Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Where does Digital World stack up in the New World?

Just a quick note regarding where Digital World stacks up among the new financial payment modes that are out there circling  those of us just trying to figure out this dizzily-fractioning world:

Yes, we know there are all kinds of bit- and one- and eletherium- and MULTI other kinds of coin-ways to pay for things and they are where it's at. We have read about them and can't begin to understand how they work. 

Yes, we know that gold is where it's at.

Yes, we know that silver is where it's at.


that right now, and for the forseeable future, people either walk into an establishment or let their fingers do the walking into a storefront on their devices and they select something to purchase.

They then offer the merchant a payment method.


if it's anything but cash, Digital World can process it.

And if your fingerprint is somewhere on the deal, YOU GET PAID.


Image result for fingerprint

Your fingerprint may be on it personally, or 7 levels above it;  no matter where, you get from 20% to 5% to 3% to 12%.

You don't have to understand it.  It doesn't have to be the old traditional card.

Digital World and the processing industry is at the forefront of moving commerce along one transaction at a state-of-the-art time!


The processing industry has never had a down quarter, nor an off day... well, except for 9-11. 

The processing industry is measured in Trillions of dollars, and globally is projected to surpass $54 Trillion by 2025. 

The processing industry is a juggernaut and that is where Digital World stacks up, as a way for ordinary people like us who will NEVER have a prayer of figuring out all that 'coin' stuff to take PART TIME effort and build FULL TIME residual income that, GET THIS, is rooted in the processing industry which...

 The processing industry has never had a down quarter, nor an off day and is measured in Trillions of dollars.


Be sure to get your fingerprint into that pie, the earlier the better!



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