Wednesday, June 29, 2016

DW+IBSP Recorded Conversation: Lammons/Colip

How did the alliance between DW and IBSP come about? Here's Jim Colip to share the story:


 Not getting where you want to be with your business? Maybe it's time to burn a few boats -- a lesson from history:

It was the year 1519 and Hernán Cortés, with some 600 Spaniards, 16 or so horses and 11 boats, had landed on a vast inland plateau called, Mexico. The Span­ish con­quis­ta­dor and his men were about to embark on a con­quest of an empire that hoarded some of the world’s great­est trea­sure. Gold, sil­ver and pre­cious Aztec jew­els were just some of that  trea­sure.
But, with only 600 men — none of whom had pro­tec­tive armour – con­quer­ing an empire so exten­sive in its ter­ri­to­ries could only be under­taken by a man with a death wish. This dar­ing under­tak­ing was made even more insur­mount­able by the fact that for more than 600 years, con­querors with far more resources at their dis­posal who attempted to col­o­nize the Yucatan Penin­sula, never suc­ceeded. Hernán Cortés was well-aware of this fact. And it was for this rea­son, that he took a dif­fer­ent approach when he landed on the land of the Mayans.
Instead of charg­ing through cities and forc­ing his men into imme­di­ate bat­tle, Hernán Cortés stayed on the beach and awoke the souls of his men with embla­zoned speeches. His speeches were inge­niously designed to urge on the spirit of adven­ture and invoke the thirst of life­times of for­tune amongst his troops. His ora­tions bore fruit, for what was sup­pos­edly a mil­i­tary exploit, now bore the appear­ance of extrav­a­gant romance in the imag­i­na­tions of Cortés’ troops.
But, iron­i­cally, it would only just be 3 words which Cortés’ mur­mured that would change the his­tory of the New World.  As they marched inland to face their ene­mies, Cortés ordered, “Burn the boats.”
It was a deci­sion that should have back­fired. For if Cortés and his men were on the brink of defeat, there wasn’t an exit strat­egy in place to save their lives. Remark­ably though, the com­mand to burn the boats had an oppo­site effect on his men because now, they were left with only 2 choices — die, or ensure vic­tory. And fight they did.
We know  how Cortés’ deci­sion to burn his boats panned out. Hernán Cortés became the first man in 600 years to suc­cess­fully con­quer Mexico.


What boats are holding you back from filling your saddlebags with residual processing revenue?  Might be time to fire up a couple! 

Monday, June 27, 2016

From John Daniels, update on fraud for those merchants without chip readers: (copy and paste for your merchants to read)

It Is Possible for Merchants to Accelerate Chip Card Acceptance
By Xavier Giandominici

June 16, 2016

Despite some early success, it can’t be ignored that there are still many merchants that cannot accept EMV chip cards.

That's not because they haven’t started their migration, but because the payments applications developed by their VAR, ISO and ISV partners or themselves have not yet been certified.

Now, merchants are starting to see their chargebacks mount—chargebacks for card-present transactions increased 50% following the liability shift. While not all chargebacks are due to the chip card migration, it has become a significant point of motivation for merchants in trying to accelerate their chip card acceptance programs.

With this surge of organizations now trying to get through the testing and certification process, they have overwhelmed the industry's resources and created a certification backlog. But this isn’t the only reason for the backlog— we’re also seeing that when many merchants finally get to the front of the certification “rush hour” line their application fails to pass certification.

This not only frustrates the merchant and delays their plans of chip card acceptance, it also compounds the traffic jam and makes the backlog problem worse. When an organization fails the certification test, acquirers and other certifying entities need to spend more time with them to identify why they failed and assist them in resolving the problem. Eventually, the certification has to be resubmitted, further stressing the capacity.

The good news is, there is something merchants can do to not only make their trip through the certification backlog more successful, but make it successful the first time: call a DW Agent!


Advanced training with Mike Lammons:


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Jim and The Half Million Dollar Question (watch viceo)

Amazing things are happening daily in the World of Digital!!  For example, rookie Agent Sanford Valentine got himself into a situation recently -- we heard about it yesterday. 

Sanford is all alone (in DW) in a huge city in Tejas.  He hasn't been to any live meetings; no live trainings;  he has just muddled through the interface webbies and training modules all by himself.

A couple of weeks ago he enjoyed a great meal out:  told the guy checking him out 'food is great'.  Then, bravely, he ventured:  "I see you don't have a chip reader."  Cashier pounces on him:  "What do you know about chip readers?" 

Turns out cashier is owner's son -- of a food conglomerate/empire -- and emv cards are very much on their minds but they haven't  known who to call. Enter The Rookie.

People ask us frequently 'what is the best way  to build residual income'. 

The  answer we give is,  it's best for you to get a few small merchants and find a few other Agents to also get a few merchants and so on and so on. 

However it's  true that there are a handful of Digital Agents who have gone right out the door and stumbled into very large accounts --  each one of which give them a  generous full-time residual income of several thousand dollars a month. Looks like Sanford might have done that, too.

Is that the way it works every time?   No, I haven't done that yet.   Mike hasn't done that yet.  We have a few small accounts.   But believe me we love it when you guys turn up huge accounts.   The stories are so awesome to hear!

The cashier above told The Rookie  'if you help us get this one running smoothly we will turn over all our business to you.'   Literally this could be the residual income jackpot for The Rookie. I don't know any other business  you can say that about. Way to step up to the plate, Sanford!

And a big THANK YOU to Avita and to EPI's Rob Freytag for excellent support!

 Want to know more about DW and franchising for your merchants?  Listen to Jim:


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Last night in San Jose, CA...9 people had already left before we thought of a group-ie:

Sean Krohn introducing Digital World....

Monday, June 20, 2016

Awesome event in San Fran Saturday  -- DW'ing it   again WEDNESDAY   JUNE 22, 2016   7 PM  

DENNY'S     2484 Berryessa Road,  SJ   CA   408.923.8469

Featuring Founding Agent Sean Krohn and
National Directors Mike & Barb Lammons and

Cost Audit Expert 'Gentleman Jim' Colip! 



Mike Lammons

Arsenio Silva

 Videos to come.....

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

JOIN US....SEND GUESTS...STAT.....!!!!!.....

                                  DIGITAL WORLD SATURDAY
Saturday, June 18th, 2016
Time:  1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Business Presentation +Training
Special Guests: Mike and Barb Lammons
Jim Colip, & More TBA
      (Best Western) GROSVENOR Hotel
             380 South Airport Blvd
                   South San Francisco, CA 94080
       Tel.  650-873-3200
The wait is over for the opportunity you have been
seeking. Learn how to make money with Apple Pay,
NFC, EMV compliance, best rates, and always saving
business owners money by cutting every expense


                        Lock in your spot today and become part of the Team!  
             Session 1: Digital World – 1pm-3:15pm            
             Session 2: IBSP-    3:30 -5pm

From John

ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNER:  want to reduce operational costs and increase profits?

Digital World offers YOU a way to recover, recapture, reduce and save money on your top business expenses.  Digital World Audits Serve Many Industries:

DW is known for excellence in merchant card processing, but we also offer a wide variety of merchant solutions to a wide variety of industries. We bring complex specialized tax incentives to small and midsize business owners, without a hassle. We understand most owners are focused on their core business, and do not have the time or resources to look for available programs.  We have hundreds of specialists available to work for you!

Our team understands the value of your time, and will work quickly to determine which programs you may qualify for. In as little as 15 minutes we can determine if you qualify for any programs, and even provide an estimate of how much benefit you may be looking at.

If you meet any of the following criteria:
  • Own Commercial Property
  • Directly Employ U.S. Staff
  • Pay Real or Personal Property Tax
  • Pay State or Federal Income Tax
You should call us today!

Our programs, from hiring incentives to credit card processing and everything in between, fit each businesses’ special needs, while delivering outstanding customer service, superior rates, and state-of-the-art technology. We have over 15 years of successful business-to-business experience. With our excellent support, our free equipment offer, and our unique 45-day and $500 guarantees, we give both honesty and integrity.  A+ rating with Better Business Bureau!

