Monday, August 31, 2015

Path to the Big Money with Digital World Pay

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Path to the Big Money with Digital World Pay

Outlets! Outlets!  Outlets!   

DWP's compensation plan is so lucrative because of  the leverage it offers ordinary people. 

In most businesses,  the only leverage is enjoyed by the owner of the company, the  c_e_o,  or  the top guys. With DWP each of us can have access to the compounding  benefits of leverage. 

But you only have leverage if you have outlets. Let's take a look at what the big companies do. Is there an outlet for Walmart on every corner in your town?  Walgreens? cvs?  Jack in the Box?  BK?  Mcdonald's?  Starbucks?  Verizon?  Sprint? at&t? 

Why did they go to all the expense of brick/mortar  business outlet on every corner? And then advertise relentlessly? They do it to acquire customers. In DWP  the outlets are  called Agents -- and Agents are the customer acquirers. 

So you can go out by yourself -- just one single  outlet and, by  working,  working,  working,  acquire a lot of merchants. And build residual.

But that will not be taking advantage of compounded money that comes from leveraging our pay plan. You build  leverage by building a team of Agents  on every corner in your town -- in your state --  and as those Agent-outlets acquire merchants that builds your residual,  the company's residual,  and each Agent's residual!

Definitely Step 1 on the Success Path  is build your team of outlets...  talk to people that you think would enjoy learning this business;   next:  Step 2. 


New merchants come in all sizes:  here's ours --

Doug on Mike's tractor he is rebuilding -- Phone Swipe for him!  BTW; he's a GENIUS at machinery!


Thanks to Agent-artist Marlyn Ano for this great banner: