Friday, December 16, 2016

once an Agent, always an Agent

As if a Digital World business, for just $195 one time and nothing else -- ever -- along with an incredible training module that we can refer to time and again, tucked inside a corner of a reliable NEVER-DOWN interface website for no charge, were not enough.....

Great Scott:  MORE great DW gifts coming --- including one that we KNOW you'll love due on New Year's!

From Stryde to Discovery Calls for merchants to new 'gifts' to continuing great residual opportunities -- Digital World never ceases to call us back to the truly unique and irreplaceable biz that it is!


Heard from a DW Agent in Vegas who started his DW business 2 years ago and never did anything.  He was a busy businessman who thought DW sounded great, but he didn't really have time for it...however, he kept getting texts from Mike and occasionally he'd read the blog.  Recently though, things just clicked and he determined to get out and find a few merchants and other Agents.

His uplines were nowhere around so he called Mike for help, and they have plans going forward to get his 2017 fired up with DW!

You just never know how long it may take for your team to begin to sprout!  The great thing about DW is it is the Baptist marketing plan:  once an Agent, always an Agent!


Happy Holiday Preparation Weekend!

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