We get paid for performance:  contingency fee only.  We have recovered over $400 million for our clients in the past decade.  Call to schedule your Discovery Call today.



Feel free to copy-and-paste the above for your own biz building!  


Congratulations to all the Agents who have signed on new Merchants this week!  You guys (and girls) are amazing!  Neat story:  an Agent worked with a private school last year to get them as a Merchant....apps were sent back and forth but the 'deal' was never signed.  That was last year this time.  

Last week, school reconnects with Agent and sent along the app they had held onto since last year!  Agent got them a current app which they have completed and submitted.  

Lesson:  just get your info out to all the merchants you want to -- you never know when they will get everything in but sooner or later, watch out!



You might want to get this out to everyone. If you remember I talked about the fact that everyone would wait to the last minute and the thing that would move them was the bad publications. That is starting to happen that is why it was important to get those post cards in the hands of  the merchants because there will be many, many, more articles about merchants having to pay all the fraud. It is coming. It took a little longer than what I predicted, Jan, & Feb.

JUN 16
There’s the Beef: Wendy’s Breach Numbers About to Get Much Meatier
When news broke last month that the credit card breach at fast food chain Wendy’s impacted fewer than 300 out of the company’s 5,800 locations, the response from many readers was, “Where’s the Breach?” 
Today, Wendy’s said thenumber of stores impacted by the breach is “significantly higher” and that the intrusion may not yet be contained.
On January 27, 2016, this publication was the first to report thatWendy’s was investigating a card breach. In mid-May, the company announced in its first quarter financial statement that the fraud impacted just five percent of stores.
But since that announcement last month, a number of sources in the fraud and banking community have complained to this author that there was no way the Wendy’s breach only affected five percent of stores — given the volume of fraudthat the banks have traced back to Wendy’s customers.
What’s more, some of those same sources said they were certain the breach was still ongoing well after Wendy’s made the five percent claim in May.
Today, Wendy’s acknowledged in a statement that the breach is now expected to be “considerably higher than the 300 restaurants already implicated.” Company spokesman Bob Bertini declined to be more specific about the number ofstores involved, citing an ongoing investigation. Bertini also declined to say whether the company is confident that thebreach has been contained.
“Wherever we are finding it we’ve taken action,” he said. “But we can’t rule out that there aren’t others.”

The company also emphasized that all of the breached stores were franchised — not company-run — entities. Here is the statement that Wendy’s provided to KrebsOnSecurity, in its entirety:
Based on the preliminary findings of the previously-disclosed investigation, the Company reported on May 11 that malware had been discovered on the point of sale (POS) system at fewer than 300 franchised North America Wendy’srestaurants. An additional 50 franchise restaurants were also suspected of experiencing, or had been found to have,other cybersecurity issues. As a result of these issues, the Company directed its investigator to continue to investigate.
Iand the number of franchise restaurants impacted by these cybersecurity attacks is
now expected to be considerably higher than the 300 restaurants already implicated. To date, there has been no
indication in the ongoing investigation that any Company-operated restaurants were impacted by this activity.
Many franchisees and operators throughout the retail and restaurant industries contract with third-party service
providers to maintain and support their POS systems. The Company believes this series of cybersecurity attacks
resulted from certain service providers’ remote access credentials being compromised, allowing access to the POS
system in certain franchise restaurants serviced by those providers.
The malware used by attackers is highly sophisticated in nature and extremely difficult to detect. Upon detecting the
new variant of malware in recent days, the Company has already disabled it in all franchise restaurants where it has
been discovered, and the Company continues to work aggressively with its experts and federal law enforcement to
continue its investigation.
Customers may call a toll-free number (888-846- 9467) or with specific
Wendy’s statement that the attackers got access by stealing credentials that allowed remote access to point-of-sale
terminals should hardly be surprising: The vast majority of the breaches involving restaurant and hospitality chains
over the past few years have been tied to hacked remote access accounts that POS service providers use to remotely
manage the devices.
Wednesday’s story about a point-of-sale botnet that has stolen at least 1.2 million credit cards from more than 100
Cici’s Pizza locations and other restaurants noted that Cici’s point-of-sale provider believes the attackers in this case
used social engineering and remote access tools to compromise and maintain control over hacked cash registers.
Once the attackers have their malware loaded onto the point-of-sale devices, they can remotely capture data from each
card swiped at that cash register. Thieves can then sell the data to crooks who specialize in encoding the stolen data
onto any card with a magnetic stripe, and using the cards to buy gift cards and high-priced goods from big-box stores
like Target and Best Buy.
Many retailers are now moving to install card readers that can handle transactions from more secure chip-based credit
and debit cards, which are far more expensive for thieves to clone.
Gavin Waugh, vice president and treasurer at The Wendy’s Company, declined to say whether Wendy’s has any
timetable for deploying chip-based readers across it’s fleet of stores — the vast majority of which are franchise

