call me."

Today, Wayne's phone rang.  It was that retailer:  "Can you come by?"

Wayne went:  retailer said "I want to do business with you.  I was thinking about it and I don't even like that other guy."

Smooooooth..... just be nice to people!


Want 1,000 MG biz cards for $32?  Boy has the SD team found a deal for you!!  Watch your Inbox for order form and instructions shortly.


What we're now saying to people who contact us to market their health, beauty, nutrition or other product.

"You know how in your business, people use a card to buy your product?"
"Well, that's our business."


Which reminds of my favorite old biz card slogan:

If you want to work the rest of your life that's your business.
If you don't,  that's MY business.

Love this card:

Sizzle Card - Need More Money Business Card Templates

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How Big is BIG?

How big is BIG?

SOOO busy with Agents and Merchants!  We downsized ourselves from the city to the country to a   little house that's warm in the winter and cool in the summer so that  I'd never have to dust/vacuum ever again; that the dogs can amble through leaving stickers and grass and not get yelled at; that I can stay as grubby as I please all day!  It was just perfect.

Enter Merchant Guard.

Now people who never ventured out this far are burning up the road to sign agreements, scan statements, plot strategies, and share excitement.  We're waiting on one now...

Or else we're called (like today) to travel up the 99 to meet old and dear friends who want to get filled in on the  processing biz.


Anybody who's ever swiped a card has a grasp of what we're all about:  all they need to know is 'how can I get some of that revenue?!'

Why?  Here are some stats:

Dec 2012 Consumer Payment Systems in the U.S.
Personal consumption expenditures in the U.S. of $10.729 trillion in 2011 included purchases of goods and services, which accounted for 77.8%.

Your merchant doesn't take American Express?  Check this:

Purchase Volume at Merchants in the U.S.
In 2011 American Express overtook MasterCard to gain second place among general purpose credit card brands in the U.S. based on spending at merchants.

Keeps getting BIGger...

           US 42% growth rate


2010 Merchant Processing Fees = $62.2 Billion

Conclusion:  this is a BIG business.  Even Just a little bit will keep Sparky in dog biscuits!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Love Merchant Guard

LOVE THE NEW MERCHANT GUARD explanation de biznez .ppt.   You should have it in your Inbox courtesy the Amazing Avita.  So much is going on  that we are busier than a gopher on a golf course!  

New Agents are submitting new merchant statements to see how much MG can save them DAILY.  Hourly:  

AND IT'S URGENT:  WITNESS THIS email from the  South Georgia leaders:

Here is the agreement for ____________.     Please let me know right away if there is anything else needed. As they would like to have the equipment by Friday 9/19 before the deadline.   This should include the pin-pad for EBT.

Need your help to get this one FAST.              Thanks
Wayne and Angelia Harrington

And Agents are submitting new Agents almost hourly!

And sometimes the horse gets before the cart. Mike's friend who isn't an Agent yet but who sat down with his friend and got him to submit his biz for an MG proposal because his current processor is charging him over $500/DAY IN FEES!!  Merchant told friend 'if you can save me even $100/month I'm  yours'.  


Merchants are tired of getting squeezed to the last drop and that's where YOU come in!  Hitch that horse up right and get things heading in the right direction.



9/16/14 7 PM PST Dennys 710 W Shaw Clovis Ca    Mike & Barb Lammons

9/18/14 7 PM PST Harbor Marina San Diego Ca      Rick Andersen 


We had a blast in San Diego this weekend.  The trip inspired  Mike to this visual comparison:

6 months in Merchant Guard

24 months in Merchant Guard!
 Or maybe less ...  since you are  your own boss we know two things:

  1. You will find a way to do stuff wrong as often as possible and
  2. You will get sidetracked now and then.

 However, most important thing  of all is that MG is making a lot of folks HAPPY:

The happiest time in a man's life is when he is in  red hot pursuit of a dollar with a reasonable prospect of overtaking it.” --  Josh Billings

ESPECIALLY when that dollar comes from giving value and getting paid over and over on what you do one time!


EPI's Michael Nardy

Friday, September 12, 2014


Greetings from a balmy San Diego where the Pacific breeze woos you and the fishing charters leave all day and night, unloading tons of gorgeous fat tuna (I guess they are tuna) right around the corner from our motel.  Mike is fascinated with the whole process:  I just need coffee!

GREAT TIME LAST NIGHT getting to be with Captain Agent Rick Andersen and his team -- and of course, Papa John!

Rick (standing) started his MG team just 2 weeks ago with only Celeste (in pink blouse/blue capris).

Papa John Daniels shares with crowd why this week is  historic for all of us!

