Thursday, December 4, 2014

Merchant Guard Mission is 2-pronged

Our 2-pronged MG Mission:

1. Help merchants with their bottom line.

2. Make upfront income while building a solid residual income from facilitating business enterprise.

On the subject of #1, so far a merchant approached by MG Agent Lety Rodriguez wins the prize for the 'Merchant Suffering from the Worst Processing Contract'.

From Lety:
From MG055
'this is a used car lot they sale used cars and also have a towing service... he is currently in a contract with wells fargo for two more years'
From Mike:
"Lety has a car dealer that also has a towing service. 
He loves our EPI proposal: just couple snags. 

Has a contract with Wells Fargo till 3/16 and they will charge him $500 to cancel. 

He RENTS the terminal from XXXMMMM and they told him they will charge him $1,000 to cancel. 

He told Lety this today. He is happy to pay the $500 to WF to get Lety to be his agent. He has had bad customer service from his present processor . 

But he cannot pay the $1,000 to XXMM. "

Rent on his terminal is close to $100/mo. and his fees last month were close to $200  -- an unreasonable amount for his volume!  Poor guy:  Lety is trying to figure out some way to help him.  If he breaks the lease it will ruin his credit.    Stay tuned....


Mark your calendar:

Sunday  12/7/2014  5 pm PST
605 562 0020
code 319 289 214

Good friend I approached to become my customer. Biz owner in downtown San Francisco.

She let me know she  had been in processing biz for OVER 30 years---AS A MERCHANT.

This call will be a classic so invite your biz owner friends.

Marlyn Ano is now a MG Agent and her own customer-saving money AND earning commission.

Mike Lammons



7pm - Sun Harbor Marina Conference Room


Edit for YOUR biz!

Be a Problem-solver!

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