Wednesday, December 6, 2017


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A little girl named Virginia was in danger of having her heart broken at the thought that Santa Claus might not exist.  A whole nation rejoiced when Virginia's query to a local paper firmly established Santa's existence with the headline above and the article that supported it!

IMAGINE HOW WE REJOICE EVERY MONTH WHEN RESIDUAL CHECKS COME AROUND -- those of us who are Digital World Agents, who have a Digital World Agent team, and who have gathered 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or more merchants who are busy using one of Digital World's FREE terminals or other means of processing their customers' purchases electronically!!

Digital World is better than Santa Claus as far as this Virginia is concerned!  My husband and I had searched for a residual Santa for YEARS of business endeavors.

Trust me when I say there is NOTHING out there better than what Digital World -- and Digital World alone -- offers the man or woman who knows what a credit/debit card is, thinks that there might be some big money behind Visa, MC, AmEx, etc., and dreams of cornering a tiny bit of that for themselves.

For business start fee of $195 ONE TIME.  You get:

A full array of TRAINING videos, documents, and live support.

An interface that is safe, secure, private and your complete business.

And you get $100 when someone signs up as an Agent through your interface and watches a brief overview video; and $50 when  a merchant chooses DW as their processor PLUS residual each and every month thereafter on what your merchants process as well as residual on the merchants of your Agents through a number of generations.

That, my entrepreneurial friends, is  better than Santa hands-down!


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Don't get us wrong:  we like the jolly fat man as much as anyone; but he only drops in once a year.

Digital World residual checks drop in once a month!

And for that all of the Digital World Agent universe are grateful!

When is a good time to start building YOUR Digital World income?  Anytime at all!

Don't wait to get something good going -- contact your upline or Barb for some ideas on approaching your local merchants.

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