Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas

From Mike and Barb Lammons, to YOU,  Amazing DW Agent!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Recap of 2016

Over the last year Digital World™ has made some incredible progress and grown as a company, bringing on new agents, products, and perfecting our program. We'd like to take a little time to give a summation of the past year.
  • We've taken on 3 new partnering companies
  • Launched our Canadian division
  • Added a long list of consulting services
  • Increased our incentive to get started with our 90 day and 6 month incentive bonuses
  • Designed new videos and flyers for marketing including the $500 and 45 day merchant guarantees
  • Created the agent and merchant websites, 
  • Brought on a great lineup of new and innovative products
  • Established all new product training
  • Simplified and shortened the required training
These are just some of the highlights of what we've accomplished in 2016, and we still have some awesome news that has yet to be announced!

Way to go!

We want to give a shout out to some of our agents for their incredible dedication and efforts this past year.

Kelly Landaker for his restaurant with the most terminals placed.
Sean Stecker for the biggest volume and most accounts in 1 location.
Casey Stubbs for placing the first free giving kiosk.
Sanford Valentine for his account with the most Clover units placed.
Justin Ibe for the most consulting submissions.

New Products & Services

Over the last year we've brought on some fantastic new products and services. If you haven't hear of them yet, head to the interface and check them out!

United States

  • Exatouch POS
  • Free Giving Kiosk
  • Zero Cost Credit
  • Clover Go
  • Consulting Services
  • Ingenico ICT250
  • Ingenico IWL250G
  • Talech Elo
  • Converge
  • Pivotal Mobile

Friday, December 16, 2016

once an Agent, always an Agent

As if a Digital World business, for just $195 one time and nothing else -- ever -- along with an incredible training module that we can refer to time and again, tucked inside a corner of a reliable NEVER-DOWN interface website for no charge, were not enough.....

Great Scott:  MORE great DW gifts coming --- including one that we KNOW you'll love due on New Year's!

From Stryde to Discovery Calls for merchants to new 'gifts' to continuing great residual opportunities -- Digital World never ceases to call us back to the truly unique and irreplaceable biz that it is!


Heard from a DW Agent in Vegas who started his DW business 2 years ago and never did anything.  He was a busy businessman who thought DW sounded great, but he didn't really have time for it...however, he kept getting texts from Mike and occasionally he'd read the blog.  Recently though, things just clicked and he determined to get out and find a few merchants and other Agents.

His uplines were nowhere around so he called Mike for help, and they have plans going forward to get his 2017 fired up with DW!

You just never know how long it may take for your team to begin to sprout!  The great thing about DW is it is the Baptist marketing plan:  once an Agent, always an Agent!


Happy Holiday Preparation Weekend!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Digital Shadow

Hey, kids,

Just finished an interview with a full-time, professional, career card processing agent with a giant processor in our industry.  (Name starts with an "H" and ends with a "land".)  It made for a great contrast with what we have as Digital World Agents.  Here are some comparisons:

  • He makes around $120k/year.  (Do you make that?)
  • He has a quota that he must meet each month so, he says, the work is never done. (We have no quota.)
  • After he generates $2k in residual he begins to get paid residual monthly. (We get residual from the first dollar.)
  • He loves the fact that he sets his own schedule and is his own boss.  (So do we!)
  • And how about this quote?
What is the common misconception people have about what you do?
That all credit card processors are equal. There’s a lot of shady companies out there that will screw the businesses that they process the credit cards for and just as likely they’ll screw their employees.
When you’re looking at companies that do this, there are only a few that are true players in the industry that actually don’t jack you around and price you fairly.  (Source:  JobShadow Interviews)
So who knows?  This crazy, simple/complex, home biz you signed on for just might end up being a fantastic career for you as you continue to dabble in it!

A conversation here.  A questionnaire there.  Let the Magic  happen!!

Image result for magic fairy  and wand artwork
Card Processing Fairy




Sometimes our timing is perfect and sometimes it's not.

Many years ago when we left Texas for San Jose, CA we were excited to begin a new adventure with our two little Girls.

After 2 years we finally bought a house for $50,000 --- and we thought we overpaid.

Few years later, we moved to Central California and sold our house for $299,000 and we were thrilled at how smart we were.

Just saw a real estate article about Home prices in San Jose. Our house there recently sold for $995,000.

For $195.00 one time, your timing in Digital World is perfect.  What if it takes you or someone on your team 2 years to land a "BIG" Stryde case?

Trust me---you will luv the commission that comes from Stryde and u might even enjoy the monthly RESIDUAL that comes from processing.

Share DW with a friend every day.  Mike

Mike Lammons

Monday, December 5, 2016

Top 10 Reason Cycle to give thanks for Digital World

Top 10 Reason Cycle  to give thanks for Digital World:

  1. Only $195 got us training, website, lifetime Agent status and headstart at residual income!
  2. Digital World is unique in the world of network, or multi-level, marketing.
  3. Digital World is still within its formulation (first 5 year) stage.
  4. Digital World is family-owned and operated.
  5. Stryde gives DW Agents an offering to merchants and business owners that NO OTHER ISO has!
  6. So we are the UNIQUEST among uniques!
  7. Remembering you are a DW Agent as you go about your holiday shopping, and leaving your Digital World biz card or flyer, can result in major income at any given time...when you least expect it.
  8. DW residual income is pretty much unstoppable:  once you get it started.
  9. Gathering a team of Agents makes your residual income grow much faster.
  10. Everybody should be a DW Agent because of #1 above...and so on!


Here's one merchant's customer's take on using her credit cards:

It builds up a great credit rating.

"By charging and paying off up to thousands of dollars in expenses each month, I have built up a rock-solid credit rating — the best  possible. So whenever I have sauntered into the bank for a loan, I have been accepted right away, and at the lowest possible interest rates, with no security deposits required."

And as for not using credit cards -- ever --:

"After having a few bouts of credit card debt in my early twenties, I swore I would only pay cash for my stuff and never use a credit card again. But knowing the importance of having credit, I kept a few accounts open and just locked the cards away. I thought I was being smart... I thought wrong.
When you don't use your credit — as in, ever — there's no payment history for potential creditors to evaluate and after an extended period of time, your creditors may close your account because of inactivity, both of which can make it harder for you to secure credit when you need it.
In addition, if you do ever decide to use one of those cards, you may find that your purchase is declined because it's outside of your "usual" spending habits. Of course, this can be resolved, but not without some embarrassment as you step out of the checkout line to call your credit card company."  Source:


Keep yourself and your merchants and all of your community in the Happy Card Loop!

While earning all the while, as a Digital World Agent!

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