Saturday, August 27, 2016

Quick notes from the weekend with DW:

Just when I say I'm not going to talk about big accounts -- because the truly BIG RESIDUAL is ln building a BIG team who each help a few small merchants* --

anyway, just then is when someone calls who has either signed or submitted app for a BIG account.  Like Top Agent Yvonne Lee who has signed a lovely large bustling  hotel in SF !!!!

Mike and Yvonne


Or Top Agent Elena Tung's new Agent who has right out of the chute submitted an app on a $3.5 million/annually biz in Texas!


And just when I say I'm not going to confuse you by talking about cost remediation through our Stryde entity, DW Co-Founder John Daniels tells me of SEVERAL companies with very large recovery potentials -- the largest of which is $3.7 million back -- that you guys have brought in in just the past couple of weeks!


So here's what I've figured out:

you guys pick up bits and pieces of DW here and there -- training, webinars, field work -- and then do what you want with it, no matter what I say!  Small merchants.  Big merchants.  Complicated systems.  Simple mobile swipers.  Cost remediation questionnaires and Discovery call appointments.

As Top Agent Sean Stecker said on the interview last week, pick your niche and specialize in it.  (His is casinos.)


But remember to get leverage working for you by continuing to build a growing team of busy Agents. One example of leverage-at-work below:


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