Sunday, January 22, 2017

It's a rainy day on the West Coast as these bloggers and Digital World Agents prepare to leave to visit family in Vietnam. We are so excited about the new year with Digital World... from the new improvements to the tools that we have,  as well as to the avenues that we have to help merchants.

We can't think of anything that is more worthy of our time and effort --- especially in light of the powerful residual that has already been generated in just the first couple of years of this young company.

We are so grateful to the Daniels family for their hard work and vision. We are also grateful to each one of you who have through your own efforts made this business a viable path for a career income for whoever wants it.

It is amazing to us that it requires so little from each Agent,  whether in time or certainly in capital money and expense... unlike any business that we have ever been involved in.

It may not be Thanksgiving but we are certainly giving thanks for you and for the opportunity to be a Digital World business consultant, friend, and marketer. Check all of the new materials in your interface:   just one a week can make you thousands of dollars!

Whether near or far, this business can be done if you choose to do it. Fairwinds and gfollowing seas to each one of you!   Will check in next from the other side of the world. Have a great week!  Mike and Barb

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