Sunday, April 30, 2017

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Digital World success plan

The Digital World success plan consists of two sections:  

  • Agents who are part of the Digital World marketing plan and
  • Merchants whose processing needs are served by Digital World.

Section 1:  Agents

DW is a network marketing plan, which means that instead of each Agent being alone on their compensation island, each Agent can benefit from that amazing growth spur called LEVERAGE, for which nwm was created.   And that powerful LEVERAGE starts with each Agent that an Agent enrolls and continues through 7 generations of enrollees -- no limit.

The formal Compensation chart in the DW interface illustrates the LEVERAGE power of each Agent enrolling 3 personal Agents and 5 personal merchants.  (See chart below.)

The total cost of a DW  business is $195 one time; no other fees ever.  Each new Agent enrolled who watches the Welcome video triggers $100 to the sponsoring Agent.   3 Agents -- $300    7 Agents -- $700.

This is the simplest, most powerful building block for a marketing plan that we have ever, in over 25 years of marketing, seenIf you simply SHOW people this concept and your website  or just the brief landing page video you can't avoid enrolling Agents.

Section 2:  Merchants

Merchant payments processing is the largest industry in the US, and the world.  It is over $6 trillion in the US alone and growing steadily.  Paying cash for purchases is a vanishing sector:  cashless payments (debit cards, credit cards, Google pay, android pay, Apple pay, etc.) gets larger with each quarter.  

DW saves merchants on the monthly expense of payment processing, gives them free state of the art equipment, next day funding, live 24/7 customer service, and much more.  And DW Agents receive a commission on each merchant account, each month -- meaning Agents get paid on all payments processed by DW for each merchant month after month, year, after year.  DW pays out 56% commission on processing profit on each account each month:  from small mom-and-pops to largest corporations, the merchant world is open to you.

There is no residual truer and more powerful than this residual.  And we are the ONLY company in this industry which markets this way, with a place FOR YOU at the residual table.

Simply for sharing DW with a few merchants that you frequent, or you know!

It pays a royal commission on a common experience that most of us have many times a day, every day.

Contact Mike, Barb or another DW Agent to get your questions answered about this INCREDIBLE career path that needs YOU!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

DW Call with Brian

Great call with Brian Pugh!  If you haven't heard Brian and his 'take' on why a Digital World business should be part of everyone's portfolio, give a listen:  AND SHARE!


A part-time Digital World business effort where each Agent enrolls 3 other Agents and gets 4 personal merchants could yield monthly residuals in 5 figures. 


People can't know about this awesome financial route that is open to all UNLESS YOU TELL THEM!  So start talking today!

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Friday, April 21, 2017

Cora and the Daly City DW Team

Cora and the Daly City DW Team are making waves... of the good kind!   

Daly City Colma Chamber of Commerce yearly event at city hall today, Digital World rules!  Arsenio, Cora,  Ramon and Julie

Arsenio and Cora are excellent representatives of Digital World!  And they have the awards to prove it!

It's a family affair:  Cora's  Elise, Willy, Cora and Cora's Dad joined in.      

KISS builders focus in the beginning on one comprehensive flyer - personalize with your name, MG code and contact information and share with appropriate merchants:

More on the KISS residual building plan on this week's Weekly Wrap-up Call, 5pm Pacific time, Sunday, April 23, 2017.  Dial in to 515.739.1030, code 319 289 214.  Bring guests!


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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

DW and your Residual!

SIMPLE and DO-ABLE:  DW and your Residual!

Hey, kids! 

Digital World is harnessing the power of network marketing with the incredible superior financial engine that is merchant payments processing.  We are alone in this marketplace and have a successful beginning  under our belts:  thanks to you incredibly brave beginning agents and the BRAINS with the PROCESSING EXPERIENCE in DW HQ!

Although the DW processing power can handle a massive variety of merchant needs, for the purposes of simplifying the business for agents, we are focusing on the easiest and surest means to build your residual business.

FIRST UP IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE is your team of  agents.  Your goal should be 3 frontline Agents.  

That would mean a great team all doing the same thing and all sharing in the incredible power of the payments processing industry.  I will show the progression below:

Level 1       3   agents
Level 2       9   agents
Level 3      27  agents
Level 4      81  agents
Level 5     243 agents
Level 6     729 agents

for a total of over 1,000 people just like you all across the US and Canada helping a few merchants each save money on their monthly processing expenses!

Agent cost:  $195 one time.  For ever.  And ever.

You sponsor an Agent who watches the Welcome video, you get $100.

Do that 3 times, you've made $300.

Already profiting!

TOMORROW:  a look at residual the simple way!

*Note:  you may sponsor as many agents as you wish.  3. 5, 15, 100... it's up to you.

Monday, April 17, 2017

This is the week!

This is the week to get laser-focused on how to build your Digital World Fortune!

Image result for laser focus images 

What do we want to focus on at the beginning of our DW career?

Two Things:

  1. Who can we help the most?
  2. Who can we help the simplest?


Tomorrow:  Sharper FOCUS ON #1 ABOVE! 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Happy Easter Week, Team!  It will mark the resumption of the DW Weekly Wrap-up Call.  We will pick up the weekly team calls on Sunday, April 23 at 5pm Pacific time (8pm Eastern time).

Call will last 15-20 minutes, and we will be focusing on the KISS method of getting your Digital World business off to a roaring start! 

There is no business better than merchant payments processing married to a KIND network marketing compensation plan!  That's why it is time to get serious about building a TEAM of Agents who each get a few merchants.

Dial in to (515) 739-1030, code  319-289-214  and mark it for each Sunday thereafter for a PROSPEROUS 2017.

To review:  

Share your DW Landing Page (dynamite video) with an interested person who signs up as your personal Agent and watches the brief Agent Welcome video, you get $100.

(Every time, every Agent, always pays -- this makes building your Team E-Z!)

Especially since there are no monthly  fees, web fees, training fees, annual fees, or other fees of any kind  to be and remain a DW Agent!!  $195 one time.  4VR.


You get paid when you sign up a merchant, and you receive residual compensation on all of your personal merchants and all of your Team's merchants downline for 7 generations. 

Does it work?

Yes, it works!  We can say that because the very first merchants that our fledgling team of Agents signed up in our very first few weeks ARE STILL OUR MERCHANTS.  Some are small, some are large, but we don't judge them:  all merchants are welcome, and all are enjoying the benefits of being Digital World merchants.

Start thinking today about who you can share your DW Landing Page with this week -- and be sure to get the word about the Weekly Wrap-up Calls out to all of your team so they can get a head start on their residual, too!

And in the meantime,  have a blessed Holiday Weekend!

Saturday, April 8, 2017




Use the F-S-F method!


1.  Flyer =download from your interface and personalize with YOUR MG# and contact info.
Look for merchants who need our FREE excellent countertop terminal.  If they need something more complicated than that -- walk out! 

How to tell if that's what they need?  LOOK AT WHAT THEY'RE USING NOW:  does it sit on their counter and look like the picture above a bit?  If so, go for it!  
2.  When a merchant is interested, open the DWPmobile interface on your smartphone and fill out AS MUCH AS YOU CAN of the Submission form on first screen of 3 buttons AND TAKE PICTURE OF MERCHANT'S RECENT PROCESSING STATEMENT; submit.

3.  DW will send you appropriate proposal and application in a day or so.  Follow up with merchant.

DUPLICATE the above KISS F-S-F PATH YOURSELF and through the team of Agents that you build!





Monday, April 3, 2017

All the DW you need to know on 1 page

Digital World Team Building and Processing Steps on 1 Page

1.  Have every New Agent watch the Agent Welcome video which shows the first time a New Agent logs into their interface.  (This triggers the $100 to sponsoring Agent!) 

To watch later, or to review, simply go to Videos>Training>How to use the agent interface, and watch the Agent Interface video (which is the Agent Welcome video).

2.  To share the awesome DW career path with potential agents, send your landing page link to them. 

To get your link, log in to your interface, click on More, click on Links, and the first link is your landing page video.  Copy and paste it in social media, emails, advertising, linkedin, etc.  It is a SUPERB VIDEO and connects whoever clicks on it for more info back to you as a lead in your interface Lead Section, or to your page if they are  ready to become an Agent!

For example, here's my link:

Attracting Agents to this great business is just that simple.  Now for the business consulting part, see below.

1.  Familiarize yourself with
because it is a great website to explain the power of what DW experts do on behalf of our merchants.  You can also refer a merchant to this website. 

2.  We use Discovery Forms to submit an interested merchant to DW to get a proposal as to what we can save or recover for them. 

Go to interface, click on Discovery for the online or paper form.  Always be sure that your Agent ID# is on everything you submit -- if through your interface, the connection is automatic.  If using paper, be sure to put your # at top of each form.

3.  Prepare your marketing tools (flyers, biz cards, display book or whatever you are comfy with) and hit the streets! 

There is a world of information, great videos, and tools in your interface, but if you simply master the steps above you will be on your way to Digital World merchant consulting success!  Always feel free to call or email Barb @ 559.824.0668 or  for help, as well as your upline Agents and DW HQ.