Monday, September 19, 2016


How would you like to give your church a way to increase their donations by 30%? North American Bancard has just announced they have partnered with to give away a free Kiosk, iPad and card swipe to any church in the US in any language. The programs have a monthly fee that varies depending on the needs of the church. Here are a few features available:
-Text Giving
-Children's Check-In
-Mobile Apps
-Recurring Donations
-Event Registration/ Paid Events
-Volunteer signups
-Manage Groups
Go to the webinars section of the interface to see an in depth video and learn more about this awesome product. We also have marketing material available in the documents section.
But here’s where it gets even better. How would you like to offer your church a 20% return of our profit on their processing fees without charging them $195? We are excited to announce that this is now an option! Just send us the church’s tax exempt number and they will not have to pay the sign up cost to become a Digital World agent!
 *They will count as one of your 14 merchants except you get 5% residual because they get the 20%.
*Processing rate is 1.89%, which is MUCH lower than the 3.95% Securegive and other top church servers charge.
 *Watch for docs to be added to interface shortly.

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Almost feel guilty cashing these! At least it pays my cell phone bill each month, OR I like to say, this is why I can go out to breakfast & lunch every week FREE! ⭕️❌⭕️ to u & beautiful Barb😊Les
*Les feels guilty because she works a full-time j.o.b. and only DW'd a little bit 2 years ago -- and still gets regular DW checks!



The EMV saga is still churning, it will be a long process. So you have not missed out there is still plenty of time to work merchants. If you remember in a meeting that I made mention that EMV would not be the only program that would move merchants to want new terminals, but I thought then and I still do. that it will be the Near Field Communications that will drive acceptance faster.

You see a merchant can still take a credit card with the old terminal but he can not take a credit card on a cell phone or what they call a wallet. So one approach might be to ask merchants a question, can you take EMV cards or better yet ask can you take my card on my cell phone. He will have to say no if he doesn't have a terminal that takes NFC. Then pull out all the articles about fraudulent cards and all the charge backs that are happening now, and how merchants are loosing money like never before.

Then offer not only to give him a new terminal that does it all FREE and a $500.00 guarantee that we will save him money. Ask for statement to give him a comparison. Show him some of the statements of other merchants that you have saved money. -- John Daniels 


Thanks to the MANY requests for more from Top Agent/Founding Agent Chan Krohn, look for the next installment of Sean's Tips posting here early next week!

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    No! Not that Chan!!     The other one!

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