Thursday, December 31, 2015


We have been asked about some of our competitors because a few of you have recently been asked about Costco and Office Depot by prospective merchants.  Here are their offers:

Offiice Depot --
Free mobile swiper: rates
As low as 2.5% for
qualified transactions
3.49% for non-qualified
transactions (depending on credit)
$9.95 monthly fee

Costco --
1.38% plus $.19 per transaction swiped
$4.95 statement fee; $25 application fee; 
$459 for Ingenico iCT250

With DW, your merchant can get a ProCharge mobile swiper for free and rate of  bundled 1.19 (under $10,000 volume) or cost plus .25 (over $10,000), $9.95 monthly fee.

Or for desktop, a free Verifone VX520 and processing rates as  above -- or less.  SUBMIT MERCHANT'S PROCESSING STATEMENT to get free cost analysis and BEST RATE.


Verifone Vx520
Verifone VX520
By the way,  our  terminal costs $269 at  And we give it FREE.

Costco's Ingenico iCT250  costs

$225.00  at And they sell it to their merchants for $500!


** Had to use different online suppliers because not all suppliers have these exact models. 


There are MANY other ways
in which DW is superior ... msg. Barb for more! 


Great video here to end 2015 with:  ENJOY!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Wednesday, December 30, 2015