Sunday, August 31, 2014


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What better way to kick off Post #1 of this blogletter than with this in from the Great State of Georgia:

"Our first install is complete! Everything is great and the system is a breeze to setup. Minute Grill is now excepting credit cards again after 5 years. MG028 over and out. "
Angie Harrington (left) shows her  new Merchant customer, Minute Grill, Dublin, GA, the superior service and programs that Merchant Guard offers business owners.

Wayne and Angie are brand new MG Agents who wanted to help a local small business bottom line -- and they are thrilled to be helping their own bottom line while giving REAL value, service and credit card processing savings to merchants in South Georgia!


From Mike Lammons:

For over 22 years in the networking industry Barb and I have looked for a simple, duplicatable business that offers true power residual.  

Less than one month ago a friend from our Excel days, John Daniels, brought his Merchant Guard vision to us.  We couldn't believe our ears and immediately saw the wisdom of this idea.

Since then we have shared John's concept with just a few friends -- and have seen Merchant Guard explode from Fresno to San Diego, Hawaii, Arizona, LA, San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Georgia     -- and that's just in like, a week!

Everyone who has looked at the MG .ppt, website, and parent company so far has caught fire, shouted Eureka!, and taken off running to tell somebody else. With hardly any talking on our part.


The week coming up should be pretty exciting.

We get into our back offices which will be linked with EPI.  First deposits will be made on the training fast starts down to Level 7. (This will raise some temperatures!) App training with Avita on Tuesday.  (If you don't  have the info, email

And that's just the beginning.

John and Mike July 27, 2014


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