Wednesday, January 10, 2018

2018 is off to a GREAT DW start!

2018 is off to a GREAT DW start!!

We all give a BIG welcome to these NEW Digital World Agents:









Bryan  and



NOW, THAT'S A GREAT NEW FIRST WEEK CLASS of  beginning Agents -- several of them who are also Merchants!

Congratulations to sponsoring Agents and Team Leaders Lynne Hormel and Tom Van Nortwick!  Look for an incredible launch to 2018 for these seasoned merchant card processing businessmen and DW Agents!


With the great new Cash Discount product  that you can offer your merchants, ALL DW Agents should be looking to LAUNCH their own DW residual super-ship this month.

PLUS make $150 each time you activate a new $10k merchant ~~~ !!!  

And the residual that that will kick off~~~~~ !!!

WHATMORECANYOUWANT from a biz that costs $195 ONE TIME to start and run?

A lot of folks are waking up and smelling the opportunity here: for a career-making position that you can assume part/time and use the great   DW comp plan to LEVERAGE your results into full/time income.

Start a DW conversation today -- or send your personal Link (see Links in your interface) to a sharp shopper tonight!  Anything to introduce DW merchant card processing far and wide!  And watch the fireworks begin:)

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