Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The motor that never stops

What is in the air lately?

Several calls and texts have been received the last few days from DW Agents we haven't heard from in a good while -- all with updates on new merchant accounts they are working on and some of them with BIG monthly volume.

Cora, Marlyn and Ileen are three that come to mind!  WAYTOGO, LADIES!  

You've got to love a biz that has its own motor running that never stops.  Guess it's because people never stop using their credit/debit/smartphone/non-cash ways to make purchases at coffee shops, donut shops, grocery stores, restaurants, jewelry stores, casinos, auto repair shops, to name a few of the merchant establishments that DW Agents get paid commissions on monthly!

We are so thankful for John Daniels, David Daniels, Anthony and Avita and the whole Digital World Team.

And the recent uptick in Agent activity indicates that a lot of you are thankful, too.


1 comment:

  1. I'm very happy Wayne and I were introduced to John Daniels DWP. My merchants are happy too. The increase of credit card users makes their business more profitable. If you need a terminal without a contract attached to it. Call me.