Tuesday, April 5, 2016


(From yesterday's Q&A call)

  • Ongoing savings to the client generate ongoing commissions residually for the ongoing life  of same

  • On average, low end money recouped to clients = $50-60,000.00; high end =  several hundred thousand dollars

  • Client keeps half of recouped funds and pays half, which is the commissionable part to IBSP and DW  (us)

  • PARTNER IBSP is preparing an app for all DW Agents to load on your phone. Then you simply
  1. Sit down with company owner
  2. Open the app
  3. Answer and fill out discovery questionnaire
  4. See estimated  total we can  get back or save for them
  5. "Well, Mr. Business Owner, based on what you've told me it looks like we can save you $150,000.  How does that sound?"
  6. Next step:  set up half-hour Discovery Call.

Think you can do that?

OH YES YOU CAN!!! Can God get any gooder to us?  If I can't do this I'm going to hang up my rock n roll shoes!!

App should be ready in 2-3 weeks -- WAIT FOR ANNOUNCEMENT OF IT -- DON'T CALL IN!

In the meantime down load and print off the 3 Cost Remediation forms in interface to get familiar with this AWESOME service and get it to your key merchants!


Let's see.... what else..... oh yes:  average savings to car dealerships -- $250,000.

TWO KEY PHRASES to throw in to every conversation with merchant:

we specialize in    _____________ Car dealerships  Funeral homes    Mfg. plants    Commercial real estate  (you get the picture)  AND

at no risk to you    we take all the risk -- we do the audit  at our own expense with no money upfront


  1. should this now be our main pitch to BO's or should we wait for the app to be developed? "let us do a free audit of everything to show you where you can save $$$...You will keep 1/2 of the recouped funds?

    1. Steve, will send you the 3 cost remediation docs...print off and go for it! Hubby sat down with huge car dealership today -- they checked every box for audit. We couldn't believe the response.