Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2014 Industry Stats: $4.5 TRILLION

Over $4 trillion in US: how it breaks down.

Global:  Number of TRANSACTIONS -- dollar equivalency not computed.

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Biggest Secret to Building Your Income in 6 months

Do you have a favorite TV show that you just can't stop watching? 
 Or maybe a favorite author that you're addicted to? 
Or what about a compelling headline on Facebook that makes you read read read?
Everybody has something that lights their fire:   light your fire with today with how to increase your income dramatically over the next few months! How to get customers that repeatedly buy from you month after month after month.  And how to get non-stop referrals.   
Because that's something that we can all get addicted to!
I wonder how quickly you will read every single word of this post.
For those wanting income:

"What price can you place on learning how to get more merchant clients and agents than you can handle? $3,000? $2,000? $1,000? (You can easily earn that within a month of learning how to secure clients.)
The standard fee for private coaching in this industry starts at $300/hour and over an introductory course you get over 10 hours of teaching. That would cost you $3,000.
Our training course won’t cost you anywhere near that. This fantastic investment in your career and life is only…
            Most people earn twice that much with their first week.

For those wanting savings: 

Stacks Image 12
Get our industry low rate of just 1.10% + No Transaction Fee + a free terminal - all pricing guaranteed for the life of your account! No gimmicks, no games, just the lowest merchant account rates anywhere.Whether you are a brand new business, or a have an existing provider, we have the most incredible rate offer in the industry for qualified merchants. Say goodbye to processor transaction fees with our NO TRANSACTION FEE processing for the life of your account! Not to mention our industry leading rate wholesale interchange pass-through rate of just 1.10% on all card Visa/Mastercard card types. You will never be charged additional mid or non-qualified surcharges again! All of the true wholesale Visa/Mastercard interchange costs will continue to be passed along to you at no additional surcharge or markup for as long as you process with us. Take advantage of our wholesale flat rate markup of just 1.10% on all of your Visa/Mastercard transactions today. CLICK HERE to apply for this offer, or view a list of our complete processing costs HERE.


Top Agents Marlyn Ano and Chan Krohn know the value of taking action.

After you get yourself trained -- (call or txt Barb for help) --
you will be helping merchants save money and get better service than they have ever had before,   which leads to merchants  giving you referrals to their other merchant friends and keeping you busy on the marchant side. 

And it also means that along the way you're going to find other people who want to be Agents and do what you do. It's lucrative,  it's fun,  it's duplicatable,  its real and it's growing now! 

When you take action you're going to see the results in income that grows weekly- monthly - and yearly for years and years and years in an industry that has no limit. it's already $4 trillion in the US and $7T globally or more and,  of course, growing like nothing else is.

 The Biggest Secret to Building Your Walk-Away Income in 6 months is: 

Take Action Now!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Are you Pretty?

Do you have to be a pretty person to make money? Do you have to be a smart person to make money? Do you have to be a Type A worker to make money? What is the secret to incredible growth? 
If it's not being pretty,  it's not being smart, and it's  not being Type A, what is it? 
It's TIMING, guys!
These handsome folks  prove a very important point for you.
They stood at a crossroads very similar to where we stand today: the US economy was on the skids, we were just winding down a war-- owning a home or having secure retirement was out of the reach of most citizens.