From left, Agent Shelley Hanson, guests Butch and Wendy, great agent Brooke Eldridge and new Agent Tom Bressert.


ALL WALKS OF LIFE  are represented by just the few people in the room last night:  Navy retirees/civilian contractors, online biz owners, fishing charter boat owners, real estate agents, lawyers, insurance agents, property management, etc. -- that's the power of a network like MG.  The reach into all of US commerce is hugely expanded.  (I know:  hugely?)


John Daniels had a zippy little gizmo with  him that reads the new emv chip cards AND will read the new Apple iPhones with the NCF antenna.  Chip-reading terminals are going to be REQUIRED by Visa/MC starting in 2015 (4 months away) for a merchant to be covered in case of fraud.  We will furnish those new terminals FREE to our merchants.

Ponder this -- do you need more reason to FLY out the door and build your network and gather some statements?!!



Training tomorrow, 9:30 am, 5000 Harbor Drive, Sun Harbor Conference Room, SD.


Today, chillin', sharin', talkin', lovin' this life!  It's a good time to be an entrepreneur of modest talents -- if you are a Merchant Guard Agent!

HEY, for scanning help, Avita uses Genius scan app... download to your cell phone and you can scan statements, or app documents and email to Avita STRAIGHT from your cell !!  Be sure you are getting good scans to send in so that EPI has a legible copy to analyze. 


 You don't have to analyze smaller accounts however, Brooke shared.  Just take an app and sign merchant up -- the benefits they get trump the processor they have currently without getting bogged down.  As he pointed out last night, for a small merchant you're talking pennies compared to free equipment, no PCI charge, free gift cards and free processing, and the rest!



Thursday, September 11, 2014

Merchant Guard ON YOUR SIDE

We're OFF to San Diego!  One of the things we love about this type of biz is we are self-employed, whiich this weekend means a few days meeting great folks by the sea with a nice tax deduction.  (Check out the relevant section of!)


FROM THE EVER-VIGILANT AVITA to the Harringtons regarding one of their submissions:

As you can see this merchant is doing an extremely low amount. 
They processed 423.23 total. 
On this particular statement they paid 146.86 which is outrageous! 

They paid 35% in fees. Average is 2-3%

They were charged a $79 PCI fee that is one of the reasons it is soo high. 
If you take off that fee they would have been charged about $64.
They are on 0% rate over visa/mc/disc.

We can save them the batch fee which is 25 cents so we can save them $7.25 plus if you take the $79 divide it by 12 it is $6.58.

So total we would have saved them is about $14 doesn't seem like much but when your only paying $64 it is 21%! Plus you will be saving them on the annual fee. NAB usually has a contract so just make sure they are not still in it so they can have a smooth transfer. Being that they are such a small account I would hate to see them have to pay an ETF.

Reminder they are taking PIN DEBIT so they will have to either swap out their terminal for $25 or purchase one for $100.

I have attached the application for you. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Avita Pizano


No account too large or too small for MG to be on their side and save them money!


Is our parent EPI awesome?  Here's a happy merchant:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Provoke something GOOD WITH ProCharge!

AWESOME time in  Santa Cruz last night --- powerhouse budding team including Chan, Ileen, Evelyn and brand-new David  -- and guests.  Ideas, excitement and strategies were flowing!  Watch out for these incredibly talented and motivated Agents.

It's Mike's fault we didn't get a picture!  I was forced to gripe all the way home because I wanted to post today -- 


TONIGHT:  don't miss Papa John's webinar training on Statement Analysis

JOHN DANIELS' TRAINING on Statement Analysis
Wednesday, Sept. 10   6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern
Agents Only so we won't post link on this public site see ur inbx


WHAT IS PROCHARGE?  Get on your mobile phone and download free Procharge app to play around with and demo;  MG supplies gizmo FREE to your merchant:

here is one  flyer of how it stacks up to  square:

Stop tyranny!  Help a local business today!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How to bring up Merchant Guard to others

TUESDAY GREETINGS from the West Coast Merchant Guard Status Room!

FROM MIKE:  I have a copy of a 2010 Federal Reserve payments study. In 2009 total purchased volume on credit and debit cards was $3.663 Trillion.  Total processing fees  paid that year:  $62.06 Billion.  Folks, that was five years ago!

Merchant Guard is the sole company marketing for a major full-service processor in this industry. 

There are others re-selling -- which means higher fees for the merchant --, and one other at least that we've found that are web only -- no live customer service for the merchant --  but as a subsidiary of a company of the stature of EPI that can give each merchant real savings and service?  Just us!

JOHN DANIELS' TRAINING on Statement Analysis
Wednesday, Sept. 10   6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern
Agents Only so we won't post link on this public site

You should already have the webinar link and code -- check your inbox and  email Barb or Avita if  you can't find it!  

