Wednesday, December 10, 2014

MG is Mind-boggling!

Via text from Mike:

Barb and I r heading to SFO in couple hours for our trip to Nicosia, Cyprus. Will return on 28th. We will not have cell or text service but email will work.

Here in Bay Area, Talking bout 3" rain, 60 to 80 mph winds, massive power shortages, floods and 3' snow in Sierras--      All beginning tonite.   

Had great mtg last nite with Marlyn Ano and some of her Team. She took us to eat at a delish Filippino restaurant, 'TasteBuds' on San Carlos just east  of El Camino.

Food was superb and Marlyn talked to owners bout their processing fees. They AVERAGE $7,000 MINIMUM DAILY credit card billing. Unbelievable when u see this building--  very small, unassuming place.  Folks, give every your brochure and card:  we are continually amazed at the volume of billing that passes through the least impressive places!  Plus, They are so excited to have Marlyn save them money.

Wish each of U Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays.


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Pacific Coast Manager
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Barb's blog:


MG is mind-boggling!

We have, let's see, less than 100 MG Agents WORLDWIDE, representing 2 top processors that process BILLIONS annually, on the precipice of global processing and did I mention.....

Guys, yes contact those merchants, but be aware that our mission needs HUNDREDS more active Agents so share your biz with others, too!


Reminder:  Some great features of the PayAnywhere product:

  1. Next day funding
  2. No contract
  3. Free wireless terminal and 2 swipers
  4. AmEx same as V/MC, etc.
  5. Full software for running business
  6. No need to get statement from merchant
  7. Simple online signup
 Reminder:  why EPI product is best for many merchants:

  1. Next day funding
  2. No contract
  3. $500 best rate guarantee
  5. Live, in US, tech support EVERY DAY EVERY HOUR!
  6. Amex One Point rate
 Regarding #4 above, we saw a statement sent through last week and the analysis showed that the merchant had an excellent rate, very competitive.  Surprisingly so. Hmmmm, where's the rat?

John found it:  merchant had been also signed up for a 4 year least on his terminal (the one we give for FREE) for $40/month, 4 years.

I'll try to find the tv news expose here in Bay Area that Dave Margolati saw recently about this very thing:  unaware merchants being signed to unbreakable leases on equipment which is really a scam!

Let your merchants know that MG doesn't do things like this:  best service, best rates.  That's what we stand for!

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