Thursday, September 7, 2017

Reside with Residuals


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There are many in the Digital World Agent and Merchant family who are vulnerable to Irma's damage -- if that's you, please know that we are all hoping for your safety and protection!


Great time for your interested merchant to get a Clover system for his shop:

 Note:  sale ends Sept. 30!


Gratitude for Residual:

For 3 years now Mike and I have gotten residual checks from Digital World (first it was Merchant Guard, remember?) and we have a serious Attitude of Gratitude for John Daniels'

a. pursuing this awesome idea and
b. sharing it with us!

There are a bunch of you who get those monthly checks for something you did months and years ago.  Can't beat true residual income, and Digital World, while requiring a learning curve on our part, COMES THROUGH with consistent financial rewards!

The secret to just doing a little bit and receiving more and more?

Share your DW opportunity video with a bunch of people* and build a growing team of Agents.  You share in the residuals that THEY build and there is nothing in the industry that can surpass that!

Questions or help?  Text Barb at 5598240668!

*Use the link in your DW interface and send it out to people.  For example, here is my link that I copied from there and pasted here:

 There are several different excellent videos you can send... like the "android pay"!



At a time of natural disaster such as we are seeing this month, when your home can be destroyed and your place of business, too, and you have to get money to clean up, rebuild, and get your business going again so you have income for all these expenses.....

it is a great comfort to know that you have ONE source of income that remains unaffected from these events ---   if there were no other reason to work our Digital World business, that alone is enough!

We have built a large team that spans many states with businesses from coast to coast.  Although a storm might interrupt one or two merchants, most will be unaffected and that commission on each customer purchase just keeps on  coming.

If you haven't been serious about your DW business, isn't it time?


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