Friday, June 10, 2016

In case you missed it:

3 Reasons to Audit

Biz card ideas for Audits:


This new Audit service that DW offers through strategic partner IBSP is great for 3 reasons:

  1. It is a great door-opener to merchants.
  2. It gives multiple actual-dollar benefits to merchants.
  3. Each of which is an actual-dollar benefit to YOU.


All we have to do is connect the merchant to DW by means of a Discovery Call!


So, what do we do again, Barb?


"I work with a company that helps businessmen like you recover, recapture and reduce their  expenses so they can put more money in their pocket."

 A simple phone call with our specialists can give you an idea of what we can get back for you.

May I arrange a call for you?" 


If you absolutely MUST give them more info, then give the printed Cost Remediation Overview or Questionnaire from your interface, or an Info Sheet from the DW Audits page on this blog.  They will get all their questions answered on the Discovery Call.   

 REMEMBER:  you don't get paid to answer their questions.  


Piece of cake!


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

All you need to know about Cost Audits... and much more!

Jim Colip of IBPS on with you ---

Thursday, Jun 9, 2016      5:00 PM  PDT

Please join meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.

United States +1 (872) 240-3212
Access Code: 908-571-093

Join Meeting


From DW Co-Founder John Daniels:
"Please make sure that  All the information that we have received about fraud is part of our presentation to those merchants who do not have up to date emv equipment. Many do not understand they they will be paying a lot of money over the next year in  fraud losses." 

U.S. Card Issuers Lose $10.9B Annually to Fraud: LexisNexis

By Tanaya Macheel

With Credit Cards Accounting For 71% of Losses, Study Authors Anticipate a Rush of Counterfeit Card Fraud as Mag Stripe Window Closes and EMV Takes Hold

U.S. card issuers lose $10.9 billion each year to card fraud, according to research released Tuesday by LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

Credit cards account for $7.6 billion (71%) of overall losses to card fraud; debit accounts, $2.7 billion (25%) and prepaid cards, $500 million. LexisNexis collaborated with Javelin Strategy and Research on the online survey of 100 risk and fraud decision-makers and influencers working at U.S. card issuers.
EMV chip technology is the strongest defense against fraud at the point of sale, Michael C. Smith, director of fraud market planning and author of the study, said in a June 6 news release. But as the U.S. payments industry continues to roll out EMV security, issuers are expecting an increase in certain types of fraud that EMV does not protect.

"With the window closing on easily replicable magstripe cards, we forecast a shift and bump in identity schemes —characterized by the use of synthetic identities and the misuse of true identities," he said in the release.

Application fraud – when someone opens an account using fake or stolen documents in another person’s name – and account takeover – usually the result of phishing, spyware or malware scams – represent the two most harmful types of fraud, each of which represents 20% of total fraud losses. Counterfeit card fraud represents 16% of losses and card-not-present fraud is expected to increase with or without EMV in place.

The misuse of payment cards that are lost or stolen (28% of fraud losses) and nonreceipt fraud (15%) – when the card is intercepted in the mail before the legitimate cardholder receives it – represent the biggest challenges to issuers’ ability to distinguish fraud committed by the cardholder and a fraudster, according to the study. Since EMV protects against counterfeit fraud, stolen and nonreceipt card fraud are unaffected by its protections


Excellent webinar with DW Top Agent Rick Andersen!  If you missed it, BE SURE to catch the recorded version as soon as it's posted.  You will want guests to hear it, too!  Rick makes a clear and compelling case for building a DW biz based on his decades as a successful 'traditional' businessman.

