Monday, May 7, 2018


Check your interface for info regarding the new Merchant App that EPI requires starting May 14.  If you have any merchant apps out, be sure to submit before the changeover to the new application.



Congratulations to the DW Agent who was recently given kudos by their merchant/client for what they called 'superior service'.

We learned about it in a roundabout way because all these relationships are (naturally) confidential... but, suffice it to say, we were proud for the reputation that Digital World Agents create in the field!


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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

DW is a true honest business you can count on

"I'm very happy Wayne and I were introduced to John Daniels and  Digital World. My merchants are happy too. The increase of credit card users makes their business more profitable. If you need a terminal without a contract attached to it. Call me.  Angelia Harrington"

The above note was left on blog a few days ago... we love it!

There are a few hundred folks glad they were introduced to John and Digital World!   There's no time like the present to share DW with your friends and friendly merchants.

DW is a true honest business you can count on.

Do YOU have a DW testimonial?  We'd love to hear it:  Please leave comment below!