"John will be doing a meeting on following up with a merchant once you have done a cost comparison/analysis for them.
In the training he will give you the tools that will ensure to close a sale! 

Many of you know business owners so we have faith that you can get them to process with you. Why would they not want to if you are saving them money along with setting them up with a great company!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact John or myself. Hope you can make the meeting!"  -Avita


We haven't gotten asked yet   how to bring up Merchant  Guard to others because we sure haven't found it difficult so you guys must not either.  But Berry Woods (San Diego Agent) shared what he's sending his friends and we LOVE IT!  Berry makes some good points here -- enjoy:

I know that Financial Freedom is a rather strange concept for most, but please rest assured it can be obtained.  No, it's not EASY, AUTOMATIC, programmed for the LAZY or IGNORANT -- but -- it is obtainable to those who are willing to work toward the goal of independence.   When you "stumble upon a key" to the door of success, it serves you well to "turn the key & open the door!"
52 years ago Ron Stout (with the encouragement of Jim Anderson) put a key in my hand & I used it to support my Family & help my Friends.   Later I was helped by others & most recently by Rick Andersen in San Diego.
I now hold a key that will allow you to help business people save money on a service that they already use daily -- You don't have to "SELL" anything!  -- You don't have to pressure anyone to do anything!  If you speak to anyone who doesn't understand "saving money on their daily business costs" -- don't get upset, as they will soon be out of business & we will all have to pay for their support under the new "American System."
If you want to join me -- it will cost you $195.00 if you do nothing -- If you get your "rear in gear" you could make one hell of a lot of money!  My  new "Best Friend" is now making approx. $36,000.00 per mo. -- one of my other best friends just completed his first week & has made over $600.00.  Please Note:  Both folks did work!
This "Key" allows you to work when you want to -- not when someone orders you to! -- it allows you to work in any city, or town, in the U.S.A.  If you understand the Tax System in the U.S.A. you should by able to find a dramatic amount of tax deductions!  If you control a NonProfit you should be able to easily get your Business Donors to "Climb Aboard!"
Please e-mail, or call, if you are interested in improving your financial situation.  If you already have total control over finances during this past 6 years, please call, or write, and let me know what the hell I've missed.
Best Wishes
 ROAD TRIP!  Santa Cruz/Capitola tonight.  Let's get together!

Monday, September 8, 2014


Merchant Guard offers a hand up to those willing to make an effort

                                                       YA'LL COME!


THIS WEEK MIKE AND I HIT THE ROAD covering the California coast from North to South!

Tuesday - Capitola
Thu - Sat - San Diego  (Get details  from MG Agent Rick Andersen  or MG Agent Mike Lammons)

Captain Rick (in red) hosts training session for new San Diego Agents!

Thursday nite is information and Saturday a.m.  is training.  We will cover the blow-you-away comp plan that can be your part of this THREE TRILLION $$ INDUSTRY.

YESSSS you have to learn something:  but it is what you need to know anyway and it isn't that hard!  Mike and I are BOTH terrible with math and numbers, so you have NO excuse. 


Merchant Guard offers a hand up to those willing to make an effort - and training that will benefit the rest of your income-producing life.

I get it!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Merchant Guard brings VALUE TO MERCHANTS

Lots of value going on in MG today -- take a look:

SAN DIEGO regular Saturday MG Agent training headed up by Super Agent Rick Andersen and team, with headliner JOHN DANIELS.   This follows up the weekly Thursday night intro get-together.  San Diego is OFF THE HOOK!

MACON, GA, called in:  Wayne and Angelia Harrington are at a huge 40 ac. flea market having fun in the sun demo'ing the Merchant Guard ProCharge app on their mobile phones to merchants.  

Wayne also said he has 6 appointments set for Monday just from dropping in to small retailers on the outskirts of Dublin.

AND GET THIS:  he walked in to one establishment yesterday and introduced himself and the subject of EBT and the owner grabbed him: "I was just online trying to find out what to do!  I got a notice about a deadline for accepting the cards but don't know what to do!  Can you help me?"     HELLO!  Wayne here to help.



Had a great Friday visit with Sean Krohn from Santa Cruz and Fresno's Leslie Juencke -- both with people to share the  MG career opportunity.  Learned this via Leslie's merchant appointment:   one of her merchants is in a poor neighborhood, so the 15-20% savings MG can get him  is a big deal.  BUT we called on our Expert and Founder, John Daniels and he said, 'Don't forget about gift cards.'

We looked at each other :  he must not have heard the part about this being a poor neighborhood.

