Thursday, September 22, 2016


From Founding Agent Angelia Harrington:

Fwd: Miscellaneous Activity Log/Call Log - Mxxxx GRILL LLC MID # 530xxxvvvmmm

Hey guys, can you believe it has been 3 years since I got this first merchant for then Merchant Guard, now Digital World? Neither the merchant nor I knew what we were in for but we both are very happy with the outcome. Thank you and thank God for the opportunity. Look where we are now. Keep up the good work.

A lot of good things have come out of this opportunity. How could we have ever known that $195, one time would have such a great return. What are people thinking when presented with the opportunity and pass it up?
It can't be "I don't know how to do that". Duh! It doesn't take a genius to do this business. It just takes $195 and a free terminal.

Thanks again Angie and Wayne Harrington MG028
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 -------- Original message -------- From: MerchantGuard - Do Not Reply Date: 08/03/2016 5:11 AM (GMT-08:00) To: Wxxxxx@YAHOO.COM Subject: Miscellaneous Activity Log/Call Log - Mxxxx GRILL LLC MID # 530vvxxxxmmm  Dear WAYNE and Angie HARRINGTON, A call/activity log has been generated on behalf of your merchant account. Here is a synopsis of the call: .....Call Overview: RECEIVED CONTRACT EXTENSION PAPERWORK. NEW 3 YEAR CONTRACT BEGINS 8/3/16. Call Resolution: Call Taken By: KRAUSST Thank You, MerchantGuard For Real Time Updates, Go To:

Angelia (l) at the install of Minute Grill's terminal!


Angie signed up the Minute Grill her first week in DW:  it was the first merchant that anyone on in our team got --- and that was 2 years ago.   The merchant told Angie she had stopped taking credit cards 5 years before because 'it was too expensive'.

Angie assured her (on blind faith) that we would not be too expensive,  so merchant took a chance. First month, merchant's revenue DOUBLED! Second month went up again.  As you can see from notice above, merchant just happily signed up 3-year extension... 

....which means 5 years of residual -- 60 months of residual -- for Angie from something she did her first week 2 years ago.  Add another renewal 3 years from now, and on and on:  John Daniels gets paid monthly on merchants he signed up 15 and 20 years ago!


Is it easy?  Does every merchant say yes?  Are there things to learn?

NO!                     NO!                                             YES!!


What do you think?



Agent Sanford Valentine is quickly becoming 'The King of BBQ' in Texas... you heard his interview regarding the big bbq merchant at Mesquite Arena (check webinar section of the interface if you missed it) -- well, he just got another merchant of the bbq-type:  restaurant #1 of  18 in a chain in the DFW metroplex.  Only 17 to go and that's just a matter of getting the apps done.

Evidently Sanford has found his merchant niche!  And for my dime, TEXAS BBQ ROCKS!

Way to go, Sanford!


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