Friday, May 20, 2016

Clover Go and the Audit Picture

In case you missed it:  Jim Colip, our DW trainer/expert on all Business Audit offerings, shared yesterday that he recently began work for a merchant brought to him via Discovery Call from a DW San Diego Agent -- and conservative estimate is that we can get back around  $500,000 for that merchant!!

Barb, did you say  ---

Yes, I did.

If that doesn't get you off your knickers and into action, WHAT WILL??

Because it doesn't matter what percentage of that ends up being paid, it is going to make 8 levels of other DW Agents very happy -- AND NOT YOU!  The good news is:  there are hundreds of thousands of merchants out there just waiting for your approach so THEY can reduce, recover and recapture an impressive amount of money and on which YOU will get paid!


Can't think of a merchant to approach for a Discovery Call?  Jim suggests your doctor or dentist or other health care professional.  Everybody has one; and Jim can help that  health care professional with their tax situation,  if nothing else.

The recommended pitch if you  feel you can't 'speak remediation' --

"Our experts say they can reduce, recover and recapture money for you.  It doesn't cost you anything for a 20 minute consultation.  When is a good time?"


How about Clover Go?

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