Thanks, Rick!

More on Fraud:

Best and Worst States regarding Credit Card Frauds Complaints reported by US Costumers per 100,000 Inhabitants
States with Highest Credit Card Frauds Complains

States with Lowest Credit Card Frauds Complains
District of Columbia

North Dakota


New York

New Jersey

Source: Consumer Sentinel Network, Annual Reports 

From wiki:

Although incidence of credit card fraud is limited to about 0.1% of all card transactions, this has resulted in huge financial losses as the fraudulent transactions have been large value transactions. In 1999, out of 12 billion transactions made annually, approximately 10 million—or one out of every 1200 transactions—turned out to be fraudulent.[3] Also, 0.04% (4 out of every 10,000) of all monthly active accounts were fraudulent. Even with tremendous volume and value increase in credit card transactions since then, these proportions have stayed the same or have decreased due to sophisticated fraud detection and prevention systems. Today's fraud detection systems are designed to prevent one twelfth of one percent of all transactions processed which still translates into billions of dollars in losses.[3]

DIGITAL WORLD:  always and ONLY in the Business of Helping Businesses!

Image result for helping business

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The link to Rick Andersen's webbie coming up shortly is on last post... see you there!



DW IS NOT A NWM COMPANY:  check it out and you'll see what we mean!

  1. DW Agents cannot be DW 'customers' unless they are already merchants processing credit/debit cards --  ergo most DW 'customers' are NOT DW Agents; unlike virtually all  nwm companies with  90% distributor/customer ratios.
  2. DW Agents operate much the same as agents with other processing industry ISO's.  So there is a professional category that DW Agents fit into!
And on and on go the differences:  it might be better to get to the ways in which DW is like a nwm company --

DW pays according to a 8-level comp plan, allowing each Agent to leverage their income by team building if they choose (7 levels), or to just build their personal residual through their own efforts.

Listen up to Rick for more!


Listen to Jim and the Cost Audit webbie -- you can fast-slide through it at your own pace!  Especially catch Prestina!

Friday, June 3, 2016

THIS WILL BE MON-YOO-MENTAL!!  Get on this call --- with guests...Rick is a great businessman, sailor (as in yachts), competitive ballroom dancer and general all-round raconteur.  And did I mention businessmanC U there!

Cap'n Rick Andersen

Digital World Founding Agent Rick Andersen Presents:
Traditional Business vs. Network Marketing

Tue, Jun 7, 2016 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM PDT

Please join meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States +1 (872) 240-3212

Access Code: 529-658-149

Join Meeting


SAVE THE DATE for Cost Audit Training with IBSP's Jim Colip and a great DW Intro and Agent Training with DW National Directors Mike & Barbara Lammons, Founder Agents Marlyn Ano, Cora Mandapat and Arsenio Silva.

                                  DIGITAL WORLD SATURDAY
Saturday, June 18th, 2016
Time:  1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Business Presentation +Training

Special Guests: Mike and Barb Lammons
Jim Colip, & More TBA

Hosts: Arsenio Silva & Cora Mandapat

      (Best Western) GROSVENOR Hotel
             380 South Airport Blvd
                   South San Francisco, CA 94080
       Tel.  650-873-3200
The wait is over for the opportunity you have been
seeking. Learn how to make money with Apple Pay,
NFC, EMV compliance, best rates, and always saving
business owners money by cutting every expense


                        Lock in your spot today and become part of the Team!  
             Session 1: Digital World – 1pm-3:15pm            
             Session 2: IBSP-    3:30 -5pm

                                                        Arsenio:    650-817-5387             Cora: 415-272-2427


Great Cost Audit training yesterday--- awesome job, Prestina!!  She is calling target businesses and is GETTING DISCOVERY CALLS SET UP!  With complete strangers, no less.  She has surprised her own self -- way to go, Miz P!  You can hear Prestina's own words on the recorded webbie -- check it out!