Thursday, October 26, 2017

Just when you think you have nothing going on....

Just when you think you have nothing going on....

up comes a day like yesterday!

We had new garage doors ordered and FINALLY  they came and a day was set for installation.  Yesterday.  They sent ONE young man to do the job:  take down the old set, prepare the frames, cut back some concrete, etc.  and HANG the new doors all by himself. 

As it turned out, he is quite the entrepreneur!  Hourly pay for garage door installation does not pay much more than flipping burgers -- CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? -- so he is on the lookout.

NOT ONLY THAT, he had actually looked at being a credit card processing agent with an independent company but couldn't get any training  or help so that didn't go anywhere.  But he loves the concept and knows lots of merchants who will talk with him.

He called again this morning and is signing up and is ready to get started by signing on merchants.


We sent him two handy links from our interface:

this one   and

that one.

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Thursday, October 12, 2017


 Attention, all Agents!  F O C U S! Image result for FOCUS EYES I'M WATCHING YOU


And How about a flyer to give a merchant that tells him how AWESOME you are?!  There's one just like this for you to personalize waiting in your interface Documents Marketing section:  Merchant Pay Anywhere vs Square.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


From the Web:

Millennials Finding Less Taste for Credit Cards

October 5, 2017         By: Steven Anderson, Payment Week Magazine
For anyone who remembers 2008, it’s often remembered poorly. That year featured a string of economic disasters to the point where people actually lost houses over some of the problems that came around. The younger millennials who grew up in that time frame, and witnessed these problems first-hand, took one major point with them: avoid the credit card. This development has some significant impact for retailers.
It’s not that millennials are afraid to pull out the plastic, a report from Entrepreneur noted, but rather that millennials prefer plastic backed by cash when it’s brought into play. Millennials increasingly prefer debit cards and prepaid credit cards to actual credit lines that need to be paid off later. Plus, as much as millennials love mobile payment systems, there are also plenty of them out there who stick to cash.
That would be a note of concern for many retailers, except that there are some principles recommended to help take advantage of the millennial resistance to credit cards. Putting a greater emphasis on social connection is one point, along with offering short-term financing. ...

Making a better customer experience can go a long way toward keeping even gun-shy millennials buying.  In the end, that’s mostly what it’s all about. Make the best customer experience you can. Millennials love experiences; we saw as much recently with the issue of quick-service restaurants, and how a high-quality experience kept millennial diners coming back. Building trust and offering the tools that millennials want will also be a key point in keeping that business going.
Millennials are responsible for a lot of spending right now, and they’re on track to be one of the biggest-spending generations yet. Understanding what they want will be the ultimate key toward merchants landing a piece of that spending pie.


 DW has all the tools that your merchant needs to fulfill his customers' desires, regardless of age-group!



The opportunity that is Digital World, that of being an Agent who saves merchants money on a necessary cost of doing business in today's world, means that you can build for yourself and your loved ones a monthly income check that is practically unstoppable.

Just ask ONE OF THOSE DW Agents who just received their monthly residual check from a few merchants that they have and a few merchants of  Agents in their team!

It's like compound interest (which this world doesn't have anymore EXCEPT in our biz):  IT ADDS UP!

Mike and I have had a few rejections in this business:  so we know what it feels like.  But we urge you:  KEEP ON CHECKING IN WITH YOUR .  Refresh your knowledge with a video or two.  For example, check the site  (get the direct link  to your site through the 'links' section of your interface).

In this business more than any other we've ever seen, PERSISTENCE LEADS TO SUCCESS!

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