Monday, May 2, 2016

Recipe for DW Team

1 new Digital World Agent
1 interface
A dollop of watching training sections
           Blend until intrigued.
Contact 1 other intrigued person...simmer  until new Agent rises...
Yield:  $100.00
Repeat 10 times 
Yield:  $1,000.00
(Continue repeating as desired.)
 Recipe for rising DW Residual

1 DW Agent 
1 merchant desiring to recoup, recapture, recover excessive expenditures
   Submit to DW either
      Processing statement OR
      Completed Cost Remediation Questionnaire
   Await from DW either
      Cost Analysis with Proposed Application for Processing OR
      Discovery Call
Yield:   $50.00 plus 20% residual monthly OR
            $Thousands in Commissions on Audit Actions OR 

 After first 90 days, required qualifications to receive downline  residual commissions:

Personal and Level 1 :  just be breathing
Level 2:                       1 personal merchant
Level 3:                       2 personal merchants
Level 4:                       3 personal merchants
Level 5:                       4 personal merchants
Level 6:                       5 personal merchants
Level 7:                       14 personal merchants
Add Appropriate Items To Shopping List


Preheat the printer to 350 degrees F.  Grease a 9 by 13-inch flyer.

Combine the flyer, video, your business card, and mix. 
Season with your rap until ready.

Press  the mixture into merchant's hand.  Allow to set up as needed. 

When ready, Sprinkle with great service, ample appreciation, and congratulations.

Return to merchant often as customer.  Don't forget to ask for referrals.

REMEMBER,  you aren't expected to cook for hundreds..... a handful of personal merchants and YOU'RE DONE!!  

Dare I say it?

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