Thursday, April 30, 2015

Top 7 Reasons To Start a DWP Business

Top 7 Reasons To Start a DWP Business

  1. Nobody's ever heard of it.

  2. Nobody understands how the credit/debit card industry really works.

  3. You're not getting any richer with what you're presently doing.

  4. What you're presently doing is costing you $$, not the other way around.

  5.  You'd like to offer a real savings to someone on a bill they have to pay every  month.

  6. You'd like to get a customer using your service paying you residual every month that you don't have to be on autoship to receive!

  7. No competition from your friends.


    A little motivation from the eminently quotable, record-setting, died-too-young 'Pre':


    Now, hitch up your running shorts and scorch some earth, Agents!





Wednesday, April 29, 2015

EMV Transition Falling Behind:GROW YOUR BIZ

EMV Transition Lagging, Survey Says (Source: AmEx)


A new American Express® survey reveals that more than a third of U.S. small businesses have not yet upgraded their point-of-sale systems to be EMV® capable, even though they say protecting their operations from the threat of payment card fraud is a major concern.
The American Express EMV Preparedness Survey, conducted last October and released in late February, reports that 67 percent of small business owners surveyed indicated that protecting against and preventing card fraud is very important to running their businesses.
More than half (52 percent) felt that they are at higher risk for payment card fraud than larger businesses, but almost as many said a lack of money to invest in fraud prevention or a lack of access to experts who can assist them as the biggest reasons why they are not yet EMV compliant.
Even with an apparent understanding of the risks they face, 37 percent of the surveyed small merchants said they either have not decided whether to upgrade their payment terminals or do not plan to do so. Fifty-seven percent gave the cost of obtaining EMV-capable terminals as the main reason for their decision.

“Fraud is a growing problem and the move to EMV is an important step towards stemming payment card fraud in the U.S.,” said AnrĂ© Williams, President, Global Merchant Services, American Express, in a prepared statement. “Unfortunately, many small merchants do not know about EMV or what they need to do to take advantage of it.”

EMV smartcard technology is already in use worldwide. It enhances the security of payment transactions by storing encrypted data on a microchip embedded in a payment card and by authenticating each transaction. Retail point-of-sale systems must be equipped with the technology required to read and communicate with the chip.

“We know from speaking with our smallest merchants that they are very busy wearing the many hats of a small business owner and running their day-to-day business to focus on how to most effectively fight fraud,” notes the American Express website.

 Effective October 1, 2015, liability for certain types of fraudulent transactions will transfer away from the party that has the most secure form of chip card technology. In other words, if a fraudulent transaction occurs at a business that was not EMV capable, that business will be held liable.

If your business is not yet able to process EMV transactions, now’s the time for action. By planning ahead and anticipating the October liability shift, you can help protect both your livelihood and your customers from payment card fraud and its financial fallout. Get started by talking to a Digital World Pay Agent to learn about your options.

(Agents:  feel free to copy and paste the above to get out to your local merchants.)


NOTE:  DWP Agents Lety Rodriguez and Francisca Martinez will be conducting information calls M-Th evenings (dial in instructions at right of screen) and NEW!  Fridays will be a TRAINING CALL for Agents!  Spanish Language.  Guests encouraged!



If you have a merchant who does not have a SSN but has an EIN/TIN (SS-4) they can apply for merchant services through NAB and soon Pivotal. EPI will not accept merchant accounts for merchants without a SSN.  (Source: dwpinterface)

Global headlines -- this from UK's Guardian website -- reflect how intertwined the world's economies are.  And yet, HERE WE ARE!

Shock as US economy grows just 0.2% - business live

Growing a large and successful Digital World Pay business around the world means the creation of many, many successful people -- hundreds and thousands ultimately. We know from prior experience that when people make a lot of money from an endeavor like this, they find new developments, new enterprises, new businesses to build and grow themselves, creating ever more and wider employment opportunities for others. 

 That element is  lacking in the world today -- you have to be an MIT graduate and a computer whiz or financial expert in order to capture the big bucks.  But what can ordinary people do? The income gap has been starlingly widening the past few years. 

With a company like  DWP, that gap can be bridged for  many thousands of people in many countries. So get aggressive today: build your business,  help  some merchants  and help some agents get their start!



Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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