Friday, January 30, 2015


NOTE: No Wrap-up call this Sunday due to Super Bowl.  



Download .pdf of this from your mginterface, enter YOUR contact info, and share with small merchants!


go to your Play Store or other app store on your smart phone, download the free Procharge app, install, and use in 'test' mode.  It works even without the swiper if your merchant is in a hurry but fill out the simple form from your interface and your merchant will be up and running asap!

Supports gift cards and offers all our other great MG merchant benefits.

Plus it's a fun app to demo....  you don't need to haul terminals around to demo MG: just use your phone!



Dear Business Owner:

I am a Local Agent for a national, 15 year old BBB A+ rated processor.  We now have available for our merchants the brand-new EMV (EuropayMastercardVisa) card terminal for your business.

As you are probably aware, the transition deadline to these new, secure 'chip' readers is fast approaching.  Get ahead of the rush by claiming yours now from our initial limited inventory of FREE EMV terminals.

Our merchants get best rates (or you get $500), next day funding, free gift cards,  full inhouse LIVE tech support 24/7/365 -- all day, all night, all time -- to assure you headache-free processing.  Plus much more.

Here is my brochure:  just call and I will hit the ground running to  improve your business' bottom line in 2015!



Just had great text from one of our top agents and got to thinking how grateful we are to have MG. After a lifetime in business, we have found the Perfect Thing!

 Here is my thought for Friday: Write down things I am thankful that I NO LONGER HAVE. 

Like: NO mortgage payment NO car and motorcycle payment NO credit card debt NO health problems NO traditional biz NO employees NO marriage problems NO debt NO kids or gr kids dependent on us NO SHORTAGE OF GREAT FRIENDS LIKE U!   God has gotten us through a lot and I am truly thankful!   Mike 

Love those grandkids!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

JUST IN!!! Sean's In the House


 AN INTERVIEW WITH MG Leading Agent Sean Krohn:  everyone needs to listen to this rock star!  And pass it on to others:  Sean's experience is an inspiration to all.

From the Inbox #1:

 Subtitle:  "A merchant account is where you find it..."

Many of u know that we have been growing Paulownia Trees for past 4 1/2 years (website is We get inquiries from all over the USA and from around the world.
Yesterday had call from lady in  Texas and called her back.
She has 7 trees in a nursery setup and has done lots of research on these trees.
As I always do, asked what they do for living. She told me she is computer programmer and husband owns car dealership and they are entrepreneurial folks.
    I had to ask:   Do u take credit cards?

After another 15 minutes, her hot button was hit and emailed her simple options on our MG opportunity.

Each of us come across folks EVERY day that might be interested.  JUST ASK AND U MIGHT RECEIVE.

Michael R. Lammons
Pacific Coast Manager
Merchant Guard

From the Inbox #2:

"Oh my goodness.   John was not just whistling Dixie. When he said  the new EPI POS terminals were awesome.   Welcome  to the Big  Boy  World.  We are going to be so welcomed in with open  arms  with product. I can't  wait  to place it in a merchants place of business  to see the  envy of the others.  Guess you  can tell I love it.

God Bless You Always"
MG Agents Wayne & Angelia Harrington

Launching soon in YOUR MG interface -- but you have PLENTY to market already so keep busy saving AND making money!




 MG and YOU are  in a GROWTH industry:  HOW MUCH GROWTH?, you ask.

THIIIS MUCH (note it is in TRILLIONS  and going up...)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What drives our economy?


Please note that we are not recommending any business card right now -- if you create one using the MG logo be sure to run it past MG Marketing for approval.  WE RECOMMEND using one of the editable flyers for maximum effect.

With the recent additions to MG some of the flyers or a BP that got posted to the 'net a few months ago is no longer accurate.

ALWAYS DOWNLOAD .ppt, apps and flyers from your back office ( to be sure the info is up to the minute!



Had email from Agent last nite that had FOUR personal people sign up over weekend.
Texas math says that's $400.00

They all came to our event this past weekend.

Get folks in your biz by the #'s --- I have Tablet- will travel.

Happy MG Trails to u!

