Thursday, May 25, 2017

Many thanks to outstanding DW Agent Sean Stecker, for the wonderful merchant account that is residing on our Level 5 residual  commission payout!

You may have heard Sean on one of the DW calls, particularly the latest one (see your interface) but in a nutshell, here was his success order:

  1. Dinner with a friend, who overhears Sean speak to restaurant  cashier about their merchant processing terminal needing to be chip-enabled.
  2. Friend asks Sean about it and says his workplace has been discussing the EMV chips.
  3. Invites Sean to come out for an interview with IT dept.
  4. Sean gets the DW staff involved, and so begins several months' of high-level, incredibly high-tech juju.
Resulting in a beautiful, busy, profitable casino gracing our humble residual account.

FOR WHICH WE GIVE SEAN A HEARTFELT "Thanks" for speaking up and sticking with it!!


Why doesn't every DW Agent have a great residual income, you ask.

Great question and we wish we knew.  Because all you need is

a team of Agents

who each get 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 merchant accounts AND

a merchant who signs up as an Agent and signs up his business as his account counts for his sponsoring Agent as BOTH an Agent  AND a personal merchant ...

and it only costs $195 for your DW interface and training and business AND

you get $100 for each Agent you enroll when initially trained by the brief video.

The simplest plan in the universe, designed for all earthlings to be able to do and DOOPLICATE!

How about sharing DW with a neighbor today?!  And then head up to a nice casino for a great steak and lobster dinner!!

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