Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Do you feel guilty for taking those DW checks?

What a surprise to get a Digital World check the other day -- was not expecting one.  Haven't been doing anything worthy of one.

Have been busy with other projects -- and life events -- so not much happening here for my personal Digital World front.

And look here!  Two Digital World Agents were nonetheless actively helping merchants last week and I got paid!

Thank you, Kathy O'Connell and Nabeel Shahzad.  If I'm not mistaken there are a few of you other DW Agents who also made a few bucks from Digital World even without your paying attention.

If you are looking at Digital World and wondering if it is a real business and if there are any people making any $$ at it, let me be the first to tell you that it is real and yes, there are a lot of us who should feel guilty for taking those DW checks every month.  

Get your DW web-office.  Watch a few of the training videos.  Print off a targeted brochure for a merchant you want to approach. 

Then get out there.  

Every day there are hundreds of merchants across the US who are clients of Digital World's processors, hundreds of them of long-standing, as in months and years on the service.  But also every day there are new merchants being introduced to how Digital World can cut dollars off their processing bill monthly.

Just ask Kathy and Nabeel!

Nabeel Shahzad and his lovely wife,  Shumalia

Ken and Kathy O'Connell

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