Michael R. Lammons
Pacific Coast Manager
Merchant Guard

559 824 3254 Cell & Text


An MG Agent ran across another tablet form-POS vendor that advertises 'start for free' and has packages for $39/$59/$199 monthly.  I scoured their website: found out that the fee is JUST for the terminal -- it works with (read "in addition to") a limited number of processors!!

Our superior unit IS FREE. 

We GUARD the merchant!


QUESTION:  What drives our economy?

ANSWER:  We do!

 Hype the Swipe!

See anyone here who can use ProCharge or Phone Swipe?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


MG Performance Round now setting up for NoCal events week of Feb. 12.

                   First round:  Vacaville, CA   Thursday    2/12/15
                        (Call or txt Mike to get more events! )


Chan Krohn (r) is a merchant-guarding machine!  Stay tuned for his interview.


Thanks to the emv transition NOW IS THE TIME TO HIT THE STREETS and here's a great flyer to do it with!!  I can't upload .pdf to blog so here is .jpg -- if you want editable .pdf or doc, email Barb or Avita.

Monday, January 26, 2015

welcome to all the new MG Agents

Smiling Faces....Going Places...  the Merchand Guard-ian Family is Growing:

John with Miichelle and Dave Margolati, Happy Merchant Guardians

Modesto Buzzes with the Sound of Learning

New unit on right processes emv chip cards, mag strips, takes signatures, prints receipts, is wifi, and MORE!  A merchant will purchase from other processors for a mere $800 or so --- we give it FREE.

Just ask Merchant AND Merchant Guard-ian Marlyn -- nobody knows the merchant side of the biz like her:  she has 40 years as a retail biz owner in downtown SF.

More awesome units John brought for show-and-tell.

And a big welcome to all the new MG Agents who just got started over the past 3 days!


 If you are new and want to catch up on MG, log in to your mginterface and watch the excellent training and marketing videos in there as you have time.  Also there are several great audio interviews on the Media page on this blog.



  1. We ABSOLUTELY can save merchants money -- NO hidden fees or bill padding (like they are getting from their present processor).
  2. The residual payout in this industry is worth every effort you make: already we are hearing from Agents who have only 1 or 2 merchants that their residual check is bigger than they've ever gotten from anything they've ever done.


John's sample letter to prospects:

Many entrepreneurs are attracted to the opportunity to sell credit card processing because of the potential for residual income. You build a portfolio of merchants who pay you a residual every month. This is a powerful model enabling a sales person to build thousands in recurring monthly income. Some of the top performers make between $20,000 - $500,000 per month! Too good to be true? We are happy to show you our commission reports to prove it.

Many entrepreneurs are attracted to a Network Marketing opportunity because you can grow a network of sales people underneath you. You then make something on every sale the person under you makes and every sale the person under them makes and so forth. This powerful model has enabled entrepreneurs to become millionaires on their terms for decades. They choose their schedule, they choose how aggressive they want to be. A recent report of the top 100 Network Marketers across different companies showed they earned between $130,000 - $1,560,000 per month.

The power of credit card residuals meet the power of Network Marketing! The above monthly income numbers may seem to be unrealistic yet in reality they
are fact for top performers in each industry. However, the examples are meant to show the earning potential that credit card residuals and Network Marketing have separately. Imagine if you multiplied the earning potential of the two opportunities into one.  Merchant Guard for the first time in history is doing just that!

Credit Card Processing Residual Meets Network marketing ‐ The power of squared

I have heard of Network Marketing opportunities in the past and only the people at the top make real money. Why is this different?

Ground level - Merchant Guard has been offering competitive credit processing services since 2000. However, the new marketing model was just launched in 2014. So you will be getting a very unique opportunity to get in on the ground level of this powerful opportunity.

Need vs. Luxury - We are selling a service that every business needs, credit card processing. Most Networking opportunities are selling a luxury product that is not needed.

Service vs. Product - Unlike other Network programs which make you purchase product inventory upfront. There is no purchase necessary you are offering a service and have only a $195.00 one time fee for your training, and ongoing support.

