Saturday, November 7, 2015

Let's Hear from the Expert:

Let's Hear from the Expert:

From Top Agent Elena on how she signed as her client a merchant whose monthly processing is in the neighborhood of $1,000,000:

(From me): !! Elena, congratulations --- Mike and I haven't said anything because of not having talked to you first and getting your permission.  Is it alright if I mention your name on the blog?
In fact I would love it if you could write an article for the blog and send along a picture. If you are interested in doing that please let me know! So excited for you and your 7 level up line. They are not going to know what has hit them!!  Barb

Hi Barb, 
 I am just lucky to have landed a good merchant, and the timing couldn't have been better. The credit card fees were costing them a lot. When I mentioned DWP they were receptive. I am glad that I am helping them saved so much $$$ after switching to DWP. 

My other agent/merchant Maria is also pleased about the savings and support service. 

You can use my first name only and reference the above message. 

Someone from my upper 7 level may want to buy me lunch 😊👋👍 when they get their residual check ... Hahaha



Elena 'mentioned DWP' and  they were receptive.

 KEEP MENTIONING DWP -- there are LOTS of merchants out there today wishing  they could cut their processing fees and not knowing they can...with DWP!


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There's a lot of talk about NFL quarterbacks having trouble if they don't use 'the system'. Each team has a system in place to ensure success on the football field.  Sometimes talented quarterbacks come in who are good at throwing, running, passing and yet they can't achieve the success that everybody thought that would have.

One reason for that I've heard over and over this past week is that the quarterback isn't trusting the system and is trying to do everything himself. 

Guys, don't try to do everything yourself in DWP. There's a great system in place and it works!  Just ask Elena:   She mentioned DWP to a merchant who was receptive and then Elena got  involved and the rest is success history!

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