Thursday, March 31, 2016

Catch up with breaking News:

DW and new partner present section 2:
      Join Jim and Chris with franchise expert       Nick today--

Franchise and Franchise Development 
Thu, Mar 31, 2016 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM PDT
Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
You can also dial in using your phone.
United States +1 (408) 650-3123
Access Code: 797-540-309 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Merchant Script Ideas:

Hi, [MERCHANT’S NAME] this is Barb with Digital World. How’s your [TODAY’S DAY] going?  (How's your Wednesday going?)
Listen, [MERCHANT’S NAME], I know you get a ton of calls so I’ll make this quick.

In a nutshell, Digital World helps companies to reduce costs, raise revenues, and protect from fraud losses due to data breaches and card theft. We do this by giving you state of the art equipment --  FREE --  24/7 live support,   and best service at best rates,   making it a win-win for your business. 

[MERCHANT’S NAME], would you be open to investing 15 min. to  see how DW can work for you?


Great, quick question [MERCHANT’S NAME]: are you  the decision maker?
How soon could you make a decision if we’re a good fit?  (Are you tied to a contract?  Lease?)


Great, [MERCHANT’S NAME].   How does your calendar look for 15 min. on  [DAY] at [TIME]?


Take your DW binder, appropriate flyer(s), and your mobile phone to take photos of his statement and upload through the Statement Submission button in your DWP interface.


BE SURE TO CALL IN TO THE NOON TRAINING CALL AT NOON --  there may be another call wrapping up before noon so please don't interrupt!  Thank you.
We are unveiling a new opportunity for DW agents to make extra income (and by extra, we mean a substantial amount). It can potentially change your approach when meeting with business owners.

Cost Seg/Cost Remediation
Wed., March 30, 2016 12:00 PM-12:30 PDT

Please call 641-715-3288 and use pass code 532161#
Unfortunately, this meeting will not be recorded so please join!


After the noon training-introduction of our newest merchant offering, will hop on this and report here manana:

POS Program Updates - Clover, Exatouch and more!  Rob Freytag, Director of POS Products, will discuss program enhancements and bring us up to speed on all Clover and Exatouch program details.    


which leads to



WELCOME TO NEWEST AGENT, # MG630. We're moving on up there, kids!!  Time to build your team before we hit Agent #MG999!

I don't believe there's another company out there building with strictly PT people from such unlikely backgrounds that has generated so much monthly revenue -- in the millions  -- so fast, with so few people.  Not one of whom is qualified to do this biz!!  Blows me away; doesn't it you?

What a great company to be part of!  Thanks, John Daniels and Family!

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Experiment with a DW biz:  it will blow your mind!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Getting to know Clover



In support of the above observations, consider this:

  1. Most Digital World agents like Mike and myself have only a very few merchants.
  2. Most of those merchants are modest in revenue, under $100,000 monthly.
  3. Most Agents would love to get paid monthly residual on huge merchants.
  4. There are several quite large Merchants who are already processing with Digital World and several levels of Agents who are  sharing in those Revenues.....not because they knew that Merchant but because they enrolled a few other Agents who enrolled a few other Agents and somewhere in that mix a giant merchant was contacted.
It takes Steps 1 and 3  to set Step 4 into motion.
The amount of Revenue that companies can do is literally staggering. A DW Agent enrolled an Agent who enrolled an  Agent who has just put in John's hands a statement for a company that is paying $70,000 a month in processing fees currently. 

You do not have to do this alone --  in fact we recommend doing it with friends and Associates. The residual payoff for everyone is just so huge!  The savings to a merchant  can be gigantic. And,  again,  just helping a small mom-and-pop establishment take home more of their money is priceless!
Watch your email or text for a series of calls  with initial training on new  Merchant Audit service that shows incredible promise for all the DW Villagers! 

Get your card or flyer to a merchant(s) every day!

Image result for credit card fraud
Remind the merchant that data breach protection is our specialty!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Notes from Rob Freytag regarding Clover:  (print and keep handy!)