One Commission vs. Residual – Other Networking programs only pay you when someone in your network makes a sale. So if people underneath you stop selling you stop making anything. Credit Card residuals change the game. Now, even if someone under you only makes one sale, the sale provides residual income to you for as long as the merchant stays with us. So imagine an army of Agents building residual income for you every day.

What do I have to do to get started? This is a 100% commission based opportunity to pursue at your own pace. As an Agent you would be responsible for showing the benefits of our credit card processing to merchants and turning people like yourself on to the opportunity. We provide training and support to help you get started. Merchant Guard requires a ONETIME $195.00 fee for your training and support to get started.

We are adding new Agents daily who are getting in on ground level of this rare opportunity. Feel free to call me for more information.
                  Good selling!, John Daniels


William James said "Wisdom is the art of knowing what to overlook."

Wisdom here is to overlook what you DON'T know (how credit card processing works)

and concentrate on what you DO know (almost everytime you purchase something, YOU USE A CREDIT/DEBIT/EBT CARD -- and a processor is getting paid).

MERCHANT GUARD can help both you AND the merchant with the rest!



Saturday, January 24, 2015

Great kickoff in Milpitas!  Wish you had been here!

Dave and Michelle Margolati shared news about referrals with everyone. They went by today to check on a new merchant they signed up recently  to be sure he was happy with the service and equipment and everything. While  they were there he wrote down 6 names of merchants he wanted them to talk to and he called each of them to tell them Dave and Michelle would be calling to give them a great deal on their card processing!

They pointed out that in all the businesses they've ever done they've never had a customer give  6 referrals.

 Training with John Daniels was awesome.. Had a great time with our host Benjamin Ng.. which he said stands for nice guy and of course the effervescent Shaun Krohn and lots of guests. Four new agents signed up and are getting merchants! Tomorrow Modesto---- come or send guests. Because I'm posting on my cell phone...Please overlook errors😊

Friday, January 23, 2015


Off to Milpitas for CA Training and MG Intro --- two sessions:  3pm and 7pm!
Modesto 1-4pm Saturday.

SPECIAL TRAINER/MEET with Merchant Guard Founder and Inspiration John Daniels.

Going to be a blast --- COME or SEND FRIENDS!



We have PROOF that Merchant Guardians are nice people .... check them out!  (And to listen to Ken and Kathy, go to the Media Page here and dial in to their excellent interview.)

MO MG Agents
Captain Rick - San Diego
Rick Andersen spends the evening via Skype in Branson MO for training session with local agents. In the back row, from the left, Scott Dodson, Hugh & Cindy Avant, John Lobis, Shadoe Quesenbury and sitting Ken & Kathy O'Connell. Unfortunately we can't see Rick on the tv so we have the other picture to prove he was there. What an awesome meeting, thanks Rick!!! -- Ken O'Connell reporting.


iF you had trouble reading whole article about Gardner v. Twitter founder (yesterday)  just click on the article headline:   it is a hot link.


Have a blessed day wherever you are!

Thursday, January 22, 2015


Press Release (Background):

