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13.  The long-term residual money is built by getting the short-term fast start money.

12.  Other companies create residual for their reps by charging their customers MORE for their product or service:  DWP creates residual for its agents by charging our customers LESS for our services.

11.  In other words, with DWP, stuff is either FREE or LESS.

10.  Ask another Agent for help:  you don't have to do this alone.  You can, but you don't have to.  Reach out to Mike or Barb.

9.  Your interface does not bite:  don't be afraid of it.  Watch the training videos BEFORE YOU DO anything else --I was scared to death of this biz until Avita said "Barb, watch the videos".    I did -- Then everything began to clear up!  I will never know this biz in depth, but I know all I need to to hook a merchant up with

8.   #9 is what you get paid to do.  You don't need to be more expert than that.

7.   Why do we like to get a merchant's processing statement and send it to

       Because we're not psychic!!
                        Neither is DWP.

       We need hard numbers in order to inform the merchant how much we can save him.  Without the numbers all we can do is guess.    

6.   More on #7:  if a tradesman is contacted about reroofing your house, he can't give you a bid until he comes out, looks at what you have, hears what you want, measures, and computes.  Same here:  consider that merchant statement just another roof!

5.   Tip:  co-op with other Agents to print your brochures in volume at a great price.  Last order we got was from, trifold brochure, glossy full color folded and shipped, 3,000 for $254.     (Need some?  Contact Barb.)

4.   Your interface has PROFESSIONAL FLYERS!  If you are targeting a particular merchant, print off the flyer that applies to him and drop it by.  (Gas stations, restaurants, retail, salons, etc.)

3.   Rob Freytag promised everyone on his  Clover webinar Tuesday night his help via phone interviews with their merchants interested in POS.  He is as good as his word:  he already 'closed' a BIG restaurant Bay Area in Sean's group.       Need his #?

2.   GIFT CARDS!  GIFT CARDS!  GIFT CARDS!  EVERY MERCHANT  should get 50 FREE gift cards just to see the benefit to their bottom line.  Check the box on the EPI app, select the Quick Start design and decide what the merchant wants on card (biz name, address, phone? slogan?).  No matter the biz -- liquor store, mini-mart, mailing shop... 

1.   Remember:  with DWP you aren't chasing rainbows.  You are building a pot of gold.


Image result for rainbows
Rainbows are beautiful, but they don't pay for the Maserati.  Or the Massey Ferguson!  

The DWP Piggy Bank System...NOW YOU'RE TALKING!!


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