Friday, June 2, 2017

The Dance Process

A little research on the career path of being a merchant card processing sale agent (full time for a major processor or ISO) yields this information (from an employment website):

"Everything pales in comparison to where the real money is made when you sell credit card processing - RESIDUALS.

What are residuals?  Every time one of our clients runs a credit card through their merchant account we make a percentage of the sale.  (This may be anywhere from a few pennies to a few dollars.)  This is paid to us for as long as the client is processing credit cards with us.  The  sales rep who brought the client to us earns a split of this income. So EVERY TIME the business swipes a credit card our sales representative is making money.  This is residual income.

How could a few pennies or dollars possibly add up to a $100,000 a year income?  If our rep brings 15 clients to us every month (less than 4 a week) at an average profit of $50 per client per month to the rep they are increasing their MONTHLY INCOME by $750.  After 12 months of hard work they have increased their monthly income to $9,000.  

This is the equivalent of $108,000 a year!  Now imagine if you put in that type of hard work for a few years?  We like to say that it is totally possible to make a million dollars when you sell credit card processing -  you just have to do it $50 at a time!"

Guys, this is talking about you being hired to work full-time for a processor ISO and work BY YOURSELF.

Imagine what you can do with Digital World, part time, and having a team of others doing the same thing that leverages your results!


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Put on your red dress, baby,
And wear your wig hat on your head!

Time to quit sitting and start dancing!

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