Thursday, October 26, 2017

Just when you think you have nothing going on....

Just when you think you have nothing going on....

up comes a day like yesterday!

We had new garage doors ordered and FINALLY  they came and a day was set for installation.  Yesterday.  They sent ONE young man to do the job:  take down the old set, prepare the frames, cut back some concrete, etc.  and HANG the new doors all by himself. 

As it turned out, he is quite the entrepreneur!  Hourly pay for garage door installation does not pay much more than flipping burgers -- CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? -- so he is on the lookout.

NOT ONLY THAT, he had actually looked at being a credit card processing agent with an independent company but couldn't get any training  or help so that didn't go anywhere.  But he loves the concept and knows lots of merchants who will talk with him.

He called again this morning and is signing up and is ready to get started by signing on merchants.


We sent him two handy links from our interface:

this one   and

that one.

If you want to send a quick link to your OWN PERSONAL marketing site, go to the links section of the interface, copy the link you want, and get it out there!!


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