Thursday, April 27, 2017

Digital World success plan

The Digital World success plan consists of two sections:  

  • Agents who are part of the Digital World marketing plan and
  • Merchants whose processing needs are served by Digital World.

Section 1:  Agents

DW is a network marketing plan, which means that instead of each Agent being alone on their compensation island, each Agent can benefit from that amazing growth spur called LEVERAGE, for which nwm was created.   And that powerful LEVERAGE starts with each Agent that an Agent enrolls and continues through 7 generations of enrollees -- no limit.

The formal Compensation chart in the DW interface illustrates the LEVERAGE power of each Agent enrolling 3 personal Agents and 5 personal merchants.  (See chart below.)

The total cost of a DW  business is $195 one time; no other fees ever.  Each new Agent enrolled who watches the Welcome video triggers $100 to the sponsoring Agent.   3 Agents -- $300    7 Agents -- $700.

This is the simplest, most powerful building block for a marketing plan that we have ever, in over 25 years of marketing, seenIf you simply SHOW people this concept and your website  or just the brief landing page video you can't avoid enrolling Agents.

Section 2:  Merchants

Merchant payments processing is the largest industry in the US, and the world.  It is over $6 trillion in the US alone and growing steadily.  Paying cash for purchases is a vanishing sector:  cashless payments (debit cards, credit cards, Google pay, android pay, Apple pay, etc.) gets larger with each quarter.  

DW saves merchants on the monthly expense of payment processing, gives them free state of the art equipment, next day funding, live 24/7 customer service, and much more.  And DW Agents receive a commission on each merchant account, each month -- meaning Agents get paid on all payments processed by DW for each merchant month after month, year, after year.  DW pays out 56% commission on processing profit on each account each month:  from small mom-and-pops to largest corporations, the merchant world is open to you.

There is no residual truer and more powerful than this residual.  And we are the ONLY company in this industry which markets this way, with a place FOR YOU at the residual table.

Simply for sharing DW with a few merchants that you frequent, or you know!

It pays a royal commission on a common experience that most of us have many times a day, every day.

Contact Mike, Barb or another DW Agent to get your questions answered about this INCREDIBLE career path that needs YOU!

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