  • 1. Clover issues software updates regularly, unlike other POS systems.
  • 2. First Data bought Clover a while back for $40 million.
  •     2a.  First Data is the largest company of its kind in the US -- 60% of all biz runs thru it 
  •     2b.  Clover is now valued at over $200  million with 60,000 merchants using it
  • 3.  First Data has invested Millions in Clover and presently has 100 software engineers in Silicon Valley working on Clover with new app updates being issued each week
  • 4.  your Clover system can even take a check in payment  (thru Telecheck) --  in addition to cash and debit and credit and other cards.
  • 5.  the Clover Go device is a mobile reader which has EMV -- it is $40 for the device and it syncs with a merchant's  Clover account
  • 6.  the Clover mobile weighs 1 pound and is very handy for pay-at-the-table in restaurants
  • 7. there are an incredible number of marketing programs which Clover can be used for. For example one app enables a merchant to print coupons directly on the receipts -- these coupons can be read by Clover's scanner when the customer comes back in... that app is a mere $4 a month and can be an  extremely lucrative service!
  • 8.  if a merchant does not want to use the cloud services,  Clover can be used strictly as a terminal for No Charge monthly --  the pro version has cloud base and is $30 a month. Trans Armor is Clover's  data breach insurance and encrypts every transaction and tokenizes it and that's included in monthly service fee.
  • 9.  20% of all Starbucks transactions are mobile transactions and are covered by Trans Armor
  • 10.  the cost for Clover placement if the merchant does not want to buy the equipment outright is $99 a month for 24 months which  includes a full Clover station bundle  also includes $30 for the cloud fee which means the the monthly payment on equipment is  $70 for 24 months
  • 11.  the $29 a month plan includes remote access,  24 7 tech support,  all upgrades weekly and monthly,  data storage unlimited  of all the merchants data,  breach protection from Trans Armor and everything else that applies
  • 12.  there's also a $20  app that pays your  taxes each month for the merchant --   state sales  taxes  etc. and that's very convenient and a big savings over paying a CPA to do it!.
  • Clover is an incredible system for Merchants.... Rob encourages anyone who can and who is serious about the business to invest in a Clover mini for themselves so that they can take that with them on calls  to Merchants--  when a  merchant can get his hands on the unit and see a demo,   you have a sale! 
We're SOLD!  Now all we need to do is go out and start a restaurant!


If you have time to read this weekend, here's an interesting article from ESPN...

 Just so you know --- it's all the things Digital World IS NOT! 

Digital World Agents generate income for themselves by saving merchants on their monthly expenses AND by giving merchants access to valuable services they can't get/can't afford anywhere else (see 'Clover notes' above)!

You can buy your life back (e.g. quit your job) with just ONE merchant with DW because an elaborate  recruiting scheme  is not part of the DW comp plan.  The focus, mission and ultimate goal is MERCHANTS!  

So how's that working out for DW Agents?

One new Agent signed a million-dollar merchant in her first 3 months.
A second new Agent is in the process of signing a casino right now -- we were on a conference call with Oracle rep, casino execs and IT, DW and other relevant parties yesterday.
A third Agent has  $30 million/month  in the hopper. (No, we can't' believe it either.)
Several have $50-$100,000/month merchants.
Many more have smaller merchants but helping a smaller merchant feels just as good as helping a larger one -- it just doesn't sound as flashy.
   We see Agents enjoying  merchant success each week.

DW constantly brings new merchant incentives to us to share with merchants and make our mission easier!

For example, how about offering a merchant a Discovery Call with experts who can help that merchant recoup thousands of dollars (and more in many cases) annually?  ... with one very small by-product available to them looking like this:

• Unlimited FREE TeleConsults (phone or smart phone) with MD

• Unlimited access to speak with a Nurse FREE – 24/7

• Doctor Visits – (Guarantees at last 20% Savings)

• Surgical Center Visits - (Savings up to 60%)

• Lab Testing – (Savings up to $300)

• Imaging Studies – (Potential Savings of $750, or more)

• Medical Bill Advocacy – (Avg. Savings of $3,000)

• Dental Treatment (Avg. Savings: 15% to 50%)

• Prescriptions (Mail order & local pick up) (Avg. Savings: 10%- 85%)

• Vision – (Avg. up to 60% Savings)

• Diabetic Supplies – (Retail Packages 60% Off)

• Hearing – (FREE Exam and Up to 60% Off Aids)

• Chiropractic Treatment – Discounts

• Acupuncture Treatment - Discounts

• Patient Advocate Partners - Pathways To Affordable Care (see below)

• Medical Tourism - Domestic & International, Includes Education & Facilitation
PLUS special report....

• Which 9 domestic hospitals provides up to 60% savings on surgical procedures.

• A new hospital where you can save up to 80% on surgical procedures.

• How to easily find the price of any medical procedure in under 1 hour.

• How to save $500 on your next blood test, plus get the results back the next day.

• Secret hacks to negotiate up to 60% reduction on your next hospital bill.

• What you MUST know about your local hospital before you have to visit.

• How to get VIP service from your doctor, while paying less.

• Where to get an MRI for $290 or a CT scan for $190 in your local community.

• The 3 simple magic words that will save you 30% on your next hospital bill.