North American Bancard releases PayAnywhere 3.0
Las Vegas, Nov. 4, 2014 -- North American Bancard (NAB) today announced PayAnywhere 3.0, the newest iteration of the payments industry’s leading point-of-sale solution, at the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas. PayAnywhere 3.0, which will come pre-loaded on all PayAnywhere Storefront tablets beginning in mid-November, provides innovative new features and a redesigned user interface focused on speed and simplicity for PayAnywhere Storefront, the industry’s first cloud-based tablet point of sale solution provided free to merchants with activation. PayAnywhere 3.0 for PayAnywhere Storefront also integrates with PayPal through Discover’s processing network, making NAB the first payments company to provide their distribution partners with a margin neutral solution for PayPal transactions aligning with the other four major credit card brands.
PayAnywhere 3.0 offers faster and more flexible transactions as well as useful features for merchants including:
  • PayPal photo check-In, a service where merchants can see a list of PayPal users in or around their store. Once a customer is ready to make a purchase, a merchant selects the customer from an on-screen menu and the customer can pay through their mobile device. This process drastically speeds up the time of an average transaction.
  • Swipe to Sell, the ability to simply swipe a card, enter an amount and move on to the next sale.
  • Express Sale, the ability to instantly add a previous sale amount with the tap of the screen.
  • User Interface improvements like an easy new way to run specials, new easy-to-organize categories, multiple pricing options and more customizable inventory items.
“We are constantly innovating to bring the best new technology to merchants,” said Marc Gardner, founder, President and CEO of North American Bancard. “PayAnywhere 3.0 is the latest example of that. Easy-to-use interfaces, inventory management, the ability to take nearly every kind of payment in the simplest, quickest way possible -- these are the tools that merchants in 2014 need and that we are proud to be able to provide.”
Additionally, PayAnywhere 3.0 will also be available for free download in the Apple App Store in November and via Google Play in the future.
PayAnywhere Storefront launched in April 2014, offering a simple pricing model starting at 1.69 percent for swiped credit card transactions. The solution also includes data encryption, tokenization and fraud protection, providing both merchants and cardholders with the highest level of security in the industry. In-app and online reporting also provide small and medium-sized business owners with analysis tools previously only available to large companies with big data budgets.
PayAnywhere Storefront is available now for free from authorized PayAnywhere dealers.  (that would be YOU!) 
About PayAnywhere
Created by a multi-billion dollar credit card processing company with more than two decades of merchant payment processing experience, PayAnywhere is powering a payments revolution with its enterprise-grade, "pay-as-you-go" mobile payments system and its PayAnywhere Storefront tablet with industry leading business intelligence features. PayAnywhere's mobile point of sale (POS) technology combines the industry's most comprehensive enterprise-grade features with live customer support.


Marc Gardner quietly takes on Twitter founder in big-bucks battle

If Square is the giant in mobile payment processing, PayAnywhere makes for a good David

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I love the new PayAnywhere  video  with  Mark Gardner  just  added with agent  information  for  us too. Great great  question  answer period!   We are definitely in with the right  people.    Angie God Bless You Always

Recommend all of us get Happy like Angie and Wayne Harrington by watching the NEW TRAINING VIDEO just loaded into your in the Training video section -- scroll to the far right to find it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

MG was formed just a few months ago --- fast work!

Love the new MG capture  site that is being readied for replication in growing our businesses!  Check it out here.


New business tracking interface almost ready --- really fast work considering MG was formed just a few months ago!

In fact,  when we first looked at the concept last August we were afraid that the learning curve would be too intense for networking suitability. 

 We learned a long time ago that there are 4 essential questions that MUST be answered satisfactorily before anyone joins a company.  

  1. What is it?
  2. Is it do-able?
  3. What's in it for me?
  4. Why should I do it with you?
Based on our growth and experience so far we can give you the answers:

  1. What is it?  It is the processing of EVERY non-cash transaction between consumer and merchant. 
  2. Is it do-able?   With zero experience WE are doing it (and 100 others!) so you can, too.
  3. What's in it for me?  Immediate training & merchant bonuses PLUS monthly residual on the transactions in #1.
  4. Why should I do it with you?  Because, we're the only one out there doing what we do.  There is nobody else which gives 56% residual payout for 7 levels -- there is no greater leverage you can have.

Captain Rick will be doing a looong-distance video training for the MO team Thursday.

Friday 3pm training - Milpitas, Ca  Lammons/Daniels

Friday 7pm MG intro -  Milpitas, Ca  Lammons/Daniels

Saturday 1-4pm MG intro and training - Modesto   Lammons/Daniels

Sunday 5pm Pacific - MG Weekly Wrap-up (see side for details)

Will post exact details tomorrow or contact Mike, Barb, Chan or Marlyn for advance flyers.


As Merchant Guard Agents, we simply insert the best rate, free, emv chip ready, state-of-the-art terminal  (Step 2 above) and let the rest happen.  It's plug n play so...even a child can do it.

Monday, January 19, 2015

vital industry!


Milpitas - 7pm Friday night
Modesto - 1 pm Saturday afternoon

Details posting shortly.  Save the dates -- GUESTS WELCOME.  Special guest will be MG Founder John Daniels!


