Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Shake-awake on TWO Levels

Eye-opening processing industry stats to grab hold of today;  on TWO levels it should 'shake you awake' about aggressively building a team of Merchant Agents.

Level ONE:

The emv chip-reading terminals, which you place FREE to your merchants, offer an unprecedented time for you and your team to gather new merchants.  Merchants will have to bear the losses of fraud themselves after Oct. 2015 if they do not get an emv terminal.

You can see that these fraud losses are massive and growing.  Presently MC/Visa bear the loss but after next October they will only do so for merchants using emv terminals.

Level TWO:

See how the pennies add up to riches!  Fraud loss at just one nickel/$100 adds up to close to $15 Billion....
Moral:  get those merchants and don't worry about  what your 20% equals.  On one merchant, probably not much.  Your most profitable mission is to save several merchants money on their  processing AND find a few other Agents to do the same.  Crazy profitable.

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