But he heard us all right --- and taught us  some of the gift card  benefits to merchants.  Here are a few:

  1. MG will give merchant 50 free gift cards.
  2. Gift cards can be used over and over again because they are rechargeable.
  3. There is almost always breakage on gift cards:  lots of folks leave some change on then which is profit to the merchant.
  4. Gift cards are a handy way to advertise (come to training for this: register in your back office).
  5. MG charges no processing fee on gift cards so they are free to merchant, unlike the universal fee on debit cards (22 cents/transaction) or credit cards (variable --see schedule)!

So you can see gift cards  bring value to EVERY merchant.  Register for the upcoming training webinar today!



 LAST NEWS:   I do not have permission to share this but let it serve as your confidence-builder.  

MG Super Agent Rick Andersen has been busy training his Agents and building his team.  Decided yesterday to try his hand at gathering a merchant statement to submit for processing.  He went out.

And came back with just one:  for over $300,000/mo. in processing -- way  over.

Why should this impact you?

Mike Lammons pointed it out:  "Makes you wonder about the tiny biz doing under $5K/month who won't let you see his statement!  Don't stop with him.  The next merchant you approach might be looking for savings on his HUGE statement."  

Rick must have worn his Issy Miyake! 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Merchant Guard = passionate analysis of a merchant statement

Entire blog today is Avita's passionate analysis of a merchant statement sent in by Leslie Juencke - MG029.  Print off and keep close.  The processor here is a major bank -- just sayin':

Ok this one is a little tricky because it is a bill back which means they are charging some stuff one month and some the next. They also do not have amounts on the rewards card, mid qualified cards and non qualified cards -- that is really shady.
What I Can tell you is that they are charging them an annual fee next month so if he wants to avoid that charge they need to sign up asap. They also are not saying how much the annual fee is. It usually runs $100-$200 a year so breaking down to $8 to $15 monthly. So you will save him that right off the bat plus whatever they are charging him for PCI.

As far as his rate they are ripping him off big time on it. They are charging him 1.65% for his qualified credit and debit. 

He took $6942 in debit cards and  $548 in credit cards. 

On his Qualified cards he is paying $131.01 in fees with them. With us it would have only been $49.01.

(breakdown Credit $548 x 1.58% = $8.65 plus Debit $6942 x .58% = $40.26)
SAVINGS OF $82! That is just on the qualified rate!
We will also save him $23.53 on his transaction fees (they are charging him 18 cents a transaction --ours is only 5 cents!)
Batch fee: they are charging him 20 cents we charge nothing! Savings on batch fees monthly $5.80.

This guy is really getting taken advantage of. 

Total savings on what their statement shows us is 

That is almost half of what he is paying! I bet if we could see his mid and non qualifieds we would save him more. 
You can also add it the PCI and Annual Fees lets say average about $15 a month! 

Tell him he is getting charged a 1.65% for 98% of his cards and our rate is only .58%! 

I attached what you sent me along with the application for the split program which this merchant should be on. Even if we put him on a bundled program we would still be killing their rates! 

Get this guy signed up and saving money today! This is what makes me mad seeing someone take advantage of someone! 

Thank you,
Avita Pizano
Office Manager


And you thought credit card processing was boring!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Merchant Guard: Saving American Business one Merchant at a Time!


Barb:  put something on the blog about how they can download the app on their phone and try out a test sale. If they are trying to sell a business owner on the smart phone attachment they can pull out their phone and show them how easy it is...
The app is called PROCHARGE.


Thanks, Avita!  Mike and I have already done it and it is TOO COOL! 


Congrats to Agents Rick Andersen - MG025, Leslie Juencke - MG029, and Sean Krohn - MG025 for their GROWING Agent teams!

Rick & Barb's first love is sailing!

Sean's  a talented guy!  Wanna win American Idol?  Sean's the coach you want in your corner.  Or save on your merchant processing:)

Leslie is a seasoned and successful businesswoman -- here she is with whathisname....

 Makes me think we need a slogan:



Mike is  making a few EBT calls to local merchants right now.  He told them he's local so I am printing MG's EBT offer for him to take to the merchants as soon as he hangs up!  Which brings up.....


I called on a merchant the other day, a fish restaurant that we go to quite a bit.  I approached the merchant processing subject and he told me proudly that he has been with a processor for 9 years.  He indicated that he wasn't interested in letting me bid on his business.

So I asked him if his processor eats there often.

He said he had never met him -- it was all done by telephone.

I told him "well, remember I brought a group in here just last week. And my wife and I are regular customers.  It seems to me you'd want a local person to at least bid on your business."

Merchant was stunned:  he had never thought of it that way.

Sometimes you just have to 'splain it to 'em!

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