Friday, April 22, 2016

Team building:  Observation from Mike --

This is for sure a fun part of our biz.

After 23+ years full time, we have learned few things.

Either u know prospect or do not know them.

If I know they have done MLM, I talk
about one time fee, and all the no's DW has.

If they never done MLM, ask what they do for living.

Perfect example:
My neighbor has huge welding biz and did work for me last week.
I started general conversation bout his biz and learned a lot.  Never done MLM and does welding for super successful Biz Owners.

 I asked this question!!!

"How much money do you make when you are NOT welding???

None he said.

I told him I was making money standing in his shop

He and his wife are brand new Agents and he has a huge inventory of  biz owners and since we are now in Auditing Biz-- lots of areas to share with them.

Everyone reading this could go enroll a new Agent today.  Just ask few questions and listen to answers.


Team building....

Marlyn Ano, Arsenio Silva, and Cora Mandapat with booth at trade show in San Jose Thursday!

Cora says they met lots of merchants and got lots of great leads!  And ate some awesome food...

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