• How to decrease your wait time in your local E.R. by 80%.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Clover training with Rob Freytag

A series of short vids from yesterday afternoon's Clover install -- WHAT A FANTASTIC PRODUCT FOR MERCHANTS!!  Listen closely to Rob:

Monday, March 21, 2016


Meeting Tuesday March 22 at 5:00 PM PACIFIC time


Special Guest Rob Freytag will be here discussing and demoing the POS Solutions EPI offers.

We want to try to get as many agents from the San Fran area as possible. 
Thanks, Avita  DW Support

Your personal invitation ---

Dear Digital World Agents and Merchants:
You are invited to attend a very important training meeting 
by Rob Freytag from EPI 
Tuesday March 22nd, at 5:00 p.m.
at Le Soleil Restaurant located at 133 Clement Street (cross 2nd Avenue), San Francisco, CA.  
Please come and support and invite your merchants and downline agents.
Hosted by Le Soleil
Yvonne Lee

 Come prepared to learn and be dazzled! - Barb

PS -- Rob will be available for consultations during the afternoon..please schedule through Yvonne or Barb to avoid overlap.


It was a great weekend... and here are the pics to prove it:

Marlyn and Crew throw a great DW party!

SSF loves DW!

Mike loves Road trips!

Folks in Simi Valley area wanna learn!

Co-Founder of DW John Daniels lookin' good!     


And just so you know, BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING AT DW THIS WEEK!   Keep up!

Image result for big things happening


Friday, March 18, 2016

Time for Our Friday Review:

What is Digital World?

Digital World is a company that operates as an independent sales organization in an industry which offers merchants savings and valuable benefits on services which they need in order to operate their businesses. These include:

  1. Merchant card processing for debit and credit cards at 'meet or beat' rates
  2. Free terminals and state of the art equipment, including POS systems
  3. Free mobile swipers for processing debit/credit cards
  4. Zero and No cost credit processing for qualified merchant entities -- including city and state governments
  5. Free comprehensive audits for incredible savings to businesses' bottom lines

You do not need to know everything about all of the services that we offer. In most cases you simply connect the merchant with the professional who can handle his needs. 
In the case of merchant card processing,  you upload a merchant's statement to the DW professionals and  they do the hard work.   In every case you are performing a great service to your local merchants. Being a DW Agent is rewarding as well as  being a way to build living, organic, GROWING residual!

ROAD TRIP!!   Heading out to meet some awesome people, make new connections, learn some exciting new things AND generate mo' income!  
Be there or be ... you know...

Saturday, March 19,  2016
2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

                        THAI Restaurant
                               2221 Gellert Blvd
                 South San Francisco, CA 94080Image
                           Tel.  650-878-0818

Join hosts Arsenio Silva & Cora Mandapat with National Directors Mike & Barb Lammons and VERY SPECIAL GUEST JIM COLIP.  

Jim will be introducing everyone to the newest addition to our Digital World merchant services through strategic partner IBSP.

"IBSP provides the most advanced and comprehensive suite of business solutions and services in existence. Whether a business requires operating capital, cost reduction services, synergistic alliances, strategic management or more, IBSP is the best/only solution.

In addition to IBSP's many cost recovery and saving programs, Integrity also offers Commercial lending, Business Brokerage, Discount Rx and Medical Service programs and the  top PBM services and strategies in the country.

It is a virtual certainty that IBSP can help your business."
 Drop  everything and come to meet Jim and get a headstart on your biz!


Sunday, March 20th at 3pm
The Junkyard,  2585 Cochran Street Simi Valley, CA 93065 Image

Come meet Digital World Co-founders John Daniels and David Daniels.  David is also DW CEO.  Together they have more than 30 combined years in merchant card processing!  You will want to meet John and David and hear their vision for DW's future and how YOU can have a  big part in it!


(Co-ordinated by Michael Herron and the Team Hollywod Team!)

Please forward this to anyone who may want to attend... Best, Mike 
BTW, heard that Michael Herron got FOUR new merchants yesterday when he went to get his hair done.  He had printed off 4 EMS+ flyers from his DW interface and gave one to each stylist in the shop -- he knew they were all using Square.   They all wanted the better benefits of EMS+!!  One more quick 'today' story -- see below:
EMS vs Square

*Today story:   did a 3-way with a nice lady in TX this afternoon.  She was trying to figure out what DW is.  We explained about the cost to a merchant for taking credit or debit cards.  She put it together when she said that her nail lady had just stopped taking credit/debit card payments because 'it's too expensive'.  == there's Merchant #1 on her list of merchants she can help!