Friday, February 6, 2015

Merchants talk! That's good for you.

Where to begin?

First, CLOVER IS READY TO ROLL OUT.  Check your Inbox from Avita or your mginterface for presentation, app, flyer and postcard.  Like this:


Lucrative residuals for everyone on this and an incredible tool for your merchants.


BUT DID YOU KNOW that not every merchant needs new free equipment?   MG Agent Lety Rodriguez has found some merchants who own their own very expensive POS systems and don't want to interrupt anything there but DO WANT LOWER PROCESSING FEES.

Yes, we can do that.  The POS matrix doc in your interface lists the various software that we support and almost all systems are on there.  You don't have to know them:  just know that when you run across one of these merchants YOU CAN HELP THEM!

And this large merchant was a referral from a much smaller merchant Lety signed a couple of months ago.  His question to her:  "Can you get me the same rate you got him?"  Lety replied: "Probably.  But I have to see your statement."  He plopped statement on desk for her, she sent to Avita yesterday, she's meeting him today 3:30!!  

 Guys, merchants talk to each other.  Because of what you offer, this is  A BIG ASSET for your biz.

Happy talk!!


Milpitas MG meets for intro and training now EVERY THURSDAY.  Agent Leaders Chan Krohn and Benjamin Ng host.  If you want to grow your merchant/agent team  get to one of these superlative evenings -- this business will come alive for you!


I have emv flyer below in Word doc. format for easy editing. (Am I the only one who HATES trying to edit adobe acrobat?)  Let me know if you want me to send.

Great call Sunday night!  Hop on...

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