Friday, May 29, 2015

Love makes the world go 'round DWP


what's not to love about this business?  Digital World Pay is exciting people everywhere it gets known. The cool Bay Area was burnin' up last night  --  everybody from Sean doing a house meeting,  to Louie and Mike and Barb doing a house meeting --  everywhere the people are hearing the news they are seeing the light!  Here's living proof of why everybody should have a DWP biz:

Thank goodness for Sean's mobile SMART office!

Full stomachs make wise brains:  John and Host Al!

Eat first, we always say (if Anita's involved).

Anita gives welcome along with instructions.

Packed room: big plan of action!

Captain Louie and Al and Anita herd the team toward success!


Thursday, May 28, 2015


DWP EVENT SATURDAY, 5/30/15   333 Gellert, #150, Daly City, CA  1-4pm includes training (Marlyn Ano)

DWP EVENT THURSDAY, 6/4/15   6:30 EAT-dutch/REGISTER   7:30 PM START, DENNY'S on San Fernando Road, LA   (Captain Louie)


3-WAY CALLS work!    T$P OF THE DAY:   use 3-way calls for at least 40% of your plan.

 Other tips:
20 Shocking Sales Stats That Will Change How You Sell

20 Shocking Sales Stats That Will Change How You Sell
Warm market! Warm market!

20 Shocking Sales Stats That Will Change How You Sell
This is for YOU, Mikey!

20 Shocking Sales Stats That Will Change How You Sell
DWP happy merchants love giving referrals -- so ASK FOR THEM!



FWIW Department (For What It's Worth):

Top 7 Credit Card Offers For Those With Excellent Credit

UPDATED: April 1, 2015
Do you have excellent credit?  If so, banks are actively looking to win you as a new credit card customer by offering some unprecedented deals.  Although banks have been more careful about acquiring customers with questionable credit since the 2008 Financial Crisis, they are now fighting harder than ever to win coveted customers with great credit. If you are in the excellent credit sweet spot, they are effectively giving you money (and a lot of it) to use their credit cards. These are the top 7 deals you can take advantage of today:
Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express: Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express (a NextAdvisor advertiser) is such a great cash back card that I have one. Cardholders earn a spectacular 6% cash back at supermarkets (on up to $6K in purchases annually), 3% on gas and at department stores like JCP, Kohl's and Macy's, and 1% on everything else. Plus you'll get a $150 intro bonus after spending $1,000 on purchases with your new Card in the first three months – that's a 15% cash back bonus on the first $1,000 you spend! In addition you'll enjoy a 0% 15-month intro APR on purchases and balance transfers.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cut and paste with YOUR contact info or email Barb for doc.

More on EMV:


And more...

More chip cards coming to consumers, but merchant readiness is mixed

Banks are ramping up efforts to get more secure chip-embedded credit and debit cards into customers wallets, while merchants face a financial deadline for adopting the new technology. 
Craig Pokorny, owner of Aporjon Leather & Luggage located in Fig Garden Village, shows the new chip card on his credit card with the new reader he has been using to offer increased security for customer transactions since October 2014 in the background. Pokorny said the magnetic strip cards so common in the United States typically amass transaction information and clears everything at the end of each business day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Biz card

F.Y.I. if the subject of market saturation comes up ever -- how interesting is this?!

In fact, as long as there is a market for a product, there will be new opportunities for distributors. For example, in a 10 year period Amway developed a whole new market for its products in the Japanese market, racking up a billion dollars a year in sales. Networking companies in the U.S. are constantly cracking new demographic markets. For instance, the fast growing hispanic market in the U.S. has represented significant growth. Companies like Discovery Toys have opened up the market to networks of teachers. A.L. Williams opened the market to networks of part-time insurance agents.

The expansion of the great franchiser, McDonald's, opens an interesting parallel to the growth opportunities abroad for American consumer products. The ratios abroad of people to McDonald's restaurants suggests the pattern of expansion possibilities, and also suggests the market won't become saturated for America's most famous consumer product, the McDonald's hamburger.
Ratio of people to McDonald's restaurants
U.S. 27 thousand to 1
Canada 40 thousand to 1
Australia 47 thousand to 1
England 108 thousand to 1
Japan 124 thousand to 1
Germany 177 thousand to 1
Just as for networkers, the world is waiting for McDonalds. Although networkers sell every type of consumer product imaginable, a fact of every day life about the core products of the industry, health products and cosmetics, says much about saturation of the opportunity to sell products. Walk onto the first floor of any department store and note it is almost entirely filled with cosmetics counters. Likewise note the health and nutritional section of every major supermarket chain. As long as you see these departments, you will know there is still plenty of market for networkers.
So next time the saturation theory comes up, tell them about Amway and Avon. Tell them about Go-Re-Mar. Tell them about Big Macs.  Source:  MLMLegal


Sean's biz card: