Saturday, September 2, 2017

Always a Growth Industry!

Thanks to our Guest-who's-turning-into-a-regular Mike Lammons for calling attention to this VERY IMPORTANT POINT:

After 26+ years in Direct Marketing, we have proof that Sept, Oct and
Nov are biggest 3 months for recruiting Agents.

If you are  looking for an extra $500 for T-Day, just go recruit 5 Agents and have them watch the short video.

2 in Sept, 2 in Oct and 1 in Nov.

Have fun, and you might also enjoy the
Residual commission coming when your Agents get Merchants who go active.

We still make monthly commission on our very first Merchant that went active 37 months ago.

That is true RESIDUAL and who doesn't need/want that?!

National Director Mike Lammons


Remember, you are in what will always be a growth industry!

From Nilson Report:  Purchase Volume Worldwide 2015 vs. 2025
Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, American Express, JCB, and Discover/Diners Club are the global brand general purpose cards. By 2025, purchase volume for goods and services by cards with these brands is expected to reach $54.891 trillion.


What-to-Say Ideas:

“As you know I’ve been a (insert occupation), but because of (negative factors) I’ve
decided to diversify my income. After considering my options, I’ve identified the very
best way to make it."

“IF I gave you a link to an online presentation that explained everything, WOULD
YOU click on it and watch it?"

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