Saturday, October 31, 2015

From the weekend file:

Great fun last night with the team in Santa Clara! That will be a regular weekly meeting ...will post FYI.  Thanks to host Anna Lee.

Good to hear from Michael Orozco, Agent in Hawaii...Mike has several agents coming on board and several merchants in process. Way to go Mike!

Mike and I are just having fun with gracious merchants like the lovely Nieves  of Corte Riva Vineyard, who is the sister in law of Richarde and  Eduardo Tolentino.

If you are in the Sebastopol / Santa Rosa area stop in to taste their lovely creations.



Friday, October 30, 2015



Barb, They aren't being charged $5 for returns, they are being charged $5 and another 5 cents for every transaction!
Plus they are on interchange plus 100 basis points. On top of that he is on Enhanced Billback pricing, which means he's getting more unnecessary fees.
Holy cow!
That's the WORST we've ever seen!
We would definitely be saving them a lot of money.
I would have the merchant sign up with us then call them and cancel. 
The contract does not show $5 per transaction. They should get refunded.
I would think with this kind of screw up they could get out of a contract, but not their equipment lease.
They should give their current company a major fight.
I'm attaching an application for interchange plus 30 basis points with an 8 cent transaction fee.
We will more than likely save them over $700 a month.
They can use their current terminal if we can reprogram it.
Call me if you have questions!

Anthony Huff
Digital World Corp Agent Support

Welcome new merchants from auto repair to Louisiana Fried Chicken to chinese food to donuts (again with the donuts!!) to catering to dry cleaners carpets to cell repair to -- you get the picture!    HI to CA to MO to SC and points in between...



Texts are a great way to initially approach merchants.  I tried it this week and have gottens everal responses with interest.  Will send along Monday.  Now am getting ready to hit the road for DWP!! (See yesterday blog below for event details...) Lovethisbiz!!  

If you aren't loving it it's because you haven't gtten a merchant yet.  That changes everything.

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Thursday, October 29, 2015



DWP Get Together this Friday...October 30th 
Time: 7pm
Address:  1900 Lafayette St   Room 115
               Santa Clara CA 95050
Host Anna Lee
Guest speakers Mike & Barb Lammons

Guests invited!

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 When you aren't sure what to say to a merchant or agent prospect, here's a tip on how NOT to get a date from Big Al:

In the case of a merchant, how about:  "Thanks for operating a great  establishment!"  and give them a brochure.


The extra $50 upfront bonus on merchant accounts will run until this SATURDAY, October 31. For every merchant account you set up for credit card processing from now until SATURDAY, you will receive an extra $50 upfront. That is $100 per active merchant account!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


extra $50 upfront bonus on merchant accounts  will run until this SATURDAYOctober 31. For every merchant account you set up for credit card processing from now until SATURDAY, you will receive an extra $50 upfront. That is $100 per active merchant account


Love the 3rd paragraph under "Disadvantages"....boy, have we landed in a bowl of cherries!!


Residual Income

From Visually.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Does it Pay? Ask Mark.

Great interview!

Invest 6 minutes in watching Mark's DWP story -- even if it's all you do today.

Then share it with your team!



Monday, October 26, 2015




For Responses to an ad, flyer, at a booth, etc.