Come learn about and be part of this vital industry!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

Growth is our name: l


Growth is our name:  look at these industry projections that are 'in the book' now:

Nov 2014

New ETA/TSG Research Estimates 2014 4Q Electronic Spending Will Increase 4.0% Over 2013 to $890B

One occasion of note is on the payments horizon: the holiday shopping season. To meet it head-on, ETA is offering projections on holiday spending trends and has released important educational resources for merchants to navigate the evolving payments landscape. Payments consultancy firm The Strawhecker Group estimates that 2014 fourth quarter electronic spending will increase 4.0% over 2013 to $887 billion.

And it is global -- here's an infographic from the ETA to illustrate:




We will be in Modesto, same time, place on the 24th. Special Training with MG Founder John Daniels.  I will send flyer tomorrow.  -- Marlyn
Save this date and line up guests to bring:  1pm start. 


Expect Great Call Sunday night:  MG Weekly Wrap-up Call.  Details at right.


There is no set rule for who can be a merchant -- or who wants to be an Agent.  For example, Mark and Dave are long-time Fresno friends from an advertising, marketing, financial and tech background.  They were paying a very high price for their processing on their businesses and are now MG Agents as well as Merchants.

Here is a recent interview with them re. their completely online, global, non-qualified-card biz -- it is now a MG customer!

So see:  there's a place for almost every business you can think of within Merchant Guard -- if not with one processor, then with another.

(If you have a merchant to feature here, SEND 'EM ALONG!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Calling all AGENTS!!


January is proving to be an AWESOME KICK-OFF month for the very first year of Merchant Guard.

As you know, Merchant Guard is a reservoir of great service, savings and benefits for merchants on their credit/debit card processing.  The processing of customer payments to each merchant gets money from the customer to the merchant -- via a PROCESSOR.

There are many  companies that serve as processors between this triangle of customer-merchant-banks --  and we Merchant Guard Agents market for TWO of them:  they are the best and the biggest!

By marketing for these two great processors (EPI and NABC), we have some incredible products to offer merchants.

The $195 that Agents paid to be part of MG's industry training not only offers Agents the thorough interface training docs, videos and modules.... BUT includes a steady stream of ongoing LIVE training from MG's Founder and Top Industry Agent John Daniels(See training link for tonight's live webinar.)

MIKE AND I RECOMMEND your focus for the next few weeks be on these 2 offerings:

From EPI:
This new terminal is emv, ApplePay and GooglePay ready so your merchant is set for the emv transition and you can set them up on one of EPI's guaranteed savings plans.

And from NABC:

This incredible terminal is built by Apple and is mind-blowing:  MUST SEE VIDEO TO COMPREHEND.  One rate for all cards -- wifi -- our exclusive free to your merchant.

Sign up for both of these is simple and instructions, app, etc.  can be found in your interface, from Avita, us or John!


We don't know what John will be training on tonight but get every bit of knowledge that you can about this industry:  it is knowledge to enhance your future!


From Avita's latest email to all Agents:

How does this Effect You?
The credit card processing industry is in the midst of a monumental shift in the way credit cards are used, affecting every one of the 11,000,000 businesses nationwide.

THIS IS HUGE. Not only are you now part of this great company but you are in it at a perfect time and you have the opportunity to offer FREE EMV Terminals. Not only is the terminal FREE, it also accepts Apple Pay and Google wallets. 
This is a once in a lifetime change in the credit card industry. Not only are you starting this business in it's beginning stages; you are also starting at one of its most important times. This is not only a GAME CHANGER this can be a LIFE CHANGER FOR YOU! Yea you I am talking to you. If you want to to have financial freedom, this is the time to take advantage of the great opportunity that was given to you.

EMV is NOW. 
Merchant Guard is NOW.
Are you ready for Now?

Tonight with John:

1.  Please join my meeting, Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at
6:00 PM Pacific Standard Time/9:00 PM Eastern.

2.  Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended.  Or, call in using your telephone.

Access Code: 258-627-413
Audio PIN: Shown after joining the meeting

Meeting ID: 258-627-413


Don't be like these guys: