Saturday, August 26, 2017

Guest Blogger: Mike Lammons

Greetings to  you! We get numerous requests from Agents as to how Digital World got started and what experience the Founders have.

John Daniels and his son David had been in Credit Card Processing for over 20 years when they contacted Barbara (my wife) and me over three years ago.

They had gotten approval from Visa, Master Card, etc to start the very first MLM in the Credit Card biz.

Barb and I had retired from owning traditional biz ( 25+ years) way back in 1992 and out of boredom joined a MLM Company in 1993.

To our great surprise, we made some money helping others and met John in  1994 and David many years later. Over the years, Barb and I have been featured in five books on Network Marketing.

We all understand:
First to market
Multiple streams of income

From our basic Credit Card biz with one major processing Company, we can now write any biz with any company-- whatever is the best deal for the Merchant.

And earlier this year Digital World added credit Card processing for Legal Marijuana Dispensaries and just a couple months ago added another opportunity in CBD Hemp Oil biz.

John, David and we have a great life because of the 6 things above  and the residual income that is generated from  it.

Contact your sponsor and get your questions answered and if you are not satisfied, shoot me a text or email with your name and #.

AND REMEMBER,  traditionally the biggest months in network marketing (of any kind) are coming up fast:  September, October and November!  Rev  up your efforts right now and position yourself for great residual income in 2018!

To your great success,


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Monday, August 21, 2017


Guys, or should we say AGENTS!

It is amazing how THE BEAT GOES ON!  

Have you checked the Reports section of your interface?  We do frequently and are constantly amazed at the consistency of new merchants coming in to our 7 levels -- all because some DW Agents out there, all on their own,  are helping merchants get a better deal/equipment/service with Digital World!

Check just received was for several new merchants who went active!  

Just last week Mike and I took a run up the mountain to give a DW merchant who is in our payline (thank you DW Agent Sean Stecker!) some business.  It is a top-notch casino and we loved our dinner EVEN MORE because we knew we were paying with our credit card and would be making $$ on it!


Nothing is wrong with a deal like Digital World:  not for the merchant, not for DW corporate, and NOT FOR YOU!

Think about it:  when a merchant is saving money by  being your DW merchant, you LOOK FORWARD to eating at his restaurant, buying her cupcakes, getting your tires at his shop or your nails done at her salon!  It's a true financial win-win!


 If you don't have a few Agents out there signing up merchants, then find some people who can check out your DW business and have $195 for the total cost of their business for LIFE ... and start something with a team today!

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Shhhh... business is going on!

Greetings, Agent of the Digital World!

Hope your summer has been filled with family, fun, unhealthy food (hot dogs, potato salad!), and all manner of AWESOME delights.

Ours is winding down -- it has been great -- and believe me, we have been grateful every day for a nwm biz that allows us to take time off for making memories with loved ones and does not penalize us for that luxury.

But don't think that things haven't been going on under the surface!

That's the amazing thing about DW -- some of the BIGGEST things happen with the lease fanfare and noise.
Because DW is not a fanfare/noise business:  it is A BUSINESS business and for a lot of us, that is exactly right!

So keep up to date with DW through your interface and especially the most recent video interview of our new processor:  that is a great motivator to get out and do something BIG and QUIET!

Shhhh... business is going on!

Have a blessed day as your summer draws to a close and a profitable fall starts,