Wednesday, July 26, 2017

There is a hot new breakthrough that you have to hear about!

Greetings, DW Agents!

As we are all learning from being in this incredible industry, 'the times they are a'changing'!  Daily.  Sometimes almost hourly.

There is change in technology.  In methods of exchanging payments.  Mediums of payments.  And also in what we are paying for!

One massive change is currently underway in the matter of hemp products.  The efficacy of medical marijuana, Cannabidiol, and hemp oil on a wide array of medical or physical issues and ongoing studies which document those benefits, means that public demand has pushed the industry to the forefront.  Below is a document (from the Documents section of your interface) which is created by DW for your LinkedIn use:  you can personalize and post.

But we recommend you read it here:  it is quite informative!  And motivational, don't you think?!
POST:  Marijuana Dispensaries & CBD Oil

There is a hot new breakthrough that you have to hear about! This is producing massive amounts of leads here on LinkedIn. 

CBD oil & marijuana dispensaries have a very hard time finding credit card processing. We set them up and get paid BIG monthly residuals! Interested?

Follow-up letter:
Hello  (Name)
I just wanted to say thank you for connecting! I also wanted to tell you more about this ground breaking business opportunity. I’ve stumbled across a lucrative niche market in the marijuana and CBD oil industries.
As I mentioned in my previous message, these companies have a very hard time setting up their credit card processing accounts. Most of them do not have merchant services today. We are one of the only processors available to setup their merchant account without complications, which has made it incredibly easy to produce hot leads! 
We’ve done some testing on LinkedIn just connecting and sending letters like this one and have had fantastic success. Once you get one account, you’re almost guaranteed to get referrals!
Legal cannabis is one of the world's fastest growing market sectors. Colorado has more dispensaries than McDonalds, Starbucks, and 7-Elevens combined and the number keeps growing.
With that in mind, remember that 7 states JUST legalized marijuana after the last election. This means that there is a HUGE demand for new dispensaries, and with that comes a HUGE demand for credit card processing! They aren’t calling this the “green rush” for nothing!
But here’s where it gets interesting. 
Commissions for MJ, MMJ, and CBD are much higher than
normal accounts. You can make 0.4% of the amount a merchant processes. So for a company processing $100,000 monthly, you’ll make at least $400 monthly. That’s every month for as long as they use our processing. If you set up just 1 account that size a month for a year -- 12 accounts -- you’d earn $54,000 annually. That’s huge!
The true beauty of this business is the team building side. You’ll have the option of creating a team of people that are all setting up merchant accounts, and you’ll be paid monthly commissions for everything THEY bring in! There are no qualifications or monthly quotas to be paid your
commissions, and residuals are paid for the lifetime of the accounts!
Let’s connect and schedule a telephone chat ---

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