Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Happy Christmas Campers


Just off phone with Co-Founder John Daniels and boy is he excited!!!

We have 21  Stryde cases in the hopper and 4 of them already have contracts and all documents signed.
Minimum $$$ recapturing for each of these 4 biz owners is $400,000.

Some of you are gonna be happy campers.

Also he told me another  of our $1,000,000 + Merchant accounts isnow  active with their multiple  terminals.

We will be able to post a copy of the  40% commission check when issued.  Gonna be a shocker for sure!



Received an urgent email from a dry cleaner merchant who refused to get a chip terminal last year when we asked him to -- he just got hit with a $75 fraud charge due to NO CHIP so now he is begging for that free emv terminal!

Hmmmm... should we hurry one to him or not?

Just kidding; WE WILL, OF COURSE!   And now might be a good time for you to check back in with those stubborn Anti-EMV merchants from your past!


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Happy Free Chip Readin' Terminal Snowman!

Thursday, November 17, 2016


We made some pretty big announcements on today's webinar. We've done our research and calculated what you can expect from a given Stryde deal. But even more important, we've upped your personal level percentage to 40% on Stryde deals!  

 Your potential has just doubled! We even made some changes to our www.digitalworldmerchant.com website. 

Head to the webinars section to find out more! 
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Happy campers    !!

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Un-dead Horse

Image result for fall excitement almost here      IT'S COMING~~

It'll be here before you know it!

Stay tuned for incredible news from the DW/Stryde front.  Some of that news may be from YOUR team!
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 The easiest approach to a merchant IN THE UNIVERSE surely must be ours with Digital World:  

"Our company helps business owners recover, recapture and reduce business expenses -- over $400 million has been recovered for our clients in the past decade.  Just schedule a NO OBLIGATION 15 min. Discovery Call today."
 There is no upfront cost to the merchant:  if we don't get them MONEY, they don't owe us a dime!  It's Christmas in November already!


Great training with EPI Exatouch expert tomorrow:   check your interface for details!


Talk fraud to your merchants:

Point-of-sale credit card theft has remained high in the U.S., where 47 percent of all credit card fraud occurs, though the country only represents 24 percent of worldwide credit card volume, according to CreditCards.com.
A full one quarter of American cardholders have been victims of card fraud.  And it's because here, old credit card technology is still widely in use.
Craig Shearman, vice president of government affairs and public relations at the National Retail Federation, said the U.S. has been slow in adopting the latest and greatest credit card tech and moving on from the magnetic strip.
"That magnetic strip is about as sophisticated as an eight-track tape from the 1980s," he said.
Magnetic strips are relatively easy to copy. And blank magnetic strip cards, at the same time, are easy and legal to come by. The strip technology on your credit and bank card is the same technology hotels use today in throwaway guest room keys.
But there is a better credit card technology out there, said Shearman, and it is  The EMV (short for Europay MasterCard Visa) card, equipped with a more secure data chip, is currently being ushered into wide use by American card users. Chip cards create a unique code at every purchase, making it much more difficult to create a fraudulent copy.
Chip cards also emit a signal at each purchase, signaling legitimate use.  "It's not something that's as easy to create as a magnetic strip," said Shearman.
Retailers across the country were given an October 2015 deadline to begin implementing chip card technology in stores. So far, around 1.6 million stores locations — or one-third of all store locations — are chip card-enabled, according to MasterCard.


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 This horse isn't dead: that's why we keep beating it!

U.S. Credit Card Fraud Could Top $10 Billion by 2020

New card fraud protection technology has been slow to catch on in the United States. 

 Source: http://losspreventionmedia.com/insider


Get some  merchants set up for a Stryde audit  this week and let them know some of the above info --- that will lead to Good Stuff!  For them and for you! 

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

DW plus Stryde

DW = credit/debit card processing

Stryde =  audits to reduce, recapture, recover money for businesses


What does Stryde do?

It provides Cost Remediation services for businesses. Services include Property Tax Mitigation, Engineering Based Cost Segregation, Research & Development Tax Credits, Credit Card Merchant Audits, Workers Comp Audits, Equipment Lease Audits, Medical Supply Audits, Cell Phone Audits, and more. 
All of our services are designed to add money to the bottom line or improve cash flow of the businesses we work with, and all of our services are contingency based. If we are unable to benefit our clients, we do not get paid!

How much does it cost?

Our fees are a percentage of the actual savings. They vary depending on the service, as the services vary in complexity and amount of labor involved.

Who do we work with?

Companies who are in need of our services. Some categories in which we consistently have outstanding success include Manufacturing, Restaurants, Hotels, Medical Professionals, Funeral Homes and Auto Dealers. Property ownership is a plus but not a requirement.
How do we participate in this offering to merchants?
1.  Identify who you want to help.
2.  Prepare a letter of introduction about Stryde with Discovery Call Questionnaire attached.
3.  Fill out and send in to DW and wait for further instructions.


Stryde offers a path to LARGE commissions unlike any we've ever seen before!  Get acquainted with Stryde so you can be a lifeline to your local businesses!


Thursday, November 3, 2016

EMV Still a great doop-opener to merchants

News headlines show more and more fraud costs are being absorbed by those merchants who do not have -- or are not using -- chip terminals.  John Daniels has a great study of stats on this currently....watch his Micros/Oracle training as soon as is posted.  In the meantime:

 Lifelock has an emv chip quiz for you!  (I got  12 out of 12.)

Click here to see.


Don't miss Jim and the Stryde hour today -- noon Pacific time!


DW Co-Founder John Daniels with Agents Michelle and Dave Margolati

Remember. once an Agent, always an Agent.  This season can be the incredible beginning of YOUR residual fortune.  Get up to DW speed today!