Wednesday, September 14, 2016

From Facebook:

I just wanted to send a shout out to Anthony Huff for assisting me with 2 merchants today. I had a merchant call me to let me know that they've sold their business and she asked how she would go about cancelling the service. At first I was disappointed that I was going to lose a merchant, but then she tells me that the new owner wants to continue using Digital World AND that he owns another business and would like to use our services for that one as well!
So I called Anthony to ask him how I should proceed with the change of ownership and he went ahead and handled everything for me. Thank you Anthony for all that you do for Digital World but mostly, thank you for helping us agents when things get a bit complicated! I love this business!

Hello all,
In doing some "housecleaning" we have found that there are a number of Digital World company pages that we have not created. If you would like to say you’re an agent for Digital World (and feel free to do so!), please use to link to. If you have questions on how to add it, please contact me at
Have a great day!

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