Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A little housekeeping from Avita:

"Can you put out a reminder that all pay anywhere and phone swipes are business not individuals. I have sent out an email in the past. When they start the app it ask if it is for personal or individual and many of them are putting personal. This is causing confusion and the high tickets can not be over $100. "
BE SURE YOUR MERCHANT PUTS 'BUSINESS' when filling out app for Pay Anywhere.

NOTE:  save the PA vs. Square doc on yesterday's blog!

On a straight comparison, a merchant running $50k volume is going to pay Square 2.75% or PA 1.69% -- which would you do?  So on rate alone you are WAY AHEAD.  Never mind the awesome FREE equipment and all the other deal-making benefits...

Remind your Square merchant:  Square has to pay for all those fancy tv commercials somehow!

Very busy getting ready for Business Expo with Lety tomorrow!

Marlyn had great success in SF with her booth and she has lined up several more with her team.  If you want some booth tips, I'll post here next week.

Lots going on:  listen up for John!



Dave Margolati shares this just now:

"Mike, I just checked the specs on the pay anywhere and it will do inventory control so that's another selling point"
Can we  place 50 Pay Anywhere terminals in the next 2 weeks!?

Let's wow Mark Gardner -- with 100 of us that should be a snap.  You in?

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