Wednesday, September 16, 2015

There is no better way

Black Friday is  Coming!!


Black Friday is closer than you think! As the countdown to the biggest grossing holiday season begins, your merchants will need to be ready for the impending sales blitz. According to a recent National Retail Federation (NRF) survey*, the average consumer will spend $172.14 on gift cards, with total spending forecasted to reach $31.74 billion. In preparation, EPI has created a new Holiday Countdown   to help your merchants stay ahead this holiday season.

eGiftSolutions offers fully customizable gift cards and gift card holders to suit the unique needs of every merchant. Orders received by Thursday, October 1st ensure that gift cards are received well in advance of Black Friday.

Look for eGift Solutions info on the EPI section of your interface.

 until the BLACK FRIDAY holiday gift card order deadline!


Thursday September 17, 2015, 7:30pm 

Digital World Pay Introduction:  Merchant Card Processing
at 2808 W Temple St 
Los Angeles Ca, 90026 

Featuring MIKE and BARBARA LAMMONS, DWP National Directors
Host:  DWP Pacific Accounts Executive Rod Halili
Guests Welcome




 Electronic Payments now offering IP scanning and breach coverage. Program options include:
$100K/$500K Yearly Breach Coverage $2/MID per Month
Breach coverage only. No IP scanning.
$100,000 coverage per MID, $500,000 per year
Most extensive breach coverage amount in the industry!
$0 deductible
Covers forensic audit fees, card replacement costs and fines
Enrolled Merchant MIDs are considered enrolled when Partner sends a list of MIDs to ControlScan for enrollments in the program
ControlScan reserves the right, within 30 days’ notice, to pass to Partner any price changes specific to Breach Protection service if its data breach insurance policy rates increase
MIDs of a group must all be enrolled (i.e., multi-merchant or multi-locations cannot pick and choose one or two MIDs only; must enroll all MIDs or no MIDs.)

Find your way....

... sometimes the best path is obscured by challenges or overgrowth. Sometimes you have to search around and brush away the litter.

There is no better way to build strong, long-term residual income than saving merchants money on what they have to spend every single month in order to process credit and debit cards.

When you begin to understand that and get the vision for it,  you will see the path that you should be on for the long-term good of your family and yourself -- the DWP Agent path!

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