Monday, October 3, 2016


Mike and I learned a hard lesson about follow-up this weekend. We went out to eat at a favorite Mexican food place that we hadn't been to for quite a long time. Mike noticed that they had new tablets and a new terminal. 
He had talked to the restaurant at one point our first year but didn't get anywhere and never went back. On leaving, he stopped and chatted with the owner's daughter and asked her about their new system. She told us they had had a "year from hell" with their new card processing. A salesman and had stopped by and talked to her mother and sold her  a system. When everything got put into place they discovered that they had been misled about the cost of the terminal,  the rates that they would be paying,  and a number of other things. 
It took the daughter a year to get them extricated from that contract and that terminal and they went with First Data who had helped them get out of their contract. She still wasn't excited about what they had and  felt like they had really been duped by the card processing agents. The sad thing is,  we could have gotten them a terminal for free and great rates and great service if we just followed up with  the mother when she was ready to purchase!!  The moral of this story is:  it doesn't hurt to drop by --  it doesn't hurt to stay in touch -- THE FORTUNE'S IN THE FOLLOW-UP!



 DW Training is a lot more fun when shared with good food and good folks!  Here's Cora Mandapat's take on it --
Cora,  the Digital World trainer and motivator... practice makes perfect!

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